Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Nothing But The Truth

The next time you receive that mass e-mail stating that Barack Obama had the American flag removed from his campaign plane, it will state that Snopes says it is true. And, it is - as far as it goes. Snopes It goes on to say that he only removed the flag that was used in the American Airlines logo on the tail of the plane. There is still an American flag on the plane right next to the plane's serial number. Furthermore, in the NEXT paragraph, there is a picture of John McCain's airplane, and there's not a sign of an American flag anywhere.

Good grief, people! Next time, try to tell the whole truth, instead of picking out words and phrases that match up with your biased, ignorant, bigoted, racist ideas.


The other day, in Ozark, MO, a 16 year old boy was found on the ground under a bridge. Police tased him 19 times. They justified this by saying that the kid didn't turn over when they told him to. Turns out, the boy had a broken back.

'Way to go, Officer Krupke! (You remember Officer Krupke from 'West Side Story', don't you?")


It's been a bad week for 16-year-old boys. A young employee at the Branson Zoo offered to take a picture of the tigers, but fell inside the enclosure, and was bitten several times. The official story from the Zoo officials was that the tigers were trying to help the boy.

Nice kitties.


Last week, our local City Council met in closed session and took a secret vote replacing a retiring councilman. The Mayor assured them that the vote was legal. (Snrk.) Worse, yet, so did the City Attorney. This is the kind of thing that makes the editor of our local paper go apeshit. He is all about the Freedom of Information Act. So, the council, to shut him up, met the next week, in open session and voted the same way.

I would like to think the Mayor, Attorney and Council can't possibly be stupid enough to keep on trying that secret vote business. They must be doing it to rattle the editor's cage and watch him blow like Old Faithful.


Hey, did you see the video that Paris Hilton made, calling John McCain a "wrinkly old guy"?

The wrinkly old guy apparently didn't get it, because he called it "cute".


Speaking of McCain, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Cindy took him to the woodshed for pinping her out to the biker beauty pageant.

That old geezer ought to get all the feminists flags flying for his apparent attitude toward women.


Show of hands. How many people have gone to McCain's website and bought tire gauges for $25.00 a pop? He's too much a part of the Washington mind-set to see anything wrong with charging that much for an 89 cent item available at Wal-Mart. But, then, I have never noticed him objecting to the gubbmint buying $200 ash trays and $600 toilet seats, either.

Some maverick.

Stay tuned.


kenju said...

Good post, Betty! I took several friends to task for sending me the email about Obama's plane. Snopes said all the candidates do it!

patsy said...

who cares if the pin flag is on or off. can't we have some thing important talked about by the presidentual hopefuls.
I saw yesterday that Hillary might call for a vote at the convention that would be fun? I like to see them fight at the convention makes people believe that the whole thing isn't rigged.
As far as I can see McCain is just blowing hot air because no one is home.

Karen said...

McCain responded to Paris Hilton's video by saying that her energy policy was better than Obama's. Hysterical.

Betty said...

kenju: I usually just ignore those, but every now and then I respond. I know both candidates do it, but, somehow I don't mind when the Democrats are the ones doing it. Funny how that works.

patsy: Well, if Hillary decides to let her name be put in, it will make the networks cover more of the convention, won't it?

karen: Paris Hilton's energy WAS Obama's. lol

Dianne said...

that e-mail really made me angry betty. I responded to every single person in the entire fwd/fwd/fwd trail - pointing out how they need to read the ENTIRE snopes piece if they want to claim "this has been verified by snopes"

the 'friend' who sent it to me is no longer speaking to me. Oh well! the closer it gets to the election I expect that will happen again and again as the closet bigots come out.

Sister--Three said...

Today at the store a big sack of potatoes was 7.99. That is more important news than the flag emblem on a plane.

Obama's statement about saving gas by keeping the tires at the right air pressure is right on. It will probably save as much at off shore drilling. I heard Obama say that the McCain bunch want to relish in their ignorance. Who would ever want to be proud of being stupid...well other that Geo. Bush?

Sister--Three said...

Betty, can't wait to hear what you have to say about poor John Edwards and his new image as a play boy.

Margie's Musings said...

Betty, I have nominated you for the Super Commenter Award. It is on my website at

You may copy the award there and pass it on to five others if you wish.

I enjoy reading your blog.

Betty said...

sister-three: Funny you should mention John Edwards. Stay tuned.

margie's musings: Thank you. I enjoy your blog, too