Friday, August 12, 2011

Coming Clean About Cats

I'm allergic to cats, some dogs, too, but ALL cats. For me, cats represent death by dander. It's a good thing I also don't like or trust cats. There. I said it. So, go call PETA if you want to. I am unrepentant.

I don't even WISH I liked cats. I've known I didn't like them from the day I was born, I think. Can't remember a time when I liked them. I discovered my allergy when I was about six, visiting my cousin, who had a great big, furry, toxic cat. I had only been in the house about fifteen minutes when my eyes started itching and watering, my throat closed up and my lungs collapsed, or at least it felt like they did. It took my parents quite a while to notice what was going on and by then, my whole face had puffed up and my eyes were red-rimmed slits and I was gasping pitifully for air.  For two medical people, they weren't very observant when it came to their beloved daughter's suffering, as I recall.

Fortunately, there weren't many cat people among my family and friends. So, it was easy to avoid contact, with only a pet-related question or two before going to their houses.

It was after I married that I found that I might not be allergic to Siamese cats. My then husband's aunt and uncle had two of them, which I didn't know until I had been in their house for over an hour without an itch, a sniffle or a gasp. Turned out, one of them was even stretched out on the back of the sofa where we were sitting, and D.J. 's head head was resting on it.  The cat didn't even seem disturbed by being used as a throw pillow.

My sister-in-law loves all animals. She always seems to surround herself with dogs and/or cats. All of her cats are toxic and, they live in the house,even though she tells herself and everyone else they don't. People always seem to claim that their cats are "outside cats", even as they open the doors and bring them in for a few hours' play. Since she always has a cat or two, I can't go to her house. I have comforted myself with the thought that she isn't keeping her cats in, in order to keep me out. She's too nice for that. But, no matter, the effect is the same.

My daughter loves cats.  She can either have a visit from a cat or her mother. She has sacrificed the cats, always keeping in mind her place in the will.  She has a friend with a cat. This cat doesn't even try to hide its antipathy toward people.  He hides under chairs and lashes out with his sharp little claws extended at anyone who walks by him. At least he's honest.   

 Yes, yes, cats are cute, especially when they are kittens.  But, face it, they don't like us, they are always plotting against us, and they can tell who's allergic to them at a distance of 1/2 mile. They'll find us and weave in and out of our legs if we're standing and jump up into our laps if we're sitting.  And, they suck all the air out of a sleeping baby's lungs.  I believe that.

I don't know what possessed me to write this, but they say confession is good for the soul.  And, also, I'm seeing more and more videos of people's cats doing catlike things. Not that I watch them, although I'll watch all the cute antics of dogs. If you love your cat, fine. Just don't invite me over, unless you want to have to call in the paramedics within the first thirty minutes of our visit.

Stay tuned.


Kay Dennison said...

I see your point. Everyone keeps telling me that I need a pet and I don't want one. My neighbor's dog visits and I enjoy him but I'm also glad to see him go home.

Darlene said...

My daughter has had both cats and dogs. I have never had a cat, but have been forced to cat sit for my daughter's feline friends. She had 3 cats at one time and I only liked one of them. One cat was anti-social, one was big, clumsy and loud and the one I liked was friendly without being obnoxious. She almost changed my mind about not liking cats. But I am a dog person at heart.

Just like people, they all have different personalities and some are loveable and some you want to kill.

Olga said...

Well, I'd rather have a cat than a dog in theory. In reality, I don't want any kind of pet. I'd rather be free to travel at a moments notice. And, frankly, I have decided I like dog-and-cat-hair-free clothing and furniture.

Maria said...

Perhaps this little confession is good for your soul, but there is nothing wrong in not liking something that makes you sneeze and have itchy eyes.

I once raised and showed Manx cats. Now because of our birds we are catless and to be honest, I do not miss the critters.

Margie's Musings said...

When Missy and Inky are gone, I will not get another cat. And when Scott's Slinky is gone, I do not want another dog.

If I hadn't had the animals I could have gone to Europe at my son's expense.

kenju said...

I will confess to having said that I have learned never to trust a person who does not like cats. At least two people I know who don't have proven themselves to be untrustworthy in matters of ethics and morals. I don't think you fit that category....I'm just sayin'....

Big John said...

I like the wild birds who visit my garden. Need I say more ?

NitWit1 said...

I love them both, but once was allergic to cats until about my fourth formulation of allergy vaccine. Now I don't seem to be.

But I LOOOVE DOGS as does my husband. And if I want to spend my life's savings on them that is my privilege and my business.

We only have one dog at a time. Each one has been a great comfort during my many illnesses.

I don't invite persons to my house that have not been there before, without telling them I have a pet.

If it is a short visit, not a stay-over, and dogs bother them, I isolate the dog in one room. My dogs are forbidden to beg food at the table and dinners guests are so instructed not to give in. My last dog (now deceased) and present rescue dog had that rule down pat. The rule is firmly stated NO HUMAN FOOD. Probably they eat healthier than I do.

Everyone has the right to dislike or like pets, or hunting, or fishing, or birds or anything, another may enjoy. But no one has the right to abuse any living creature that does not pose an immediate physical danger..

Psychologists in many numbers say a person who abuses animals will also abuse human beings.