Sunday, September 23, 2012

Media Bias - Small Scale

Some 155 years ago in September, a bunch of families from Boone County and the surrounding area set out by wagon train, bound for California.  They got to Utah during the time of the "Utah War," where they were set upon and slaughtered by Mormons and a few Piaute Indians. Children under 12 were spared and taken in by Mormon families. This became known as the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

Some 136 years ago, the founder of the Harrison Daily Times newspaper recounted all the gory details about the massacre and every blessed year since then, readers have been subjected to the story on the anniversary of the incident.

Until this year. This year, not one story about the massacre appeared in the local paper.  It would seem the Republican publisher in this heavily Republican area of the state didn't want to remind people around here why they have never liked Mormons.

Media bias, pure and simple.

Stay tuned.

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Sister--Three said...

Those good old Mormons killed Fancher and all the others because this train was a 'rich' one. Fanchers mules and horses were worth a fortune. Poor folks were not even buried...bones just strewn on the ground. Good old Mormons kept all the horses, cattle, mules, gold. The mothers where some of the poor kids were put were wearing the dresses of their loved ones...

Anyone with a little sense can read about this great religion and how the gold tablets with messages came down from heaven and is an occult!