Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Points To Ponder

Iraq's Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, wants some kind of time-table for a withdrawal of American troops in the deal the two countries are negotiating. President Bush is resisting. Quelle surprise!

If he can get a commitment out of President Bush, he'll be doing more than the American public has been able to do. Good luck to him.


When is a potato chip not a potato chip? When it's a Pringle, that's when. At least, that's what a court in the UK has decided. The makers of Pringles argued that their product shouldn't have to pay the value-added tax imposed on potato chips because there's hardly any potato in a Pringle. It's mostly dough and other things. The court bought the argument.

Who knew?


Ask John McCain about his service record in Viet Nam and he will tell you that he never talks about it. I guess that's why all his campaign ads, so far, have bragged about the fact that his plane was shot down, he was held captive for five years, refused to leave when they offered to let him go, blah, blah, blah. The latest ad contains flashbacks from 1968, and shows pictures of a young flier (McCain) and all I can think when I see this ad is, MYGAWD! HE'S OLD!

Probably, this isn't the desired reaction, ya think?


I saw a story in the paper yesterday, talking about the fact that doctors are now giving children medication for high cholesterol. My word! Isn't it typical of the medical profession these days to think that pills and other drugs will solve all health problems?

For a while, we doped up our children with Ritalin when they showed some exuberance, and now, we're giving them cholesterol drugs so they won't have to get off their little duffs and go outside and get some exercise playing, and their parents won't have to pay any attention to their little diets of cola, pizza, burgers and fries.

Stay tuned.


patsy said...

poor mccain is like me. he can't remember anything.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Boy, are posts are sure in sync these days!

Richard said...

Betty, Whenever I want to laugh, get a dose of reality and common sense I read your blog. Thanks for this one, it rocked.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps British Pringles are different from American Pringles. I always wondered where they found those tube shaped potatoes and how they managed to slice them so thin. :-)

Betty said...

patsy: I can't remember, either, but I'm not running for President.

dogwalkmusings: You know what they say about "great minds".

richard: Thank you, sir. I like your blogs, too.

big john: Now, if only they'd stop advertising them as "Pringles Potato Chips."