Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Notes and Updates

Update on Gov. Rick Perry's day of prayer and semi-fasting  for the U.S:  The media is reporting an attendance of 30,000, but according to people who were actually there, it was more like 15,00 or so.  The gullible media always takes the word of the organizers of these affairs.  In any case, that means that anywhere from 10,001 to 19,999 people had to sit in unblessed and uncomfortable stadium seats.

And, upon further prayerful consideration and an opportunity to speak to a captive audience, Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas decided to attend.

Look for Gov. Perry to announce his candidacy sometime this weekend. 


Why should we be surprised that Standard & Poor's  downgraded our credit rating?  Considering the way the House and Senate have conducted (or not) business since the last election, what else did we expect?  And, they will downgrade us further if they keep on acting like jackasses and refuse to cooperate with each other. 

The only problem is that their arithmetic was way, way off to the tune of 2 trillion dollars.  It is being speculated that Standard & Poor's was making a political statement.  And, now they've downgraded Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's  rating.  Good grief! They didn't downgrade Lehman's, AIG, etc. Political? I think so.


 Look at that face, just look at it.  Have you ever seen anything scarier? Look at those eyes. Do you think they glow red in the dark?

The next photo on the front of Newsweek will probably be Gov. Rick Perry.  Would you say Newsweek is biased against Democrats?  Or, do they, like the rest of the lame-stream media just want to keep things stirred up ahead of the campaign?


The Iowa Straw Poll is this Saturday.  Will someone explain to me why this is so all-fired important? It's just a poll, people! Not an election.  It actually means nothing in the grand scheme of things.  I don't think these little straw polls and caucuses should even be reported on in the national news. They don't mean anything. Nothing.  Wonder what they cost the states who have them?


OK, my Social Security check will be electronically deposited Wednesday.  So, why do I not feel relieved? I'll tell you, why.  Because I know that there are still too many nasty, mean-spirited people lurking out there in the weeds, plotting ways to take it away from me.  I used to work with a man (a well-heeled Republican) who was of the opinion that Social Security was Welfare.  That didn't stop him from lining up for his check every month, but never mind.  If he were still alive, I have no doubt he would be a vocal member of the Tea Party.

Stay tuned.


Kay Dennison said...

Right down the street from Perry's rally of crazies, a much larger crowd gathered to get free school supplies from the "evil" Muslim community of Houston.

And don't get me started on Bachmann! Earlier this week, I asked:

She states that she submits to her husband. If she were elected (and I hope not), would we be governed by her or her husband?

Darlene said...

Every time someone organizes a prayer group to pray for America I am reminded that during WWII the Germans prayed to the same God that the Allies prayed to and all thought their prayers for victory would be answered. God must get very confused as to how to answer these prayers.

Personally, I think God just shrugs and thinks he made a big mistake when he let the animals and fish evolve into humans. ;-)

Anonymous said...

That photo of my Rep cuts both ways. Those who are crazy (like her) believe that the bad photo is trying to undermine her support. Those who know that she is nuts see it as an accurate rendering. A great-but long-article on her, with a history of her career and some personal tidbits (she won't allow photos of herself in casual clothing) is at http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2011/08/15/110815fa_fact_lizza

Scary, scary stuff.

Margie's Musings said...

We paid into Social Security all the years we worked and so did our employers. How that can be an entitlement is beyond me.

It definitely is not welfare.

NitWit1 said...

I know well-heeled persons who refuse both Soc. Sec. and Medicare as they do not need it and perceive it as giving back to the capitalist society that enables them to refuse it.

I find that admirable, maybe enviable, as I am unable to do the same, or I would. It would mean FREEDOM to me. Freedom has uneven definitions among us.

Betty said...

Kay: It is odd that the Republicans aren't trying very hard to find a really serious candidate.

Darlene: I think God intends for us to use the brains he gave us, and doesn't intend to do everything for us.

always: Scary is right.

Margie: And how the Republicans can think SS adds to the deficit or debt, I'll never know, either.

NitWit1: I would love to be able to refuse Soc. Sec. I agree it would be liberating.

Dianne said...

what do you think of those who say showing Bachman that way and calling her the Queen of Rage is sexist?
this old feminist disagrees, Bachman is bat shit crazy and I'm not going to defend her just because she's a woman

Kay Dennison said...

Amen Dianne!!!! They show Boehner all red-eyed and hung over and Sarah looking deranged so why should Crazy Shelly (as a blogging calls her) buddy get a pass? Any woman who submits to her husband's wishes is NOT a feminist so why are they defending her?
My question is: Would her decisions be hers or her 'pray away the gay' husbands'?

Joy Des Jardins said...

Oye...scary isn't the word; but I can't think of a word that would encompass what I feel when I look at her. Let's just leave it at scary.

Betty said...

Dianne: The current crop of feminists don't seem to get the point of the whole exercise. They need to talk to their mothers.

Kay: What I just said to Dianne.

Joy: I know it may sound strange, but, I feel kind of sorry for her on some level. I'm sure I'll get over it.

Grayquill said...

I hate to say it but most of your readers are sounding a bit paranoid. I get the frustration and the anger but is the problem really so simple as name calling? If it get be so simple... I love reading your posts as they do make me think.

Betty said...

Grayquill: I recognize a bit of paranoia in my own writing, and my thinking. But,it just stems from a feeling of helplessness. When I think about how things might be changed, I realize that our representatives, etc., have very successfully made themselves untouchable by the citizenry. Its probably the only thing they have unanimously agreed on. Think about it. We can't control their pay, their perks, their pensions, etc. The only way to get rid of them is to wait two to six years and vote them out. They count on us to forget why we wanted them out by then.