Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Change is Hard

I received word a week or so ago that my former employer, a big corporation, is no longer willing to offer a prescription plan with my retirement insurance.  So, they're dumping all of us onto Medicare Part D.  "But, not to worry!  "Here's a phone number you can call and they will answer all your questions and solve all your problems, and when they get through with you, you will automatically be enrolled in Part D."  Happy, happy.

(Hmmm.  By the way, I seem to be typing on a new Blogger format.  Or, am I crazy?  Don't answer that!)

Now, where was I?  Oh, yes, Medicare Part D.  In my younger days, I used to embrace change.  I loved change.  So exciting. Such an adventure.  But, now that I am old, change just confuses me and makes me nervous. 

So, I decided to take them up on their offer, and called the company that is going to solve all my problems. And, much to my surprise, it seems that it's so far so good.

I spoke to a young man who talked so fast, I had to keep saying, "Huh?" "Beg your pardon," and finally, "Hon, you're going to have to slow down. I'm a little old southern lady, and I can't keep up with you."  He slowed down for about thirty seconds and gradually, he hit top speed again.  But, he seemed to know what he was doing, and got me registered with his company.

Then, he gave me an appointment for someone from there to call me on a specific day in November at a specific time, and assured me that when I got off the phone, I would be enrolled in Part D and would have the insurance that suited my particular needs, and I would live happily ever after.

So, now,  I wait.  I hate to wait.  I'm very impatient, but my mantra these days is "Be careful what you wish for."

Anybody out there on Part D?  How's that working out for ya?

Stay tuned.  


savannah said...

not here, sugar, but when you find out all about it, i do hope you'll enlighten the rest of us! xoxoxoxo

Linda said...

Like Savannah I'll be interested in learning how this turns out. Please keep us informed.

Joy Des Jardins said...

I'm not on any of it yet Betty...and I'm not looking forward to figuring it all out...I'm not great with change either. But...I will be glad to go on Medicare when I'm 65 (over a year away) so I won't be paying the horrendous insurance premiums that I'm paying now. When it comes time to apply for Medicare, I don't even know where to begin or who to go to. I've been trying not to think about it... ~Joy

Betty said...

Savannah, Linda, Joy: This is really depressing. I'm feeling older every minute. lol

Arkansas Patti said...

The only thing I salvaged from my 19 years with the power company is their prescription insurance. Was wondering about Medicare's version, let us know when you know.

kenju said...

It is terrific until you hit the donut hole (it will be made clear to you what that is when you enroll), although I hear that Obama is abolishing it in a year or two. I can't wait for that!!
Example: one of mr. kenju's meds only costs us $14 per month until we hit the donut hole, and then it goes to $172 per month until the end of the year. In Jan., it goes back to the cheaper price.

Looking to the Stars said...

I'm with you, change confuses me now, I do not like it.

I hope all goes well in Nov for you. I am not looking forward to doing any of this (Medicare & such). It sounds very confusing.

My head spins when I get someone that talks a mile a minute. I was that way when I was younger now its worse (lol)

take care :)

Darlene said...

I'm in Medicare Part D and unless you have very expensive medications it is fine. I pay a small co-pay for each prescription and have never come close to hitting the do-nut hole.

Kay Dennison said...

I'm on Part D. It works well for me -- so far. I only have 4 scrips and there's one that's not covered and since I only take it on an as needed basis, it lasts a long time. I'm fine with it and I hope you will be, too.

Grayquill said...

Reading Kenju....I was hoping when retirment comes I could drive to the local donut shop and buy a 1/2 dozen donut holes every week or so. But, it sounds like I will have to hit one first...Do you think that is like at an arcade? I hope I can still throw or toss the ring all the way to the back wall when I get there.

Word Tosser said...

Then there is Walmarts $4 a prescribtions... for most meds.. might check to see if yours is one of them... if they are... you don't need D...just buy from Walmart..My understanding for those without prescription insurance pay $4 for one month and $10 for 3 months.. It is worth looking to... if you don't have anyone paying the D plan for you.