Thursday, July 03, 2008

Random Thursday

When I was a baby, sleeping in my crib, a car backfired just outside my open window and scared the bejeezus out of me. I've been afraid of fireworks ever since. At least, that's the way my mother always explained away my bizarre behavior on the Fourth of July every year. When it was dark enough for the fireworks, I hid in the bathroom until the show was over. I still don't like them very much, but, now I have my own apartment, and I can just hide in the living room. It's much more comfortable.


Did you hear that the women of that sect in Texas whose children were taken away for a time have decided to start their own clothing line? Think about that for a minute. I'll wait. Call up a mental picture of those women as they appeared on television. I don't know about you, but when I first saw them, my first thought was, "Wow! Where can I get some dresses like those?" I guess if the clothing line goes over big, the next step would be to open a chain of beauty salons. Because, you can't wear just any hairdo with those dresses, now can you?

Wait! Maybe the media got it wrong! Maybe the ladies are going to start manufacturing CLOTHES LINES! No? OK.


The powers that be in the state of Utah have declared a four-day work week, of ten hours a day. Not the worst idea I have heard of. In my working life, I wouldn't have minded having a three day weekend every week. Maybe it will catch on.


A government audit has found that government employees snooped on the records of entertainers, athletes and other high profile Americans over a 5-year period. There were 20,500 workers with access to the electronic system that maintains the records. Most of them worked for the Department of Homeland Security.

Where's the surprise? This is what happens when one branch of the government goes unchecked by the other two. The House and Senate are just as much to blame for these invasions of privacy as the Executive Branch.

Bush has gotten away with so much more than we will ever know about. You heard it here.


Have a fun Fourth!


Golden To Silver Val said...

What a hoot! Are these women THAT brainwashed that they think they can actually make money selling FLDS clothing? Yeah...the fashion choice of MY dreams. I'm sorry but women like this make me FIGHTING mad. They are like robots on automatic pilot...doubtful that they even think for themselves because they've never been allowed to....but I notice that they have watches, leather purses and cell phones. With a cell phone comes ability to research what life is REALLY like. I guess they just didn't have the ambition or energy to do so after caring for all those kids and making sure every single wish of every single MAN was fulfilled. BLECH. They all need a kick in the arse. This has NOTHING to do with believing in God...and everything to do with simple minded men who have such low self-esteem they have to program women to be their life-mates. Every single one of those so-called men are intimidated by successful, educated women. OFF WITH THEIR BALLS!

Betty said...

C'mon, Val, tell us what you REALLY think. lol I agree with you. Those women are Stepford Wives without makeup.

Bear Naked said...

I can't help but wonder who is behind this idea for a line of dresses like that.
It can't be any of those poor women. They have been so brainwashed all their lives that I doubt they could come up with an original idea for anything.

Betty said...

bear naked: I keep expecting to see a story debunking this, but so far, I've just seen one claiming that it's the truth. We'll see.

Karen said...

I did a little snooping when I was a government employee. I found out that my landlord - with whom I shared a 2 family house - had 2 prior restraining orders against him. A little snooping is harmless.

Kay Dennison said...

I think the government should MYOB!!!!! I feel sorry for anyone who snoops in my life -- they would die of utter and complete boredom.

Somehow those ladies in the cult aren't my fashion role models. Audrey Hepburn is more my style.

Betty said...

karen: "A little snooping is harmless." Well, I guess it depends on your intent. But, it's still an invasion of privacy, in my opinion.

kay: Anyone who snoops on me would be bored, too.

Anndi said...

I saw that some of kids PJs they sell are something like 60$!!! I thought they lived the simple life!



Anonymous said...
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Newt said...

Clothing line huh? I really should go into the shoe design business. If they can do it, hell, I certainly can.

Betty said...

anndi: $60 is about $50 more than I ever paid for my kids' pjs. Of course that was many years ago. But, I wouldn't pay that now, either.

newt: From what I've seen, you could open a shoe store just using the shoes in your closet. Low overhead. lol