Friday, September 07, 2012

Four More Years

I enjoyed what I saw of the Democratic Convention, but, I expected to. I kept checking in to see who was speaking throughout the day, but didn't really tune in until around 6:00p.m each night, with an hour off on Tuesday night to watch NCIS.   I do have my priorities, you know.

It was obvious, even watching it on television, that the atmosphere was totally different from the Republican Convention.  It was light-hearted and everyone was smiling and cheering throughout the evenings, which was quite a change from the dour, angry-looking faces I kept seeing on some of the Republicans' faces.  Of course, one group was listening to the truth and the other one was listening to what they well knew were lies, which wouldn't make for merry expressions.

I did catch a few speeches from the "B List,"  and by that I mean those who didn't speak in Prime Time. And, they managed to come up with some pretty pithy lines: Former Governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm got pretty worked up with, "In Romney's world, the cars get the elevator and the people get the shaft." 

John Kerrey, in a surprisingly good speech, I thought, had some good advice for Romney.  He said, " Before you debate Foreign Policy with President Obama, you'd better finish the debate with yourself."

Sandra Fluke's speech seemed well thought-out and reasonable.  I'm so glad she didn't come across as angry or petty, as she had every right to do, considering the disgusting thing the Republicans, led by Rush Limbaugh, said about her. Caroline Kennedy always makes a good impression, and I noticed that Chris Matthews got downright chocked up after she spoke.

And, who doesn't warm up to Joe Biden? He's just such a nice, friendly, sentimental teddy bear of a guy. And, of course, Michelle Obama wowed everybody, describing her very obvious love for her husband.  I liked the line, "Being President doesn't change your character - it reveals it."  Too true.

Finally, I can't ignore Arkansas' own Bill Clinton.  He's still got it.  He couldn't stay on script if his life depended on it, of course. When Hillary was asked about his speech, she said she knew what the written speech said and it would be interesting to see what he actually ended up saying. It takes him 15 minutes just to say "Hello", but nobody explains things better than he does.  And, he's going to do some campaigning, too, which will prove invaluable. 

I freely admit I'm biased, but, watching the convention just made me feel good.  I have been very active in the Democratic Party over the years, starting with John F. Kennedy's campaign back in1960. Participating in Democratic Club meetings on the local and state level has always felt like going home, in a county and state crammed full of Republicans.  Watching the convention this week made me feel the same way.

Stay tuned. 


Linda Myers said...

I thought exactly the same thing. I was especially impressed with how well Bill Clinton explained the issues to the delegates and the TV viewers.

Kay Dennison said...

I couldn't agree with you more on all you said. I thought Bill hit a grand slam, bases loaded home run with his speech as did my former (and future -- I hope) governor, Ted Strickland who set a great tone for the convention with his opening speech.

It was an awesome convention.

savannah said...

amen, sister! xxoxoox

Murr Brewster said...

I've just wanted to stand up and cheer. I tuned in to Obama a few minutes late and just in time to hear him extol "clean coal"--but somehow I still trust him. (He has to win Ohio, after all.) It felt good to feel good, didn't it?

Margie's Musings said...

I so enjoyed the Democratic Convention...and I'm a Republican...a moderate Republican. I hate what the tea party has done to my party.

I watched my party's convention too and it seemed all they could do was criticize the president. I did not enjoy that. Plus they didn't have anything to say about their the event they did win.

All in all the Democratic Convention was entertaining too and I checked the checkers and most all of what Bill Clinton said checked out true. The American people seemed to have taken a page out of Hillary's book and forgiven him his transgressions. And that's only right. Look at all the good he's done during his retirement.

I hope Obama wins a second term. He has my vote. No one could repair the damage left to him by the Bush administration in just four years.

TinCanMan said...

Well said, Betty. I had the same reaction to both Conventions. Democrats 1, Republicans 0. I miss Bill.