Sunday, March 30, 2014

Preachers and Politics

I'm not here to talk about religion, as such. I have no problem with anyone's religion, whatever it may be. I respect the beliefs of all people, even the people who have no religious beliefs at all.

My problem is withe people who think their beliefs are stronger than anyone else's. There are those who believe, truly believe, that they are "Super Christians," if you will, and that there is no place in America for those who don't agree. And, they are trying very hard to take over the government through their churches.

For that, I think we can blame the preachers.  Anyone can declare him/herself a "Pastor" and little groups have sprung up all over the country, calling themselves churches.  Their real aim is to avoid paying taxes, while convincing their flocks that they are superior Christians.  I'd be willing to bet that most of the televangelists started out this way.  And, we have let them get away with it.  But, in my humble opinion, it's time for some strict regulations.

In recent years, preachers have been insinuating themselves and their churches in to politics. They pass out position papers for various candidates and even deliver political messages under the guise of sermons, in which they try to indoctrinate their captive audiences in their political theories, usually very conservative, and even demonizing the party with which they don't agree.

The reason churches have always been exempt from taxes is that they have been expected to be "neutral" in their politics.  This has really gone by the wayside.  Now, they are having candidates come and speak in their churches on Sunday, appearing on talk shows to expound their preferences, and some are even running for office themselves.

Therefore, I believe churches should be taxed, just like any business and preachers should have to pay taxes just like anyone else.

We can't be swayed by their attempts to turn the country into a Theocracy.  This country was founded by a group of people who fled their homes in order to find religious freedom.  If we let that go by the wayside, we are doomed as a free society.  And, I don't want to live in a country where people are persecuted by a group of religious zealots.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I'm Still Here

Yes, yes, I know I said I was going to post more often, but you didn't believe me, did you?  Really?

There are several reasons for my absence. I was in mourning for several close friends who died within weeks of each other. Then, I twisted my ankle and was in enough pain for a couple of weeks to keep me from being able to concentrate long enough to put a blog post together.  Then I had a birthday and that was depressing.  A friend kept asking me how old I was and another one sent me a card with a note saying, "We're on the downward slide." Who says that on a birthday card?

But, mainly I was just disgusted.  I love to rant and rave about politics - always have. There has always been someone to make fun of.  I had a blast making fun of Sarah Palin, for instance.

It used to be a challenge to find crazy people to mock, but, nowadays, there are just too many of them. Then, I realized that those people couldn't have managed to get elected without the full cooperation of an equally wacky electorate.  Then, I got alarmed. 

I'm still alarmed.  I'm trying to find someone halfway normal, so I can begin to calm down, but it isn't working.  The latest outrage is the congressman who wants to pass a law saying that a woman who is getting a divorce must  have the permission of the judge if she wants to go out on a date, or have sex with someone. 

What is happening to this country???????? Why can't we have some sanity among voters?  Where will it all end?   Am I just having a horrible dream? 

Stay tuned. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Linda Lucille Reed Evatt - R.I.P.

Last week, Linda,  my oldest and best friend died.  We had known each other literally all our lives.  Our parents were friends. We went all through school together, kindergarten, elementary school, Junior High, High School and College.  As children, we attended tap and ballet classes.  The summer after the sixth grade, we attended Camp Joyzelle for six weeks.  I hated it, she loved it. That was one of the few things we disagreed about.

Both of our fathers were doctors and our mothers were nurses. When her father died, she spent a few days at my house and she spent time with me when mine died.  When my mother had cancer and was undergoing radiation therapy, we were away at college, so her mother asked mine to come and stay with her so she could nurse my mom. 

I introduced her to her future husband, and they were married exactly one week after my husband and I were.  We even married men with the same first name. After that, when we spoke, it was "my Don or your Don."

