Tuesday, March 03, 2015

We're On Our Way to Ruin

Feb/ 20

Our new Governor, Asa Hutchinson, has wasted no time in starting Arkansas on that slippery slope toward ruin, just like Oklahoma and Kansas. He signed a bill doing away with the Public Option, affective December 31, 2016. It will throw over 190,000 people off the health care rolls. I don't know how he plans to pay for all his "tax cuts" when that happens, but, that'll be his problem. The people of Arkansas who voted for him are certainly getting the government they deserve. Notice I said "they."

He has also appointed a 16 man bi-partisan (12 Republicans, 4 Democrats) commission to develop a plan to make changes to  the Public Option.  His version of bi-partisan differs from mine, a bit. And, while they're at it, he wants them to study the entire Arkansas Medicaid program. 

Feb 24.

The Arkansas Legislature has passed a bill barring cities and towns in Arkansas from passing anti-discrimination laws. It hasn't occurred to the morons that what will result is the ability to discriminate indiscriminately. The cowardly governor says he won't sign it, but he won't veto it, either. Way to stay firmly on the fence, Governor Hutchinson.

Feb. 25  The slide continues. A bill in the Arkansas Legislature would authorize any of us to assert our religion to break any law we found objectionable. I think, I hope, it failed in committee. Gov. Hutchinson, from atop his fence, said the bill was "broad" and may be in need of amendments. 
Before this term is over, even atheists will be on their knees, praying for a few Democrats to be elected in 

Stay tuned. 



katie eggeman said...

Whenever, the right in MO gets vocal about all things political, it scares me. Being surrounded by Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas I worry the crazy will leak over the border and make things worse here in MO. I'd like to think people are smarter here in the larger cities to balance the extreme right....but then Ferguson happens.


If I've said it once I've said it a zillion times...we're screwed.