Thursday, February 26, 2015

Back With a Vengeance

I know, I've been gone a long time, but now that Arkansas has a new (Republican) governor, I might just have a few things to say, for a change. I gt tired of ranting and raving about the Minority Rule that seems to have taken over the country. You could call it a bloodless coup, and it presents me with just too much to rant about.

But, the latest takeover by the Tea Party Republicans in my state promises to reward me with an abundance of stupidity.  It didn't even take a month for the Legislature to start presenting and passing bills designed to do maximum damage.

Governor Asa Hutchinson has planted himself firmly on the fence, one leg on one side and the other leg on the other.  You remember him, don't you? He was the member of the House of Representatives who gleefully led the charge in the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

So, hold onto your hats, folks.  Arkansas is on the slippery slope to ruin, just like Oklahoma and Kansas. And, I'm planning to document as many of the ignorant bills that I hear about as I can. 

This could be fun. If you enjoy watching train wrecks.  And, I do.

Stay tuned.


Peggy said...

I look forward to hearing from the AR front lines. It is comforting that there are still normal people in the state. XXX

lucylocket said...

I'm so glad you're back!

Sister--Three said...

First thing they did was give everyone a raise and ol Asa got the biggest raise of one said a word.

Glad you are back.

Good thing Asa has raised hid family already as I am sure straddling that wire has ended his manhood!

Arkansas Patti said...

Good to see you back. You keep me current. Asa's no action stance lately got me. This will be a long term.


I know the feeling..I live in Texas..where stupid breeds.