Friday, July 11, 2008

Let's Pretend

Oh, I'm so relieved. Here I was, obsessing over gas and food prices, and wondering where it would all end. Silly me. I should have known it was all in my mind. Thank you, thank you, Phil Gramm, for setting me straight. I wasn't too happy about being called a whiner, though. I really thought that was a bit mean of you.

Now, when I fill up my gas tank, I'll whistle a little tune. When I go to the grocery store, I'll be able to buy brand name veggies and better cuts of meat, instead of store brands and stew meat and hamburger. Then, when I go through the checkout line, and the cashier reluctantly gives me the total, I won't have a fainting spell. I'll just smile at her, shake my head, and say, "It's all right, you know. It's just a figment of our imagination."


John McCain says Social Security is a disgrace. Well, not exactly. He says the fact that working people are paying into Social Security so retired people can draw theirs is a disgrace. Never mind that's the way the program was set up to begin with, and has worked very successfully ever since its inception.

You know what he really means, don't you? He wants to privatize Social Security. He really hasn't made a secret of it. Just because the old codger has access to more money than he can count, and doesn't need Social Security, he doesn't want anyone else to have it, either. But, he does want to reward all the companies who could cash in on it if it's ever privatized.


You may have noticed that the Washington media has chosen to ignore McCain's outrageous voting record as it pertains to women. He voted FOR a bill that would make insurance companies pay for Viagra, but voted AGAINST one that would make them pay for birth control pills.

And, he thinks he can get the women's vote. Snrk. Think about it, Hillary holdouts!


Jesse Jackson put his foot in it, again. After an interview, he thought his microphone was turned off when he murmured, "....... Obama's talking down to black people. I'd like to cut his b----s off." Jesse, Jesse, Jesse. What a cut-up, no pun intended. Now, he'll have to go on all the talking heads' shows all weekend and try to 'splain himself.

Who's the winner here? Why, Jesse, of course.


Speaking of Jacksons, Michael Jackson is said to be planning a comeback. Supposedly, he'll be touring with "The New Kids On The Block."

I guess he's too old to go on American Idol.

Stay tuned.


Alan G said...

Morning Betty....

Always a treat to stop by and read the latest. Things are getting rather pathetic aren't they? ....not that I'm a whiner or anything like that.

Often when I drop by and you have relieved your stress on some dumb-ass politician, I often think of the line from the movie, The American President, where Michael Douglas notes...."Let's take the son-of-a-bitch out back and beat the shit out of him!"

Alan G

patsy said...

I thought Graham had lost his mind calling us whiners and he is soppose to be helping McCain get in the white house.
I was stumped about Jackson.maybe it is envy.

Anonymous said...

things are the same over here too, and I really can't see an end to it all either

Betty said...

Hi, Alan G: I liked that line, too. I think I'm going to have to stop watching the news and the talking heads. They aren't helping my mood any.

patsy: You have to wonder about McCain's judgement, picking someone like Gramm to head up his campaign. And, he's also slated to become Treasury Secretary. Doesn't that give you the fantods?

little wanderer: Hang in there. Things always get better when the Democrats are in charge. Hopefully, that will happen in November.

Joy Des Jardins said...

What a 'friggin joke. We're all trying to hang in there Betty. We can only hope things will get better in November. We're hanging a lot of hope on that happening....and I can't even entertain the slightest thought that that it wouldn't.

Dianne said...

I think Jesse Jackson is definitely suffering from envy along with being so far out of touch.

I saw a video of McCain being asked the question about coverage for Viagra but not birth control. First he did his finest dumb, confused look which quickly morphed into his pissed off, I'll kill someone look and then he said he "didn't know enough about it to comment"
What more was there to know!? the question gave him all the information he needed to answer it!!

Sometimes Betty I just wanna .... OY!

Betty said...

joy: It just HAS to get better, doesn't it?

dianne: It will be interesting if Obama can get under McCain's skin during the debates, won't it?

DirkStar said...

Gosh, those folks at IndyMac must be suffering an economic nervous breakdown...

What great timing that was.

I can't quite put my finger on it, but why do pictures of common folk standing outside of locked bank doors wondering where their money went rings a bell with me somewhere?

I keep thinking I've seen something like this before?

Betty said...

dirkstar: When we start to see people jumping from 28-story windows on the news, we can get worried, I guess.

Real Live Lesbian said...

How else was Jesse gonna get on the news again? It's not like he's on the short list for running mate! ;)

Minnesotablue said...

Jesse can't stand to have someone else recieve attention.
I have always disliked Phil Grahm, ever notice the habitual smirk he has in his face?

Minnesotablue said...

Jesse can't stand to have someone else recieve attention.
I have always disliked Phil Grahm, ever notice the habitual smirk he has in his face?

Chancy said...

I agree Betty with everything you said.
And add to your list the stupid, insulting cover of Barack and Michelle Obama featuring them in the Oval office. You must see it for yourself to appreciate the vile supposed starkiness of it.

Try going to the Huffington Post to see the cover

Word Tosser said...

of course when you dont' collect SS you think it is a waste.. he doesn't need it.. and he calls Obama an elitist?

You know, while he was in Vietnam, the thought that crosses my mind is.. is the reason that he didn't come back because he thought he would catch hell from the two Admiral's? His father and grandfather? Was he more scared of them than the Vietcong?

Word Tosser said...

Dianne ....
then he said he "didn't know enough about it to comment"

if he couldn't comment on it.. then why the hell was he voting on it????

Word Tosser said...

Chancy... do you suppose the magazine with Obama and his wife... will have on their next cover... McCain in a wheelchair, with his wife pushing him towards the White House.. after all it should be equal...

Richard said...

Betty, I spent 4 years in the Marines and a tour in Viet Nam. If I want to bitch about what a bunch of morons we have running this country and how the bastards have cheated us and stolen from the taxpayers; then I shall do so with impunity.

Phil Gramm can go Fuck himself, if you know what I mean!

The real whiners in our country are the crooks and thieves running the joint that want to get out of trouble.

Maybe a few of these snakes will end up in jail!

I'm sorry my feelings on this issue are so wishy-washy.