Saturday, August 23, 2008



I think Obama made a good choice. If nothing else, Biden will keep the media busy braying over his gaffes. While they are doing that, Biden will be taking it to McCain, and that should be fun, too.

Now, if the Hillary backers will just listen to her speech at the convention, and then quit whining! Sheesh! And, if Bill will try to keep his speech down to three hours, I'm sure we'll all be appreciative.

I think one of the most important facts we learned about Joe Biden today is that during his 35 years in office, he went home on Amtrack every night and then back to Washington D.C. on Amtrack the next morning. Obviously, this means he wasn't part of the Cocktail Circuit, going to a different party or dinner every night and hobnobbing with the lobbyists and the press. If he had been rubbing elbows with lobbyists all these years, he'd be a lot richer than he is. It's a good thing.

While McCain is checking with Cindy for information about how many houses she owns and what kind of cars they drive, he might want to visit a supermarket and find out how the scanners work. And, it would probably be helpful if someone would explain the internets to him.

A friend e-mailed me last night and said, "I checked with my staff, and I still only have one house." Me, too.

It's gonna get interesting.

Stay tuned.


Peggy said...

I keep forgetting how many houses I have too. It's a problem. Oddly though, I never ever forget how many mortgages we have (one) and how long we have until it is paid off (not long now)!

What a twit - I probably knows exactly how many houses (plural) he has, but he didn't want to say.

Anonymous said...

Typical childish mentality of a leftest.

patsy said...

Didn't you say you were left handed? LOL.
The problem I have with Obama is he can't get out and deliver a good, loud, speach and this man can.
This ought to be intertaining at least and should put some fire into the campian something I think that has been missing.
as for Hillary, We might as well get over it she lost and that is it and crying over the fact is a mistake.
The question is as I see it do you want McCain and 4 more years of the same or do we want something new? as for me I am ready for a new day.

Margie's Musings said...

me too. As a lifelong Republican, who voted twice for Clinton, I intend to vote for Obama, even over my disappointment.

Darlene said...

The McCaine camp tried to portray Obama as an elitist. Who is the elitist? Obama only has one house and he worked his way up the American way - by his boot straps.

I guess to a man who either doesn't know or can't remember anything, an articulate man would seem like an elitist.

Anonymous said...


Joe Biden has always been a "Salt of The Earth" kind of guy.

We talked before about how either he or Governor Richardson would have made a good candidate.

I think Biden brings a lot to the table and will be a definite asset to Senator Obama's campaign.

And, Patsy, you and I were both Hillary fans but, you are so right, we just have to get over it.
%^$)**,^#* /& OK, now I'm over it..

On to Victory in Novemebr!!!!!!!!

kenju said...

Betty, I LOVE it!

Hillary fans (of which I wasn't), it isn't her time. So move on.

Lisa said...

Anonymous: typical Republican spelling ability

(What is a "leftest"? A test of whether you are left-handed?)

Betty said...

peggy: I don't think he actually knows. They were all paid for by wifey.

anonymous: "Childish mentality?" At least, I'm not yet in my second childhood, like one candidate I could mention.

patsy: Maybe I'm just left-brained.

margie: Thanks for coming over from the dark side. lol

darlene: I think McCain's real problem is the fact that Obama is an intellectual. And, McCain is a pea brain.

nancy: I'm learning a lot about Biden, and I like what I'm hearing.

kenju: I think the media is just trying to stir things up, as usual.

lisa: He probably can't spell "potato", either.

ME said...

In the beginning I was all for Hillary, but changed to Obama before she was out of the race. I don't get why Hillary fans are suddenly switching to McCain. Isn't about not wanting another Republican in office?

Anonymous said...

I think that McCain has more homes than 'er Maj. :-)

Betty said...

craze: Some women (around my age) can't get past their disappointment. They have looked forward to voting for a woman most of their lives, and they feel that, somehow, the opportunity was stolen from them. They have, temporarily, I hope, forgotten that the election is about supporting the principles of the Democratic Party, and that they will be better off voting for the party, now, no matter who the candidate is.

big john: I think his wife has more money that 'er Maj., too.