Monday, December 08, 2008

Sometimes the News is Just Silly

What's That Smell?

There's a plot afoot to charge farmers an assessment because cows emit greenhouse gases that amount to air pollution.

Note: Why don't the farmers just dose the cows every day with Beano? Then, they won't be belching and cutting the cheese, and the air will be fresh as a daisy.

That Sucking Sound

A young woman in China has lost the hearing in her left ear because her boyfriend ruptured her eardrum after an exceptionally passionate kiss.

Note: There's something else I've never experienced in my life.

Woman Gives Birth to Orphan

A 70 year-old woman in India has given birth to a baby girl, after trying to get pregnant for 50 years. This was accomplished through an embryo transfer. It was not clear whose egg and sperm were used in the treatment.

Note: If neither the egg nor sperm belong to at least one of the couple, if I have it figured correctly, the child is an orphan.


Where Was He Born?

Several lawsuits contending that President-elect Obama is not a citizen of the U.S. are working their way through the court system. Today, the Supreme Court declined to hear the latest one, without comment. At least one other appeal remains at the court.

Note: I'd guess the chances of the next one being heard are slim to none.


When Will They Ever Learn?

Merrill Lynch CEO, John Thain, is seeking a $10 Million bonus. The Compensation Committee is said to be resisting his request.

Note: Well, DUH!

Stay tuned.


Karen said...

Did he kiss her ear? Like stick his tongue in there? I must research this issue. I want to protect myself from such a fate.

Betty said...

Karen: Apparently, he has amazing sucking power. The story said he kissed her on the lips and his suction pulled on her eardrum and deafened her in that ear. I didn't know that was possible.

Anonymous said...

Poor farmers and cows. Seems like we would generate more revenue with an assessment on all the gaseous hot air and noise pollution pumped out by politicians.

Betty said...

TinCanMan: You got that right!

Anonymous said...

Wait...he kissed her on the mouth and popped her ear drum? I can't help but wonder if she thought he was a good kisser or not...

savannah said...

anecdotes for weekend cocktail chatter, sugar! thanks ;) xoxox

Betty said...

susan: I can't imagine that she was very pleased. lol

savannah: Thank you.

Sister--Helen said...

My Brother Richard in Green Forest raised thousands of chickens for Tyson Foods....when we drove by chicken houses I always thought it stunk....Richard said it smelled like money to him....