Thursday, September 23, 2010

Long Ago and Far Away

Are you old enough to remember what the Democratic Party used to be? My parents were mostly non-political. My earliest memory of my father's political preference was listening to him rant and rave against Harry Truman and his "crackpot" ideas about "socialized medicine." He voted for Eisenhower, of course. Sorry, Daddy, but you were wrong. I don't think my mother ever voted. So I became a confirmed Democrat by choice, not because it was a family tradition.

I came of political age while John F. Kennedy was running for President and, although I was not yet old enough to vote for him, I campaigned for him tirelessly, manning booths and playing in the traffic, going up to stopped cars and asking if I could put a bumper sticker on them.

There was no question about what the Democratic Party stood for in those days. They were good at articulating their concern for the "common man" and defended their beliefs, loudly and often. There was none of this wishy-washy crap we're witnessing today. No Blue-Dog Democrats to speak of back then, but plenty of Yellow-Dogs.

Now, we find a bunch of cowardly wusses, dithering around, trying not to lose the big buck$ they get from big busine$$, while at the same time trying to claim to be the same party they used to be, looking out for the "little guy." Their actions belie their claims, when they pull stupid stunts like putting off the vote on Bush's tax cuts.

They have a golden opportunity to shine the light of truth on the Republican Party, by bringing the bill up to a vote containing only the middle-class tax cuts, and letting the Republican Party vote "No," as has become their custom in the past years. This could be very damning for the Republicans, and could make a lot of difference for the Democrats in the coming election.

Apparently, the Democrats have become gutless wonders. This is just the latest in a long line of bills that should have passed easily, but had to be watered down.

Don't get me wrong. I'm still a Democrat. I always will be. I believe if you want to change something, you have to get in the middle of the fray and fight for it. You don't abandon the whole just because you are disappointed in the few.

So, I'll keep on trying to remind present day Democrats what their party used to stand for, and hope enough people are still around who remember. And, maybe the party will find its way back.

Stay tuned.


Going Like Sixty said...

Yep, I remember when it didn't take a super-majority (60 votes) to get something through the Senate.

Congress is broke and the Republicans broke it and want it to stay broken by following Mitch McConnell.

Linda said...

Good post. I will always vote with the Democrats, not because they're so good, but because I cannot find a single thing in the Republican Party I can believe in.

Grayquill said...
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Grayquill said...

You and I are more alike than you might think. We have no one to love and we hate the ones were with. Have have you thought of looking toward the tea party folks?

Arkansas Patti said...

I too agree we are broken but like you, won't throw the baby out with the bath water. I still have hope and believe Dems are the best chance we have.

savannah said...

*sigh* i hope there are more people who think this way than not, sugar! you asked the very same question i did re the tax cuts - bring it to the floor and let the party of no show their true colors! i'm a life long democrat, too and have to believe they will do the right thing. xooxoo

Darlene said...

If the Democrats lose the House and/or the Senate they have no one to blame but themselves. If ever in the history of the Republic was the difference in the two parties spelled out so clearly it is this election. Yet the Dems.seem to be afraid to voice it.

This final insult by Harry Reid, who is more afraid of losing the election to a bonafide nut case, than in helping the party by bringing the tax bill to a vote is too much. I am sick at heart.

Grayquill , I am not so sick that I would go with the ignorant tea party that is funded by the richest men in America and promoted by former Republican lobbyists.

Kay Dennison said...

I agree with you completely, as you know well know.

Here's a podcast that takes on Blanche Lincoln -- one of your favorite people today. I am ashamed of both political parties.

Cazzie!!! said...

You know what.. it seems to be the way World all over. Our politicians here Down Under had all forgotten who they stood for.. and that is why, I believe, we had such turmoil in our last election a few months ago. It was a tie, and that dragged on for so long. The public were just so over it all.
I swear, If my nan were alive and she could have run for government I would be sure she would have had everyone's belts so tight they'd be eating once a week, and saving their money and not overspending on good they do not need and looking after all the farmers and local builders and manufacturers ... and she would have the schools run so well and tighten up on so much! Yeah. She would have been a true leader... something that we do not seem to have here right now on this day :(

Kell said...

It feels like we've been expecting/hoping the Democrats would find their way back for over 10 years now. And now they've disappointed us again. At what point do I stop hoping?

Debra said...

I have so enjoyed visiting your blog tonight by way of Grayquills blog.

While these days I claim neither to be democrat nor republican (I guess that makes me somewhat of an independant), I agree with much of what you say politically speaking.

I will be back to visit again soon,

Blessings of peace and all that is good,