Her husband went into the Air Force right out of college, and was stationed for a time at the Pentagon, and she found a job there, too, working with some of the first computers. Room-sized ones.  She was 'way smarter than I was - brilliant, in fact.  For that matter, so was her husband. When he got out of the Air Force, they moved to Conway, where he was a CPA, and she worked with him as his secretary/receptionist

 After she had been married for several years, she was finally told by her doctors that, due to being hit by a car when she was very young, breaking her pelvis, she would probably never have children.  So, she and her husband decided to adopt.  They waited a long time, and then one day, when she got home from seeing her doctor and getting the happy news that she was pregnant, the agency called that she and Don could pick up their adoptive baby the next day.  She told the woman at the agency that she had just found out she was pregnant, and after a lot of thought, they decided to pass on the adoption.  The agency said they would keep her name at the top of the list until she was sure nothing was going to happen with her pregnancy. 

Her son, Bob, was born and grew up to be a very talented writer, and he was smarter than me, too.  He was the most curious boy I have ever met - full of questions. He was so smart that he frightened his teachers, and
they couldn't keep him from getting bored.  But, he came into his own when he was able to spend six months at Oxford University. 

He is now happily married, and working for the Tulsa World. 

Linda had a long and interesting life, and we shared all of her adventures, hopes, fears, sadness and happiness with each other, through long letters, phone calls, and, finally e-mails. After her husband died, she made a new life for herself, and became a licensed genealogist. As with everything else she attempted, she was very successful at it. She even got me interested in it, although I will never have the patience she had, or the interest in all that research.

As you might imagine, I have been taking a long, long trip down memory lane for the past week. It's going to take me a long time to get used to having such a big hole in my life. In other words I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself. And, I keep asking myself, "Now, who am I going to talk to?" 

I'll miss her.

Stay tuned.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Harrison Can't Catch a Break

Remember I told you about that silly sign someone erected here in Harrison, that had that silly slogan on it - "Anti-Racist is a  code word for Anti-white.?"  

Well, it's still there, and the Racism Task force is  still fighting the perception that Harrison is a racist community.  It's hard when a minority and the existence of the KKK are still very active and vocal. In fact, you can find the telephone number of their local headquarters in our telephone book, and they have even adopted a highway.

There was a meeting at the Boone County Library the other day, for the purpose of educating people about Harrison's racial history.  The  speaker tried to enlighten people about how Harrison has seen the light and is no longer a town full of bigots.  It didn't turn out too well, though, because about half of the people showed up wearing stick-on labels reading, "Anti-Racist," etc.,etc., etc. It is assumed that they were KKK members and Tea Partiers. It's pretty certain they were all local people. And, of course, it made the state paper, once again, and the national news outlets won't be far behind. 

Then, a few days later, a White Supremacist group announced its intention to hold a "White Man's March" sometimes in the month of March. The announcement invited everyone in surrounding states to attend and participate in the march.

But, that's not the scary part.  The scary part is the Letters to the Editor in the local paper from people who claim they have moved here because the town is "all white".  This situation just keeps getting worse, and the town fathers don't seem to be able to come up with a way to combat the ignorant proponents.

In recent years, we have lost a lot of manufacturing facilities here, and it is my belief that if we can't turn things around, and soon, we'll probably lose Fed-Ex.  That will be a death blow to Harrison.

Stay tuned.  

Thursday, February 06, 2014

No, No! Bad Dog!

My friend, M.E. has what she refers to as the dog from Hell and I will probably go to that very place for getting such a big kick out of it. 

For the past couple of months she has done nothing but complain about this stray dog she took in. "Duchess," as she named her, is about eight months old and completely crazy.  It only took M.E. a few days to realize she had made a big mistake.  For one thing, the dog is too big for her.  She can't walk the dog, for fear that she will be pulled off her feet.  She has already suffered a sprained shoulder trying to walk her.

The dog made herself right at home by chewing up a pair of slippers and several paperback books and a couple of coffee table books.  When M.E. tried to take her to the Humane Society, they couldn't take her because they didn't have room. 

She has to keep Duchess in the house, along with a Westie that she agreed to take when her grandson decided he couldn't keep him, and the Westie (Barkley)  looks upon Duchess as an interloper and a nuisance. He spends his days avoiding contact with Duchess.  Duchess needs a place to run, so M.E. has tried to get someone with a lot of land to take her, with no success.

