Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ten Minutes?????? HAHahahahahahah

The talking heads kept saying that Bill Clinton had been allotted 10 minutes for his speech. Surely, they didn't believe that. Clinton couldn't say howdy in only ten minutes, let alone cover all the points he was supposed to cover. Surprisingly, he did manage to hold it down to about 30 minutes.

I thought his speech was a good one. He endorsed Barack Obama. Whether he really meant it is another thing. What do I think? I'm so glad you asked. I don't for a minute think he was sincere. I think he's still licking his wounds, and will be for a long time. After all, he is taking it all very personally. We'll see how much campaigning he'll actually do.


Who was that distinguished looking gentleman who was pretenting to be John Kerry? And, if it was really John Kerry, where the hell was he back in 2004?


I like Joe Biden more every time I see him. And, I liked his speech, even though the pundits are asking why he didn't attack John McCain more vehemently. Honestly, haven't they been watching? Don't they realize that this convention is all about unity, civility, and raising the level of political discussion?

They can get down and dirty with their ads and speeches after the convention is over, if they have to.

Then again, we haven't heard Al Gore's speech yet. That's tomorrow night, and if there's anybody who is capable of slamming the Republicans and enjoying it, it would be Gore. And, he can do it with a smile on his face and loving every minute.

I'm looking forward to Obama's speech, too.


One more night. Am I going to watch the Republican Convention next week, you ask? Oh, I don't know. I'm expecting a headache.

Stay tuned.


Margie's Musings said...

It was a great convention, wasn't it? I think history will eventually say, that regardless of his morals problem while in office, Clinton was our greatest president.

Sister--Three said...

The only speech I wanted to hear was Bill's. Larry refused to watch any of it. I missed it all, but don't really mind. I know I will miss all the Rep. one and be glad of it.

patsy said...

I will watch the republin convention they might try to slip something by me other wise. bill can still talk!

Anonymous said...

I agree! Bill can still talk! I'll say...

He was terrific and so was Hillary. It took a lot for those two to so strongly support the man who came out of nowhere and usurped the Presidency from Hillary.

Can you think of ANY politician who loved his/her party enough to swallow their disappointment and endorse a former adversary for the sake of Democratic Party Unity???

Bill Clinton was a great President and Hillary might still get her chance at another time.

What she did for Obama and the party should not be easily forgotten. If Obama wins in November, and I hope he does, he will owe a good bit of that victory to the Clintons...

Kay Dennison said...

Hell with all of 'em! I'm going to the ball game.

None of 'em are worth a damn!

I don't know who I'm going to vote for -- I'm not impressed with anybody.

Just once I'd like to vote without holding my nose.


kenju said...

Yes, Bill is a good orator - but I didn't believe any of it about Obama. He's just riding the party line.

Betty said...

margie, sister-three, and patsy: I agree that Bill can still deliver a fine speech, and he was one of our finest presidents. I just think that he and Hillary realized that they HAD to come around, or she would have ruined her chances next time around.

nancy: Yes, she has come out of this a hero.

kay: Now, now. :-)

kenju: Bill will make a speech at the drop of a hat.

Darlene said...

Bill is too much of a politician to let personal feelings destroy the Democrats chances in November. He did what he had to do and he did it well. Good job well done.

Mari Meehan said...

I'll be watching parts of the republican convention to see how they try to puff Palin's resume. Plus, what they'll do if Gustav hits New Orleans!

Betty said...

darlene: You're right. He wouldn't hurt the party. But, I'm sure it will be a while before he stops "smarting".

dogwalkmusings: Me, too. About Palin's resume, they have already claimed that she has some foreign policy experience, due to Alaska's proximity to Russia. lol