Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stop The Presses

At the rate things are going right now, all the illegal aliens in the U.S. will soon be knocking down the fence, trying to get abck into Mexico. One little problem solved.

There was a popular saying here in the south when I was growing up. It went, "Save your Confederate money, boys, the South's gonna rise again!" Well, I hope some of it was saved, because is may be worth something again, soon.

So, now, we're printing money to aid in the bailout. At least, that was the word last week. If that's true, and they are dusting off the old printing presses, we'll soon be taking money to the grocery store in wheelbarrows, just to buy a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk.

And, our fearless leader? Well, he appeared a couple of times last week, rising out of the mists of Washington D.C., reminiscent of Brigadoon, spouted a few platitudes about the economy, and faded away into the White House, again.

Media types are in a swivet over the situation. Why? Caring? Compassion? No. Because they are all losing lots and lots of money. Too bad, so sad. Maybe they'll have to go back to working for a living, and doing research and checking facts.

Mitt Romney made a comment at the GOP Convention that went: "McCain's going to take a weed-whacker to regulation. Think about it.

Here's something else to think about. Suppose John McCain wins the election. This would be bad enough, but suppose he has a sudden fatal heart attack. Suppose Sarah Palin gets to make decisions about the economic problems we're having. Suppose she has to deal with the Iraq war. Suppose there is a devastating international incident, and suppose Sarah Palin must deal with world leaders. Suppose the last three more liberal justices of the Supreme Court resign or worse, and Sara Palin gets to decide on their successors. THINK HARD!

Finally, Secretary Paulson, who is not an elected official, is pushing hard to get Congress to move fast and pass the bill that will give him unlimited power without accountability or oversight. Think about that.

And, by the way, I don't ever want to hear anyone in the Republican Party accusing the Democrats of being Socialists.


Peggy said...

The poor old US dollar. It has had such a hammering since the war began. I don't think we can afford a war AND bail out the stupid banks. Pick one or the other, we can't have both.

Jay said...

As as the dollar begins to fall again the Oil prices will rise again.

Sarah Palin won't be the one making those decisions. She'll just do whatever all the lobbyists that will make up the McCain admin tell her to do.

It's not like the Republicans really believe a woman is capable of making decisions or running the country. Hell, they won't even let her answer questions from the media alone.

kenju said...

I would hate to be a young person now and have to think about living my whole life in a situation like we are in now.

Richard said...

Great post, well said. Go gettem Betty.

I wrote something entirely different on the subject.


Betty said...

peggy: Well, we already have the war, unfortunately. A part of me thinks we should let the chips (or banks, etc.) fall where they may, and then try to pick up the pieces.

jay: And yet, they keep saying that the media is sexist for wanting to ask poor Sarah a question or two. Go figure.

kenju: The next generations are not going to be better off than the ones before them, sad to say.

richard: You echoed my feelings on the subject, even though I'm WAY too ladylike to say it the way you did. ROFL

Leon said...

Thank you for bringing smiles to my face. They've been so hard to come by the past few weeks! :~D