She calls me every day with another story of the destruction of her house.  Last week, she complained that Duchess chewed up the rungs on her wing-back chair in the living room and the Adirondack chairs on the deck..  This week, Duchess has learned how pull things down from the kitchen cabinets.

One day, I got a call at 8:30 a.m. to tell me she was going to take Duchess back out to the humane society and try to bribe them into taking her.  She says she'll offer to pay them for Duchess's upkeep until they can get rid of her. She'll pay any reasonable amount.

It has gotten so bad, she is considering taking her son up on his offer to come to Harrison and shoot the dog. He says he'll bury her in the yard and nobody will be the wiser.  So far, M.E. has resisted, but I can tell she's weakening.

Her latest idea is to call Animal Control and say there's a stray in her yard, and she has brought her in the house until they can come and pick her up.  The only trouble with that is the dog is no longer emaciated and pitiful-looking.  In fact she looks healthy and well-fed and very comfortable. So she thinks Animal Control will figure out that the dog has been taken care of for a while, and they'll tell her she's got herself a dog.

Duchess and Barkley got away one morning and ran down the busy street in front of M.E.'s house.  She got in her car and chased after them.  She managed to catch Barkley, but Duchess kept running, so M.E. decided to go back home and hope Duchess would run far enough that she would forget where she came from.  It was  a wonderfully calm and quiet day, until late that afternoon, when her neighbor called and said, "I've got your dog over here.  She must have gotten out of the pen."

Now, Mary Ellen has taken to threatening me with Duchess.  "Wouldn't you like a dog?  You need a dog." I keep saying, "Sure.  Bring her on over, and bring a check for $300 made out to the apartment complex manager, and you can send me another hundred or so monthly for my extra rent.  I'm confident she's only threatening me because I laugh so hard when she tells me about the latest damage Duchess has done.

M.E.'s grandson will be here at the end of March, and has offered to take Duchess far away, to the Bentonville humane society, maybe, and if they won't take her, he'll probably just let her out of the car to fend for herself.  M.E. may be a little too soft-hearted to let him just dump Duchess out of the car.  But, she is tempted.  Very tempted.

Meantime, I'm getting a good laugh every few days. I'm finding it therapeutic.

Stay tuned.  

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Winter's Here At Last

We were supposed to get a "dusting" of snow yesterday.  That "dusting" measured about 6 inches. I can't really complain. This is the first real winter we've had in 10 years. This photo shows about half of what we finally got.

I got a big kick out of CNN when they got three inches and all the reporters spent a whole day whining about how inconvenienced they were.  They did all this whinging from the warmth and comfort of the tv studio, while others were still suffering in their cars. 

Southern states just don't know how to handle snow and ice, because they have it so seldom that the states don't spend any funds on snow plows, ice, etc.

Might not be a bad idea to make a few purchases after this year.  What with the climate change they refuse to believe in.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Backing Off A Bit

OK, I'm boring myself, so I think I'll go back to blogging (or not) whenever the spirit moves me.  It's too hard for a person who never gets out to think of something to say every day.

I'll probably keep complaining about the Republicans now and then.  But otherwise, I don't have a whole lot to report. 

I will keep on reading other people's blogs and commenting on them when the spirit moves me.

That said, did anyone watch the State of the Union message last night?  I don't know why I watched.  I just keep hoping President Obama will someday snap and tell the Tea Party just how the cow ate the cabbage.  But, he is just not confrontational. He still seems to think the Republicans will come to their senses and start to cooperate.They won't. He can't wait them out. You just can't be nice to those people. They don't know what "nice" is. 

Did you hear the Republican response, given by that woman, whose name I can't remember and don't care to? They seem to think if they trot out a woman, we'll all be fooled into believing there is no war on women.  She said the same things President Obama said, throwing in references to God every now and then, so she could make it clear that Democrats are heathens.

She told a story about one of her constituents, a woman, who told her that she signed up for Obamacare, and her insurance went up to $700.  She neglected to say whether that was monthly or annually.  Nevertheless, if that wasn't an out and out lie, and her insurance did go up that much,she must have signed up for the most expensive insurance out there, because everyone I know, their insurance is less than before, if they even had any before.

I hate those people.  I really do.

Stay tuned.