Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain To The Rescue

Don't be fooled. John McCain is suspending his campaign and going to Washington because all of his campaign advisors are already there, lobbying for the banking and mortgage undustries.

He did manage to appear in an interview with Katie Couric before riding off on his white horse to save the country. But, he canceled an appearance on Letterman, which didn't sit too well. Letterman fired back by having Keith Olbermann on in McCain's place, and they sat there and made fun of him.

Hasn't anyone told Senator McCain that we are now well into the 21st Century, with all sorts of technology that can keep him in constant contact with his fellow Senators?

McCain doesn't want to debate Friday night, either. Well, ok, then, send Sarah, since he thinks she's so qualified. I think he's just trying to create a situation where there won't be enough time for the Vice-Presidential debate.

This is the wierdest presidential campaign I've ever seen, and I've seen lots of 'em. If it weren't so disgusting, it would be funny.


Jay said...

McCain has an odd definition of "suspend" too. He went back to Washington, but not before doing another interview with CBS, meeting with the fundraisers and giving one more stump speech. And all of his ads are still running today even though he said he was pulling them.

Anyway, the deal is basically done. He's wandering into town at the end to try and take credit for it. Watch Bush call it "The McCain Protecting The Taxpayers From the Evil People on Wall Street Bill."

kenju said...

AMEN. My neighbor gave me an editorial from last week's Sat. NY Times about Palin, asking "What was McCain thinking?"

My answer is - he wasn't. (or his advisor's weren't)

Margie's Musings said...

McCain has a habit of not thinking. Even his best friends say he is an impulsive person who goes with his feelings instead of his brain.

Mari Meehan said...

Interesting point about the vice presidential debate! That never occurred to me!

Anonymous said...

The amazing thing to me is the amount of people that buy this bullshit. And there are a lot of them.

Cazzie!!! said...

Hopefully, everyone who ahs had enough of the lavish campaigns will be happy when it is all over :)

savannah said...

amen, sister! xoxo

Richard said...

Funny, tragic, pathetic, ironic, and just plain batshit crazy.

American politics continues to be the best soap opera on TV.

I hope we all learn our lessons from this.


Dianne said...

did you see where McCain had ads online saying he had won the debate!?

the debate he wasn't going to be at, the debate that hadn't taken place yet!!

it's at cnn.politics

one of the comments said - "how sad, he thinks he debated already" lol

Joy Des Jardins said...

Disgusting isn't the word for it....let's add pathetic. Yep, that might describe McCain's actions regarding this whole matter. Then once me makes his stellar appearance at the White House....he doesn't really utter a word; but Barack does. What's that all about? McCain's decision-making is frightening at best....oh yeah, just the man we need running our country.