Wednesday, July 30, 2008

$5 Here, $5 There

Tuesday evening, I received an e-mail from Barack Obama asking me for a $5.00 donation. Wednesday afternoon, I received an e-mail from Michelle Obama, asking for a $5.00 donation. Wednesday night, I received an e-mail from Howard Dean asking for a $5.00 donation. Does this mean they want $15.00 from me, or a total of $5.00 in all?

More importantly, am I going to get e-mails from every single Democrat in the House and Senate, asking me for $5.00? After a while, these donations could add up to some real money!

If I were inclined to send them.


I had to throw away my favorite spatula today. I should have gotten more use out of it, but I guess 30 years is long enough.

What. Haven't I mentioned that I have trouble letting go?


There's water on Mars! Yes, there is. The robot tasted it and reported that it had a metallic taste, but it was wet and cold.

I predict that in a few days, someone will claim the photos were taken on the same sound stage they used for that fake walk on the moon.


The House and Senate are on vacation until after the conventions. I wonder how many of them will actually enjoy going home and having to fact their angry constituents.


A Wall Street Journal states that Obama can't win because he's too skinny. So much for the idea that you can't be too rich or too thin.


Who ya gonna call? A team of ghost hunters has discovered that the Arkansas State Capitol is haunted. They couldn't identify the ghost, but I'm betting it's Orval Faubus, the old rabblerouser.

Stay tuned.


kenju said...

Betty, how did they get your email address??

Margie's Musings said...

You have a very interesting blog, Betty. You are welcome to visit mine if you'd like.

Bear Naked said...

You made me laugh about your spatula.
We do tend to hang on to some things for too long don't we?

Bear((( )))

Betty said...

kenju: I made a $20.00 donation to the DNC several years ago, and they have never given up hope that I'll donate more.

margie: Welcome. I'll visit your blog for sure.

bear naked: I actually have a kitchen knife older than that, and a couple of kitchen gadgets that belonged to my mother. I think they have lasted that long because they have gotten so little use. lol

Nancy said...


I got those very same solicitations from Barack Obama,General Wesley Clark,James Carville and Hillary Clinton: And that just on Friday!

They all want Five Bucks.

To paraphrase Everett Dirksen who once so succinctly put it;

"Five bucks here and five bucks there, and pretty soon you're talking about real money."

To answer Kenju's question. These pols are no better than magazine subscription people. They SELL your name. Give one pol a few bucks and he sells your name and then they all write to you.

Moral of the story: If you don't want to hear from EVERY person running for office from Dog Catcher in Podunk to President of the United States, don't make any contributions to anyone. Your name and Email address will travel around the political circuit at the speed of light...

patsy said...

I wouldn't give them a dime. sister gave Hillary 25 dollars and I really told her it was dumb even tho' I liked Hillary. the truth is I would rather go down to the bar and the first drunk I saw give them money. other words I figure our town drunk is more deserving than any politation. I
think they are all money grubing crocks.
I have always thought that. if they are not crooks they will be when they get a taste of money and power. Look at Stevens from alsaka. no doubt this is part of the reason we are paying 4 dollars for gas.

patsy said...

think about the millions of dollars Hillary and Obama have spent on their run for president. it is really really bad what is going on in the run for president.
I also thought it was stupid that Hillary went into debt and wanted people to donate to get her out. I saw that the Clintons had got rich since Bill left office so let them pull their own weight with their own money.

Kay Dennison said...

I'm not answering my phone -- they're calling already! And I'm deleting email from both parties. It's their fault I'm so poor and I sure as hekk not giving anyone a plug nickel.

Betty said...

nancy: I haven't heard from Wes Clark and Carville. I guess they don't love me any more.

patsy: I think Hillary needs to get enough donations to pay her staff and outstanding bills, but the money she loaned herself, she can pay back the way the rest of us pay back loans - earn it.

kay: "it's their fault I'm so poor..." Good point.

Nancy said...


Just be foolish enough to send the Five bucks to ANYBODY on Monday and you'll be on their list by Tuesday and you'll get four letters from Wes,James,Hillary and Barack by Wednesday.....

And the day AFTER the election, not one of them will know your name.

Rinkly Rimes said...

I'm always browsing the Bloggery looking for things to rhyme about and I found the pathetic story of your spatula! I herewith present an obituary (which I think I'll reproduce on my Blog).


Spatula! Spatula!
Now that you've gone,
There's nothing to do
But to look back upon
A life-time of cooking
With you close at hand.
You've slipped through my fingers
Like hour-glass sand!
Oh I could buy metal
All shiny and bright
Or something in plastic,
Red, blue, green or white.
I could buy very carefully,
Down at the store,
I could get something clever
To match my decor.
But would any new spatula
Have the same feel
As an old shabby implement,
Now down at heel?
Thirty years of good service,
And thousands of dishes.
Now you go on your way
With my very good wishes.
Spatula! Spatula!
This is goodbye
As you head for that kitchen
Way up in the sky.

patsy said...

golly gee! if Carville calls and it is him I want to talk to him I think he is the funnest person in this world.I might even send him a dime.
maybe Bill Clinton will call I like him too I was sort of jealous of Monica until I read about the cigar and the on you knees thing not my cup of tea..
Truth be know I sort of like men but i don't like Clark.
I have to say tho' Obama leaves me just no where and it isn't because he is black. I have been in love with Bill cosby for years and that guy on law and order called Frank/Andrea will keep me up for hours just to catch a glimps of his face.
Come to think of it Bill cosby and Frank are blacker than Obama. Maybe Obama isn't black enough for me.

Minnesotablue said...

I've been looking for two years to replace my old flipper, just can,t find one that works as well as my Moms 50 year old one.

Betty said...

nancy: I won't be sending anything, in this economy.

rinkley rimes: I love it! Thank you. I've been lurking at your site and love your rhymes.

patsy: I'd talk to Carville, too, and Paul Begala, if they called in person.

minnesotablue: That old spatula just kind of fell apart. I'll miss it. sigh.

Nancy said...

Rinkly Rimes,

Loved your poem.

Very clever.