Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bless Her Heart

Ann Romney sure is getting snippy.  She seems to think she and her husband shouldn't have to answer any questions.  That's because he's entitled to be President and she's entitled to be First Lady.

 Her advice to the criticism that has been heaped on Mitt lately is, "Stop It! It's hard!"  Surely she didn't think he could just announce his intention to run for President and then just sit back and wait for the election, in which he would be elected by acclamation. 

Ann and Mitt make a pretty good pair, actually.  They look down their noses at the "little people," and obviously believe that no one should be heard except the wealthiest, therefore smartest folks in the country.

It might have been better if she had just stood beside Mitt and smiled up adoringly at him like Nancy Reagan did with Ronnie. I can only remember three words that Nancy uttered in Reagan's entire campaign. When asked about drugs, she said, "Just say 'no,'" as if that would solve the problem. And, for her, it did. Nobody asked her opinion again. 

If there were ever two people who haven't a clue how the 47% live, it's those two.  Mitt's worse than George H.W. Bush. At least Bush had a sense of humor, although Barbara was a real snob. She and Ann could be sisters,  if only sisters under the skin. 

Of course, it's difficult to listen to criticism of your spouse. But, hasn't she ever watched past campaigns? Didn't she know Mitt was in for a beating?  It should have been clear to her during the Primaries that it was only going to get worse. 

In the South, we have a saying when we see that someone is out of her depth or just plain dumb.  "Well, bless her heart."  That's code for "Pay her no mind. She just doesn't get it."

Stay tuned.  


Sister--Three said...

I am in the 47 percent that he thinks of a free loaders on the government. Get a job, Betty, is what he would say to both of us!

Anonymous said...

Well, Betty. Bless your heart.

Betty said...

Sister-Three: Strangely enough, nobody seems to want to hire people over 60.

Anonymous: Bless YOUR heart, coward.

Sister--Three said...

And we are both well over 60! lol

Betty said...

Sister-Three: You can say that again!

Margie's Musings said...

I agree. I have looked for a job for two years and I have lots of experience in many areas and have very good health. But no one wants to hire someone 76 years old. They think they have one foot in the grave the the other on a banana peel.

And then we have to listen to the abuse of a candidate that has hundreds of millions of dollars.

I paid into Social Security for over 60 years and do not consider it an entitlement. I also pay for Medicare and seldom ever use it. They make money from me.

Olga said...

I consider myself part of the 47% even though I did pay taxes last year. Uhoh. Does that make me a fair target for Romney's golden tongued persuasion?

savannah said...

amen, sister! LOL xoxoxo

Looking to the Stars said...

Love the post!! You hit the nail on the head. Mitt is really saying, "Let Them Eat Cake". He's as clueless as the french royalty was,lol.

Betty said...

Margie: I live in a little town and there's no way I could have found a job when my company "did away with" my position. I had no choice but to retire earlier than I wanted to.

Olga: Lots of people in the 47% are working, but don't make enough to pay Federal Income Taxes. I wouldn't think they're too happy with the Mittster right now.

Savannah and Looking to the Stars: Thank you.

The National Crackpot said...

Nobody has to vote for Romney's wife. I didn't vote for Obama but I have to listen to what his wife thinks I should eat. I'll be retiring soon. Gee I hope all you people have children who work hard and pay enough taxes to take care of me. Tell them thanks. I won't be having any grandchildren so I don't have to care about the future. I hope everybody goes broke paying for my medical care and after that you can all go to Hades! How's that for greed?

Betty said...

Crackpot: You certainly are one. I feel sorry for you.