Monday, March 01, 2010

Monday Downer

For the past couple of years, I have been reading the list of bankruptcies in the Monday paper. There aren't as many as there were a year ago, but still plenty. A page of them, and always, always, several from my town are listed. After tsk-tsk-tsking a few times, I turn to the comics.

I haven't been turning to the want-ads because I am not looking for a job and I can't buy anything, so I was appalled today when I accidentally noticed that foreclosures were listed. And, I was doubly appalled when I counted ELEVEN PAGES of them.

I'm sure that most states have their share of foreclosures in this economy, but, I would have expected the list to be much, much shorter by this time. It left me wondering how many more pages there were six months ago.

Where are all those people going to live? Their credit ratings must have bottomed out, just as those who have filed bankruptcy have. Are we going to be a nation of tent cities before things get better? No jobs, no unemployment, no homes, no health insurance, no hope.

And, what is Congress doing? And, how about the Senate? Why, squabbling among themselves, thinking up better and meaner ways of obstructing each other, of course. Could it be that they simply don't know what to do, and therefore, they are doing nothing? Or, do they know what needs to be done, but it will take losing some of that lovely special interest money they have become so accustomed to socking away?

What will they do when nobody goes to the polls to vote anymore, because there's no use voting? Or, worse, what will they do when the only people going to the polls are radical-right or radical-left? Won't that be a hoot? Anarchy? A military coup? Is that what it will take?

We are looking more and more like Mexico, and I don't mean that in a good way. Before you know it, all those illegals will be knocking down that wall to get back into their country.

I dread the kind of future my children will have to deal with.

Stay tuned.


Janie B said...

Good point. It's really sad how they can't get anything done.

Linda said...

In my opinion, Congress is fiddling while Rome burns. You hit the nail on the head that special interest money is a big part of it.

I've been a political addict all my life. I'm always passionate on the subject but no more.

My spirit is broken. I've never been as disappointed in Americans as I am today.

I may have said this to you before, or perhaps it was someone else. In my opinion the Democrats are doing what they do best, shooting themselves in the foot. Herding Democrats is like herding housecats. The Independents are doing what they do best, blowing which ever way the wind blows and the flowers smell the sweetest. The Republicans are doing what they do best, obstructing progress and complaining.

I will always vote, and vote a Democrat ticket. Whatever little amount of progress we get with them in office is better than going backwards with the Republicans.

This is my personal opinion. Please do not leave unpleasant comments for the author of this blog.

Kay Dennison said...

Both parties have me annoyed -- the Republicans remind me of spoiled 2-yr-olds tossing tantrums and name calling like it ever helped and appear to have no care for us ordinary mortals. The Democrats keep whining that the other kids won't play nice instead of getting anything done. And Obama gets the blame from everyone when, until Congress does something, his hands are tied.

AND we the people elected them so who is really to blame? I'm ready to run away from home. North or South?

Jay said...

"Could it be that they simply don't know what to do, and therefore, they are doing nothing?"

Nah. They just don't give a crap.

Looking to the Stars said...

Washington DC is a country of its own. Big business runs our country. Obama is getting more done then Carter did. You HAVE to play the game. If you can get one thing done while you are President then you have done good.

There is a story in my family, my Uncle was a senator. People came to him and said we want Theodore Roosvelt out as govonor in NY, he is causing to much trouble. My uncle told them, "make him president, he will have no power and cannot cause you anymore trouble." The rest is history.

Betty said...

Janie B. Things just have to change.

Linda: Don't ever be afraid to express your opinion on this blog. I can handle unpleasantness, although there has been surprisingly little of it so far, considering how opinionated I am.

Kay Dennison: Oh, heavens! Don't go north! That way lies madness. lol

Jay: I'm afraid you're right.

So, are you suggesting Bunning for President? No, of course not. What was I thinking? lol

Peggy said...

Eleven pages of foreclosures?! Holy smokes! This is bad! I knew it was bad in the US, but I didn't realize it was as bad as this!

Arkansas Patti said...

It does appear the wheels are coming off but we have been here before and found a way out. I believe we will again. It is a long painful process. That is unless 2012 is a truth, then all we can do is hang on.
The good thing about the old days is that until dispair knocked on your personal door, you pretty much weren't aware. Now days, the media is enough to make you want to quit paying for cable.
My answer is for Betty to put her hat in the ring. That would shake thinks up. You would have my vote.

Tincanman said...

I remain optimistic but am extremely frustrated and bordering on downright anger with what's going on in Washington--or rather, on what's not getting done there. Don't know what it will take to turn this country around but it sure doesn't look like the answer is in Washington D.C. ...Foreclosure rate isn't as high where I'm at, Betty, but in my old hometown south of the river, it's terribly high and no sign of things getting better in the near future...and, Linda, I think you are spot on about the Dems and the Republicans.

NitWit1 said...

Reortedly, there are persons in my area of AR sleeping in cars which have no gas. I wonder if it is even their cars?

Joy Des Jardins said...

I'm so frustrated by all that's going on with everyone and everything in our government. I keep trying to be optimistic about things, but they make it pretty impossible. I'd say many people are at an all time sad to say.

Cazzie!!! said...

That is so sad and embarrasing for those people to be listed in the paper. I am sad for the families to have to go through such hard times. I know from speaking with my grandparents and many elderly patients that there have always been hard times for families. I am guessing that hard times right now has alot to do with the commodities used such as internet, mobile phones and the like, things that past generations did not have to worry about bills for. Yeah, I don't know, but the people need some sort of guidance out there before it gets so much worse for more families.
I do know the thing to do if people are finding things tough, and that they are still employed is to speak to the companies that they deal with bill wise and whatever and try to strike up a good rapport with them to get back on track.

Cazzie!!! said...

In retrospect, I apologise for my bad grammar Betty... I have been working a bit too hard around here me thinks

Darlene said...

Betty, as a political animal I never thought the time would come when I was so discouraged and depressed that I was ready to bow out of politics. But I am reaching that point. It is all so terrible that I think I will have to quit hearing and reading about it for my sanity.