Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sarah Failin'


DONKEYS!?! She couldn't find a scarf with elephants on it?

I just couldn't resist stealing this from my friend Patsy's blog. I don't know where she finds them, but she comes up with some of the BEST photos! And, since I planned to rant about Sarah again, even though I have promised at least twice before that I was through talking about her, I couldn't stop myself. Evidently, I lied like a rug.

Well! It didn't take the Hockey Mom-Maverick-Reformer-I Love America and You Don't Girl long to jump on the old gravy train, did it? $150,000+, compliments of the RNC for a wardrobe, makeup and hairdo can do wonders for the Republicans' answer to Eliza Doolittle (giving credit to Chris Matthews, here. I'll steal from anybody, and admit it. ). I guess Walmart, K-Mart, Penneys and Target aren't good enough any more.

And, yet, when we see her speaking at rallies, she is wearing the same old rags, dark skirt, blouse/jacket and heels. She either has five identical outfits or she's washing them out by hand in the Super Eight each night. So, where does she wear all these Neiman Marcus and Saks outfits?

If you ask me, and you didn't, but that's neither here nor there, the RNC needs to spend a few dollars on Sarah's behalf to buy her a copy of the U.S. Constitution so she can bone up on the two duties of the Vice President. Then, maybe then she wouldn't embarrass herself and the Grand Old Party, saying she plans to expand the V.P.'s duties beyond the original ones and the other ones she aspires to, i.e. running the Senate and helping make policy.

I have a sneaky feeling that the Senators jealously guard their exalted positions in the government. Oh, they might be polite enough to listen to one or two of Sarah's ideas at a cocktail party, but when it comes to formal policy meetings, she'll be surprised to find the door firmly closed in her face.

In other news, apparently Sarah has finally agreed, albeit ungraciously, to release her medical records. It remains to be seen if this it accomplished before election day, and if they are complete.

In the meantime, Sarah's running mate, is trying to get over his latest Senior Moment in Pennsylvania. He said, "Obama is saying some pretty nasty things about this part of the state. (Cheers) and I couldn't agree more." (Huh?) He tried again, "And, I don't disagree." (Silence) and, one more time, "And, I don't agree." (more cheers)

At another rally, McCain used his convoluted reasoning to condemn Obama for wanting to reward corporations with tax credits for creating new jobs and/or bringing jobs back to the U.S. McCain apparently sees this as Socialism, or spreading the wealth around. And, all the time, I thought HE thought that giving the middle class opportunities to make a living was bad and giving corporations money was okey-dokey. I'm so confused.

But not as confused as McCain.


Mari Meehan said...

That scarf! Is it really on Palin or is it photoshopped? I love it.

Sister--Three said...

I honestly think McCain is having some memory problems. I hope the ReBugs (notice my new name for them) don't steal this election like they stole Florida from Gore.

kenju said...

I was pumping gas today and talking to the guy on the other side of the pump, who was from South Carolina. He mentioned the higher gas prices in NC (as opposed to other states around us), and said it was probably the government's fault. I said either that or Sarah Palin's. He laughed and said "she is getting blamed for a lot these days, isn't she?" He thought I was FOR her!!

Jay said...

Here's the Newsweek post about Sarah's donkey scarf. Where you can see her face.

Betty said...

dogwalkmusings: Yep, it's real. See the site suggested by Jay's comment. Thanks, Jay.

sister-three: I have to agree with you, and I would feel very sorry for him if he hadn't been acting like such a jerk throughout this campaign. Even Reagan didn't get this confused during his campaigns.

patsy said...

I found the photo on
they show full face and close up. i think it is real thing.

Kay Dennison said...

It just goes to prove what an idiot she is!! I just want to know where her handlers were when she bought it!

Betty said...

kenju: South Carolina. Well, that figures, doesn't it?

kay: They were at Walmart - probably hadn't gotten the memo about the $150,000. lol

Sister--Helen said...

I would like to take credit for this saying but I can not...I got it off huffington also...

Suit: $1,200.00
Pumps: $400
Pantyhose: $80
Bra & Panties: $300
Hair & Makeup $600

Democrat Donkey "VOTE" Scarf.... PRICELESS

Darlene said...

Did you catch her last two interviews with McCain? She really tries to steal the limelight from McCain and actually interrupted him at one point. He seems to be embarrassed by her prattling nonsense. He certainly should be.

Chancy said...

After all the millions the RNC and the McCain campaign have frittered away on a losing campaign I cannot get up a lather about them buying Sarah some clothes. Many campaigns spend as much as the GOP did on the clothes ordering in pizza.

I am no fan of Palin's but I say let her keep the clothes. She can wear them as she rides out of Dodge back to the ice slopes of Alaska.I hope we have seen the last of Sarah Palin but I have my doubts. Watch out for her creating an exploritory committee for 2012 president.

Betty said...

darlene: She kind of reminds me of Elisabeth Hasselbach, just can't keep her mouth shut and let anyone else talk.

chancy: Oh, she might as well keep the clothes. She can probably use them in 2010. lol

Betty said...

the 4th sister: I don't understand why she had to have a someone to make her up, at a salary of $22,000in the last month. She seemed to be doing fine doing her own makeup.

Dianne said...

will her health records include psychiatric work-ups?

David said...

I want to be an American just so I can "dog" Palin's campaign and make sure she trips up on every occasion. Great post!

Betty said...

dianne: Interesting question. Probably not.

dave: Thanks and welcome. She sure tripped up yesterday, saying she would get rid of the very "earmark" that enabled medical research breakthroughs on autism, the silly bitch.