Saturday, August 09, 2008

About John Edwards


Thanks to Margie at Margie's Musings for the Super Commenter award. Go over and check out her blog.


Now, about John Edwards. I may be the only person in the blogosphere who thinks all this gotcha journalism is a huge invasion of privacy. Frankly, I don't know why anyone would care about his affair or affairs at this point. Maybe, if he were the Presidential nominee, it would rate a story, although that tactic didn't work out very well for the Clinton detractors, did it? And, John Edwards wasn't destined to be the V.P. candidate, anyway, even if he was on the list.

Of course, he denied the affair. Duh! They always deny it. It's a knee-jerk reaction. I have never known a man who would simply admit cheating on his wife. Even when they're caught beyond any doubt, the first instinct is to deny, deny, deny.

And, no, it doesn't have anything to do with Obama. So, the media can stop the silly questions about how this will affect him and theconvention and the entire Democratic Party. The short answer is, it won't. And, there's no reason for Edwards to stay away from the convention. If all the men who ever cheated on their wives were required to stay away from the convention, the hall would be full of nothing but women.

So, let's just get over all this phony outrage. There are lots more important things to worry about.


And, speaking of affairs, and womanizing candidates for President, why oh why doesn't anyone condemn John McCain for his affairs? It seems that moral outrage is saved for Democrats.


Don't you find it ironic that George Bush actually stood up to a microphone in front of the whole world and condemned Russia for "invading a sovereign nation"? Hello pot, meet the kettle.


Anybody watching the Olympics? Me, neither. I'll admit I did watch the opening, to see how they would light the torch. Nothing, in my humble opinion, could top what they did in Barcelona. Last night was pretty good, but Barcelona - Wow!

Stay tuned.


Jay said...

They definitely went overboard with Edwards. He's not an elected official, he wasn't a serious candidate for VEEP and even if he is a candidate for Atty General or another cabinet post I don't see how this changes that.

I mean, some of the people holding cabinet positions in Bush's admin are freaking war criminals! LOL

Margie's Musings said...

I get so sick of the media getting into the private lives of public figures. They must be desperate for news.

They did it to Clinton and that fiasco was between him and Hillary and the rest of the nation should not have even been told.

Now they have destroyed John Edwards. Elizabeth has enough to contend with without all this.

Karen said...

I will stay away from the political stuff, except to that if you don't want the media in your private life, don't become a public figure...or don't cheat on your wife. Pretty easy, no? Edwards is getting what he deserves.

I cannot stop watching the Olympics!! In my opinion the opening ceremonies were the most amazing ever. London already said that there is no way they will top the magic of the opening and they are not even going to try. I cried at least 5 times while watching it. It was breathtaking.

Nancy said...


Well, we are in agreement again.

What difference does it make to anyone except Elizabeth Edwards that her husband had an affair? If they printed up every affair that goes on in my little town there would be no room for news in that paper.

Wasn't John McCain married when he met the beautiful Cindy in Hawaii?
Didn't he divorce his wife as soon as possible to marry her? Is that any of my business? Maybe. Because HE may become President of the United States. As impossible as that sounds it could come true. I wouldn't bet against it. Not after betting and losing the farm in 2004. Who would dream those idiots would elect Dubya again?

Speaking of Bush and the Olympics, can you imagine him coming straight off Air Force One and criticizing his host for civil rights violations? This guy who started a war that has killed 4,000 Americans and wounded 30,000
of our young men and women. And he talks about Civil Rights violations?

I better stop now while my blood pressure is still on the charts.....


Maria said...

I loved this post because I was beginning to wonder if anyone would stand up and say, I am more interested in what this man has accomplished in the political arean than what affairs he might have had.

Kay Dennison said...

Well said, Betty!!!

I am so sick of Election 2008 and the morons running for president, I could just scream!

I might write in Paris Hilton just for fun.

Sister--Three said...

Wow, said it. I knew you would.

Dianne said...

Amen Betty!

Big John said...

I'm surprised that good old George could find the time to drag himself away from the ladies' beach volley ball team.

Betty said...

jay: Well, it's the silly season. Not much real news being made.

margie: I thought his interview was pretty candid, compared to others. And, he didn't trot Elizabeth out to sit beside him, either.

karen: I agree that a person had better watch his/her step if he/she plans to go into politics.

nancy: Bush is still arrogant enough to believe he is right about everything. Hope your blood pressure has come down. lol

maria: Right on. Some of our most effective presidents haven't been able to control their libidos.

kay: I'm suffering from election fatigue, myself.

sister-three: That's an interesting comment. Non-commital. lol

dianne: Thank you.

john: Some of those photos of GWB with the womens' teams are kind of provocative, aren't they. When you're not running for office anymore, it kind of frees a man up, doesn't it?

tt said...

I'm with you sister!
but I am watching the Olympics...I just love them. To see these kids get so excited over a be recognised for their years of hard just warms my heart. Of course at the same time I feel so sad for the ones who don't medal...One minute I'm happy..the next I'm sad.
Tis my

Lisa said...

I'm going to be the oddball on this point, but here goes:

While I think Edwards was a jackass for cheating on his wife, I don't think that is my business.

However, we live in a country whose culture dictates that that kind of thing can sink a candidacy (cf. France).

In my opinion, if Edwards, supporter of "Everyday Joe", cared so damn much about being able to improve the plight of the common man, he would not have had the gall/chutpah/arrogance to choose to run for President having just informed his wife that he cheated on her (and, according to some sources, while he was STILL cheating on her, despite claiming the affair was ended).

If he had succeeded in securing the Democratic Party nomination, he would have almost certainly doomed us to a McCain presidency. I think that level of hubris and bad judgment disqualifies him from any public position, including a Cabinet seat.

I am also pissed at Elizabeth Edwards, who I LOVE, for not talking him out of his idiotic candidacy. Though of course, he is ultimately the responsible person in this scenario.

My two cents. Please feel free to pummel me.

Betty said...

tt: I enjoy the winter olympics, but, somehow, the summer games just don't interest me. To each his/her own. lol

lisa: You're right. It was the equivalent of a political death wish for him to pull such a stunt right before running for pres. But, you know, men don't ever think they are going to be caught. I think we need to lose a little of our Puritanism, but that's just MY two cents.

No pummeling from me.

Lisa said...

Thanks, Betty (though there is a part of me that feels I should call you "Jay and Kelley's mom"). The odd thing is, I wish we were more like France, and less puritanical. We would probably find smarter and better candidates that way. But given the system we have, I think Edwards is a selfish arse.

Thanks for understanding! :)

Raven said...

Well said. I wonder what's wrong with us as a nation that we get such a thrill out of putting our noses into other people's private lives.

Wouldn't it be nice if the news dealt with real issues. Agh. I feel a rant starting... Good post.

Cazzie!!! said...

I agree, Barcelona was awesome! I watched the opening, and then I have watched the Beach Volleyball and some equestrian, other than that, life is too busy to stop for the Olympics!

CarmenSinCity said...

I don't care about John Edwards, but it is kind a funny to hear him denying everything and then he finally comes clean - he looks like a total liar and hypocrite because he lied. And then on top of it, he did it when his wife was diagnosed with cancer? UGH - so shady. Poor woman. I don't know how she can still be with him.

Procopia said...

Good words.