Friday, December 05, 2008


This is just one of many excellent cartoons by long-time Arkansas Democrat-GazetteEditorial Cartoonist John Deering. He also has a comic strip called "Zack" which always gives me a chuckle. I guess you could say I'm a big fan of this multi-talented artist.

Item 1.

George Will pompously announced that the economy is strong. He said this without blushing. And, he went on to say that "people are paying their mortgages, and everyone who wants to work is working", among other silly comments.

Does this guy live in a tree?

Item 2.

Automakers with their hands out drove their hybrid cars to Washington, D.C. to make the case for yet another bailout. This time, they came bearing their plans for saving the industry. One of the senators (whether he was just posturing for the cameras, I don't know) asked some pretty pointed questions, I thought. He told the automakers that, if they received the bailout (bridge loans) money, he had better not hear a couple of weeks or months afterward that they were using that money to expand their manufacturing facilities in Mexico. He made it clear that this money is to be used in this country.

I feel the automakers should receive the money, but not all of it at once. They should be closely monitored to make sure they are making the changes they have outlined in their presentations.

So, there.

Item 3.

Guess what? Henry Paulson has yet another plan! How many does that make? Three? Four? Has he actually DONE anything beyond enriching his pals on Wall Street?

Talk is cheap.

Item 4.

In October, 300,000 jobs were lost and in November, 530,000 jobs were lost. There are currently 4 Million workers drawing unemployment. This doesn't take into account the workers who have long ago run out of unemployment benefits and still can't find jobs. And, it isn't over yet.

Where will it end?

Item 5.

Oh, puhleeze! The fact that Saxby Chambliss won his senate race against his democratic opponent doesn't amount to a "failed Obama presidency", as the Republicans would have us believe. They give Sarah Palin a lot of credit for the win. HORSE HOCKEY!

The only reason Sarah Palin is a star in that party is that there are no other stars. She's all they have.

Item 6.

On a lighter note, perhaps, it has been reported that the owner of the Faubus Motel in the former governor's hometown of Huntsille, took down the American flag and raised the Confederate Battle flag to protest the election of Barack Obama.

Sour grapes.

Item 7.

Late Breaking News: TA-DAAAA! O.J. Simpson has been convicted of 10 felony counts, and will be spending a whole lot of time in prison in that state. The sentences run concurrently, but if they had to be served consecutively, it would amount to a minimum of 40 years. Unless the judge's decision is overturned, he will serve at least 10 years or more before he is eligible for parole. I wonder, do they have slot machines in the prison?

O.J. was not amused.

Stay tuned.


kenju said...

Hearing that about OJ made me happy!!

I agree with you about the $$ given to the auto-makers. Use it in the US and give detailed reports about how it was used!

Newt said...

It's a sad day when the only star for the Republicans is Sarah Palin. Very sad..........

Mari Meehan said...

Boy, I'm glad you're back! What a fun look into your pent up frustrations from a break from blogging! Lol.

Betty said...

kenju: I do hope the jury didn't consider the other trial and use this as a form of retribution.

Newt: Someone else will come along, no doubt. But, she'll still be with us - forever, and ever, and ever, and ever.

Dogwalkmusings: Do you think I'm being too cranky? I don't want to just bitch, bitch, bitch all the time. Only part of the time. lol

Anonymous said...

Item 1. Does G. Will live in a tree? Yes, don't know what kind but it is in Make-Believe Land I think.

Item 2. Automakers need a loan? Wait! Wasn't making loans available for such things what Paulson and Bernake said our $700 Gazillion bucks where for? I'm confused.

Item 3. No.

Item 4. Too sad to comment on.

Item 5. Amen!

Item 6. As my dad would say, "No explaining stupid. It just happens."

Item 7. O.J. to jail. 'Bout time.