Friday, August 05, 2011

Will You Respond to The Response?

Who's going to Gov. Rick Perry's day of prayer in Houston tomorrow?  Hmmmmmm?  Show of hands!  It has been advertised as a day of prayer and fasting, although there will be food and water available, and it's free, folks.  The stadium holds 71,000 people, but only about 10,000 are expected.  Perry invited all 50 governors, and only one agreed to go, and then prayed over it and  changed his mind.

Organizers got busy today, blessing 10,00 seats.  So better get there early, if you don't want to be in danger of getting seat number 10,001. You can pray and fast and even speak in tongues all day long, but if you're not sitting in a  seat that hasn't been blessed, you're screwed.

The event is also going to be simulcast for those who want to stay at home under air conditioning, eating a sandwich and drinking a beverage of your own choosing, not necessarily water. There's no guarantee that your prayers for the deliverance of America will be heard and even less chance they will be answered, but, frankly,  the odds are probably the same for the people sweating it out in those uncomfortable stadium seats. 

Governor (Goodhair) Perry started all this, and then spent some time saying his own prayer to God to get him out of this debacle. He finally decided to simply use the same excuse all politicians use at one time or another. His participation has been greatly misinterpreted by the media.  Why, for all he knows, he will end up being an usher! 

So, if you decide to go, pick up a hot dog and bottle of water on the way in. Then, find yourself a blessed seat, and pray, pray, pray.  You might as well pray for rain, too.  What could it hurt?

Stay tuned.


Big John said...

As I've said a few times before about your posts Betty ... "Only in America !" ... Where do you find these people ?

Anonymous said...

If that's the way they want to spend a sunny Saturday, I say go for it. It keeps them away from the malls and parks where others will be today. Of course, when 10,000 people faint from heat and lack of water and food (not to mention pure craziness), they will claim that they are speaking to God. The hospitals may want to be on alert.

lucylocket said...

After those 10,000 people faint from heat, etc., someone will apply for federal funds for the emergency and request assistance from FEMA, of course, all the while complaining about the deficit.

Kay Dennison said...

Rick Perry is so dumb he makes Sarah Palin look smart -- almost!!!

Has our collective intelligence dropped so low that he might be a candidate in 2012?

Margie's Musings said...

I wouldn't go that far, Kay.

Actually they're about even with one another...she's the female version of dumb and dumber and he's the male version.

Olga said...

I guess I'll have to miss it. Sometimes I feel like a lone voice in the wilderness and then you rip out a blog. Yeah!

Darlene said...

I'll pass, thank you. I think these pseudo Christians forgot to read their Bible. Doesn't it say something about Jesus admonishing them to go in their closet and pray in secret?

You are a hoot and a half, Betty. I love reading your humorous take on the craziness.

Meryl Baer said...

I hope what happens in Texas, stays in Texas...

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Why are the dumb ones winning?
Why are the dumb ones gaining all this media attention and followers?
Why are the smart American's so apathetic?

These people scare me.

I'll pray all right - but pray that they all go away. I'll pray for the strength to get through this next election and I'll pray that my husband and I can move to another country to retire.