Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tea Party Strikes Again

In the Hightower Lowdown today, I read that the Capitol dome has 1300 cracks and breaks in it.  This is causing chunks of the exterior to break off and water can seep in, endangering the art works on the interior of the rotunda.

The Capitol Architect has warned that the dome needs "comprehensive rehabilitation, as a public safety issue."

The cost is only about $61 Million.  The Senate okayed the repairs in August, but the wing-nuts in the House said ,"No, we don't have enough money."  What????

"No wonder our roads, schools, water systems, parks and other components of our essential infrastructure are in dangerous decay," says Hightower, "if Congress won't even fix the roof over heir heads."

This is why I read the Hightower Report.  He points out so many things you never hear if you rely on only the national media to give you information.   I sure hope he doesn't mind me quoting him. 

It would be a shame if we allowed our magnificent national structures to deteriorate. 

Stay tuned.


Olga said...

Yes. We are literally letting our country fall apart around us. It is called deferred maintenance. Pretty damn short-sighted, if you ask me (which no one has).

Betty said...

Olga: Nobody asked me, either. That's why I have a blog. lol

TinCanMan said...

A tragic and unnecessary loss to let these structures and our infrastructures in general fall apart all because of political ideology. Tea Party Republicans have no respect for government let alone respect for history and historic preservation. The worse person that could be elected to serve in government is a person who neither likes nor respects the imporatance of government--Tea Party Republicans are the worst of the worst serving in our government. Reminds me of the old Communists--you are with us or you are the enemy mentality. Not good for our country.

Dianne said...

can we choose whose heads it falls on?
at least that would give some comfort