Tuesday, August 26, 2008

They Call It A Snoozefest.

It has come to this. The Media won't be satisfied with a political convention unless one party is snarling and sniping at the other. If each speaker doesn't attempt a character assassination of the members of the other party, the pundits start yawning. And, they do what they did last night. They simply don't show most of the speakers and videos, enjoying, instead, the sounds of their own voices.

I watched most of the opening night on C-Span so I could actually see what was going on. Nancy Pelosi made a very good opening speech. Former President Jimmy Carter made a few remarks and he and Mrs. Carter were warmly received by the crowd. Clair McCaskill was introduced by her son and two daughters, and her speech was upbeat and well-received. In the meantime, on the other channels, the pundits (gasbags, all) tried to outdo each other with their cynical, pithy comments about what was going on, although they weren't letting anyone see it.

For me, the highlight of the evening was Caroline Kennedy's introduction of a video featuring her uncle, Senator Edward M. Kennedy. And then, there he was, Teddy, himself. And the crowd was thrilled. If you didn't know how ill he was, you could close your eyes and believe that there was nothing wrong, because his speech was as fiery as always, and as full of conviction. There weren't many dry eyes in that crowd.

Then, there was Michelle Obama's 6'6" brother, pride radiating from him, introducing his sister, Michelle. Michelle's speech was informative and conversational, and accomplished exactly what everyone wanted it to accomplish. It showed her as a concerned wife, mother and highly intelligent woman who wasn't anything like the scary, angry, militant woman that the Republicans try to make of her.

All in all, I think the evening was successful, even if there were no fireworks and not much Bush-McCain bashing. In fact, it was kind of a relief that we didn't have to listen to a lot of vitriol. That will probably start tonight. They can't afford, politically, to keep the gloves on. The voting public has come to expect and even like the nastiness, so there will probably be plenty of that.

But, it was nice while it lasted.


Anonymous said...


There wasn't a dry eye in our house either when Caroline Kennedy appeared.

I can still see that little girl riding her pony,Macaroni, and playing in the Oval office with her little brother,John. It's sad to think that she is the only one left of that wonderful First Family.

The film that she introduced featuring her Uncle Teddy was spectacular.The sailboats and the rough seas and the glimpses of Jack and Jackie and the rest of the family.

The most poignant thought that I had during the whole appearance of Senator Kennedy was that he was the first of the Kennedy boys we had actually seen grow old. Young Joe and Jack and Bobby had all given their lives in the service of their country, and now their children are carrying on the great traditions of the Kennedy Family.

Minnesotablue said...

I was moved to tears by Teddy. His voice still so strong, his message clear. Michelle Obama did a wonderful job also. I just hope they start tearing into McCain soon> He sure isn't wasting anytime!

Rinkly Rimes said...

I watched a little and, as an Australian, I was very conscious of the 'American-ness' of the speech styles. I'm an ex Toastmaster so I was very aware of the techniques. They certainly worked for Michelle. The only thing about the introductory speeches (regarding her) was that it was a bit like an obituary!Amazingly, she had never done anything wrong in her life and was an absolute saint! We live in interesting times. I wonder whether Obama has enough experience to deal with curly problems like the Russia/Georgia one!

Margie's Musings said...

I went to a convention last year in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the keynote speaker was Robert Kennedy Jr. He was even more dynamic then the rest of the family and the entire crowd thought he should run for President. He spoke over an hour without a note....even better then Clinton.

Betty said...

Nancy: I think it's sad that my children have never in their lives seen orators like the Kennedy brothers. Not even Clinton came close.

minnesota blue: I love Teddy, too. I hope he can beat his cancer, but I fear he won't. Maybe all the chemo will buy him some time.

rinkly rimes:The trouble with McCain is that he is living in the past. He's in a 60s time warp. War is his answer to everything, because it's all he knows.

margie's musings: I'd like to hear Robert Jr. speak.

Cazzie!!! said...

"The voting public has come to expect and even like the nastiness, so there will probably be plenty of that."...

Sounds like a night of watching Funniest Home Videos where people send in the worst videos of their kids or husbands or wives doing the most injury to themselves and everyone laughs their heads off watching it..all except for me yelling out from beneath my hands "Oh my GOD that woman will surely be in a wheelchair now". LOL

patsy said...

boy did you hit the nail on the head about orators, I can't seem to find many speaker in either party who can talk with out a tele promter, I can't get very excited about a speach that has been plainly written by someone besides the person giving the speach.
what I noticed about Ted Kennedy's speach was Marie S. in the crowd she was crying during the whole speech. I have heard Robert Jr. talk and he has something of his father in his talk.
On my blog I am trying to keep my mouth shut about the convention but it is hard. I am watching the whole show.
Maybe it is my age showing but I don't like the vedio thing going on during the speechs namely during Mrs. Obama's talk. Smells like Hollywood to me.
so I am keeping mum on my blog but looks like I came over here to belly ache.
I am looking forward to Bill's speech. He always makes me smile.

Karen said...

Sen. Kennedy was amazing. He looked so strong and I was really moved.

I thought Pelosi was terrible. She has zero charisma. However, I though Michelle Obama was very interesting. She is a fabulous speaker - even if I don't agree with everything she says, I am drawn to listen. And isn't that half the battle.

Betty said...

cazzie: It IS a bit like watching Funniest Home Videos. One of the speakers bounced up and down and waved his arms - you couldn't help laughing.

patsy: We'll enjoy Bill's speech, even though it will probably be all about him. lol. I wondered why you hadn't said anything on your blog. Hae you gotten shy, all of a sudden?

Karen: Pelosi is pretty dry, all right. It might surprise you to hear that I will no doubt watch at least some of the Republican Convention. Jay will roll his eyes when I do, but it's a matter of"keeping your friends close and your enemies closer" to quote from "The Godfather". lol

Linda said...

Loved your comments. Exactly my feelings. I'm watching it on C-Span and cut the TV off afterwards. The cable networks are driving me crazy. I'm very pleased with the way this convention is going.

Margie's Musings said...

I love to watch it all on PBS. I learn more from PBS that all the pundits.

Leon said...

I'm glad to see that our household wasn't the only one tuned to CSPAN! It sure was nice to listen to the speakers and not the pundits! :~D