Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Watching and Waiting

PhotobucketI realize I haven't said much about health care reform lately, and that was on purpose. I have been greatly amused by the waffling and posturing by the Democrats. What they are doing is trying to figure out how to pass their bill without losing all that lovely money from the health care industry. I think what they would really like is to pass a bill without anyone knowing about it. Then, in a few months someone could say, "Looky what I found in the archives! A health care bill!" Then, they could sit back and listen to the howling, moaning, screaming and threats from the Republicans, and the thundering applause from the rest of the country. After that, they could begin to build on that bill and, finally, have a bill that actually helps the people, instead of the lobbyists.

OK, OK, I have too much time on my hands, so I occasionally lapse into flights of fancy. I usually enjoy those flights, but this one has been a pretty bumpy ride. It has run the emotional gambit from excitement to disappointment to disgust and, finally, to my decision never to vote again.

I have been particularly disappointed in my state's senators and one particular congressman, to the point of letting the senators know, in no uncertain terms, that they needn't expect my vote the next time they're up for election. The congressman isn't from my district, but that doesn't mean that I can't urge his constituents to vote the b *****d out. The congressman from my district is a Republican, so he has never gotten my vote, anyway. All right. You don't have to remind me that I just declared, in the previous paragraph, that I would never vote again. Let's not nitpick.

Sen. Blanche Lincoln is fighting for her political life and, has suddenly realized that there is a big part of Arkansas north of Little Rock and has been seen all over the place up here lately. She has never had to worry about us before, because she was strong enough not to need us. So, she just always blew us off, turning down all invitations to campaign up here, and, therefore, neglecting to help any of our local candidates get elected. This has gone on throughout her career. Don't think we're not enjoying her discomfort this year.

Mark Pryor isn't up for re-election this year, but, I have to admit that I just don't know where he is coming from. I have to conclude that his father, David, didn't have much of an influence on him. Either that, or he never got over that phase we all go through in our teens when we do whatever we can to not be like dear old Dad or Mom. A case of arrested development, perhaps. Also, he has allowed himself to be influenced by that "C Street" group of lawmakers that purport to be "good Christians," while they say their prayers, accept Million$ from lobbyists and run around on their wives. So, he didn't get my vote in the last election and he won't get it when I don't vote in the next one. So there.

Anyway, be sure to watch President Obama's funfest on C-Span tomorrow, starting at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time. It should be a riot.

Stay tuned.


Janie B said...

I enjoyed your rant. :) I'm from Fayetteville and find the whole senate race and congressional race crazy! I've always liked Blanche and Mark, but they better get on the ball if they want to stay put. I'm losing all confidence in our system of government. Nobody can get anything done! It's infuriating!

Grayquill said...

As always your posts are more than interesting. I am sorry I am not more of a political junkie so I could either be your nemesis or your ally or give you some interesting banter.

Kay Dennison said...

My blood pressure may not hold up well for Obama's speech.

My Congress critter is doing his best at communicating with us and if anyone is interested he emails weekly to tell us what he's doing.

In fact, I featured a video of him speaking before Congress today. I liked what he said and think you would, too.

Linda said...

I am more dissappointed in Americans than I've ever been. The Democrats continue to shoot themselves in the foot, the Independents are blowing whichever way the wind blows and the flowers smell the sweetest, and Republicans are doing a fine job at the only thing I've ever known them to do, complain and obstruct.

I will always vote a Democratic ticket but don't expect me to watch all this craziness. I haven't had my TV on in months.

2008 was my last election to sweat and cry tears. I'm turning this mess over to my children. They're in thir 40s, they are the ones employed and raising families. They need to step up to the plate.

But, we must vote or we'll be giving the upper hand to Republicans.

Arkansas Patti said...

I keep waiting for that last straw to break me. So far I am hanging in but am pretty disgusted.
We are a damaged society.

Darlene said...

Between Arkansas and Arizona we have a race to see who has the most idiotic representatives. I'll match McCain and Kyle against Lincoln and Pryor any day.

I guess if we shake them up in a bag they would all come out the same.

Betty said...

Janie B.: I'm just disappointed in both Mark and Blanche. Maybe they'll step up and help pass healthcare.

Grayquill: I'm interested in more than politics. That's why I like your blog. Don't change.

Kay: I was actually pretty bored with the "summit". But, I hope lots of people watched it.

Linda: I'm disappointed with the Democrats, too. The Senate, at least. Wish I could figure out what their problem is, other than wanting to prove how powerful they are individually.

Arkansas Patti: I know what you mean. But, I just try to hang in there and hope for the best.

Darlene: I'm afraid I'd have to vote for Arizona's representatives. I read today that 40 out of 90 of Arizona's senators (?) are birthers. What th'?

Karen said...

We need healthcare reform. Pretty much everyone agrees on that much. We have been is this screwed up situation for years. Why are they trying to push through a crappy bill just to say they did it? Why can't they scrap the bill and start from scratch and make (almost) everyone happier? Even if it takes another year.

Darlene said...

I told you our legislators are nuts. They pass laws that make it legal to carry concealed weapons where liquor is served. Most of them are Mormons (not to cast aspersions on anyone's religion) and they are extremely conservative.

Yeah, we have the largest bunch of wingnuts making laws of any state.

Betty said...

Karen: Because starting over wouldn't do any good. If the Republicans wanted to have a good, bipartisan bill they would have been cooperating all along. All they really want to do is delay.

Actually, all they had to do to mess up the summit was to come up with a serious bill, put it on the internet, and bring it to the meeting and present it to Obama. Instead they made themselves look silly, with their "talking points" and belligerent expressions.

Betty said...

Darlene: I was surprised to hear about the Arizona Lege. I didn't realize they were such wingnuts. lol