Monday, October 27, 2008

Random Thoughts For A Monday

It's really funny the way John McCain and Sarah Palin keep calling Obama a Socialist. Especially in the face of the gigantic bailout of the banks and mortgage companies that Bush and the Congress and Senate have foisted off on the taxpayers.


Now, the auto industry wants $15 Billion more, on top of the $25 Billion that has already been allocated for them. Might I be so bold as to suggest that the auto industry got itself into this shape because they moved all the jobs out of the country years ago, thanks to Nafta, as did many other industries? Why shoud they expect a country that they sold out to step up and save their bacon with bailouts that will ultimately be paid for by many of the very taxpayers that they laid off in their run for the border?

I say no bailouts until they start bringing jobs back into the country.


Furthermore, it's very obvious to me that the prescription drug program, known as Medicare Part D has many, many flaws and could stand some reform of its own. I have a feeling that if we manage to get a large majority in the House and Senate this year, they had better do something about this blatant giveaway to the Insurance Companies, or we aren't going to be too particular about which party gets voted out next time, just the individuals who try to perpetuate this program as it is. They can start showing their good faith by getting rid of that idiotic donut hole, and make the insurance companies cover everyone ALL YEAR, instead of just up to a point, whereby they gleefully continue to collect premiums during the months they don't have to cover anyone.


Here's something to ponder: If we can spend trillions bailing out the fat cats, who's to say we couldn't bail out Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid if they start to go under? Or, would that be too beneficial for ordinary citizens?


Oh, I'm so glad Sarah is wearing her own clothes again. I'm sure she is much more comfortable. And I'm glad she and Elisabeth Hasselbeck are keeping the story alive day after day.

Methinks McCain has created a monster.


By the way, if you think racism hasn't reared its ugly head in the campaign, you should be reading my e-mail. Some of the stuff people are sending me just make me sick. But then, I live in one of the most racist areas of a basically racist state. Maybe it's not as bad elsewhere?


Kay Dennison said...

No more bailouts? No more donut holes? More jobs? I'll believe if I see it but fell will freeze until the people who are supposed to represent us get a clue and I'll be gone by the time that happens.

Don't get me started on Sarah -- I honestly think the GOP realizes what a mistake they made. Too bad. I still can't believe there are those who actually like her.

Yes there is racism up here in Ohio but most people just live and let live or are like me who really doesn't care what race anyone is. I judge people by their hearts not what color they are.

Bear Naked said...

I'm Canadian, as you know, and I can't believe the e-mail I am also receiving.
Maybe I should not have posted what I did on my blog.

Am I sorry ?
HE-double hockey sticks NO!!!

THIS American election is going to have an impact on everyone in the world.
And if *certain* people don't realize this, it is their loss.

Bear((( )))

kenju said...

Get rid of the donut hole? From your mouth to God's ear!

kenju said...

Get rid of the donut hole? From your mouth to God's ear!

Margie's Musings said...

I don't have the prescription drug plan. Between Medicare and the supplement that the insurance company raises rates on each year, that's about all the health care cost I can handle.