Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Raises All Around

Happy days are here again, at least for top government officials. The Legislature, with the enthusiastic approval of the Governor, voted for pay raises for themselves, and all the judges, including the supreme court.

1. The Governor goes from $70,132 to $130,000 per year - 64% raise.

2. Lt. Governor - no raise. I guess that means they intend to do away with the job.

3. Atty Gen.- from $73,132 to $130,000 - 77% raise

4. Sec'y of State - from $54,848 t $90,000 - 64% raise

5. Land Commissioner, Auditor and Treasurer, each from $54,848 to $85,000 - 55% each

6. District Judges - from $125,950 to $140,000 - 11% raise

7. Circuit Judges - from $140,000 to $160,000 - 14% raise

8. Court of Appeals - from $144,082 to $161,800 - 11% raise

9. Chief Judge, Court of Appeals - from $147,286 to $164,000 - 11% raise

10. Justices, Supreme Ct. - $149,589 to $166,500 - 11% raise

11. Chief Justice, Supreme Court - $164,601 to $180,000 - 11 % raise.

12. Legislature - $15,869 to $39,400 - 145% raise.  Supposedly, this will do away with $14,000 expense accounts as a pay supplement in the form of monthly payments to spouses' LLC's.  Huh?  So far, two of the Legislatures are whining that the raises aren't large enough.

They are also gutting the recently passed "Ethics Bill" which bans various gifts from lobbyists, including paying for lunches.

More good news to come.

Stay tuned.



banging my head on table..

Word Tosser said...

You must be proud of your state... after all they are earning so much money from you taxpayers yourself... to give almost double raises... don't you wish that was the way it was in life for the rest of us drones? Wonder how the state employees feel about their bosses getting such great big raises... and I thought Idaho was bad.. lol

Betty said...

Jackiesue: I'll join you.

Word Tosser: In the 30 years I worked for big corporations before I retired, I would have killed for as much as a 3% raise. In the last ten years, the raises were never over 1.9%.

Greedy bastards.

Sister--Three said...

Everyone got a raise!!

Oh, except you and me!!

Betty said...

Sister-Three: I noticed that. lol

Judy said...

Missing your comments--hope you are well.

Margie's Musings said...

I'm missing your comments too. Where are you?