Friday, May 23, 2008

It's All About Meme

Leon, at The Ancient One, Blessed Be He, has tagged me for the "Six Quirky Things About Me" meme. This, of course, means that he will have to be looking over his shoulder from now on, waiting for me to tag him. When you least expect it, Leon, expect it.

Here goes:

1. I always wake up on my right side. I can't go to sleep on my left side, but I have to start out that way, or I can't go to sleep at all. It's a nightly ritual. First, on the left side, then, flip over to the right. Flip back and forth a time or two more and, finally, off to sleep. I don't call myself an old dog for nuthin!

2. I have lots of conspiracy theories, starting with the Kennedy assassination. (Oswald wasn't alone. There was another guy on the grassy knoll.) I had a theory about Deep Throat, too, and wasn't finding out who he actually was a big letdown?

3. I have phobias. I don't like to get out of the house. I can do it, I just don't want to. I can't bring myself to drive on the highway alone, but love to travel. I don't like crowds. I had an anxiety attack in the "Tube" in London. That was lots of fun for my daughter and our other companions.

4. I'm shy. Over the years, I've learned to cover it somewhat. But, I can talk to strangers more easily than mere acquaintances.

5. My sun sign is Aries and my ascendant is Libra, which makes me a mass of contradictions. I almost believe this Astrology stuff.

6. I'm psychic and my grandmother was moreso. Premonitions usually come to me in dreams, as they did hers. For instance, while she lived in Florida and I was in Little Rock, 16 years old, we both had dreams predicting my father's death - on the same night, we later discovered. The prediction played out exactly the way my dream predicted. Also, once, I shook hands with a friend I hadn't seen in a long time, and got the feeling that he was dying. Later that day, his wife confided that he had acute Leukemia and only had a few months to live. I have had lots of more innocuous dreams, but those are the most scary ones I've had. People who know about this trait always get around to telling me I'd better not be dreaming about them!

There you go, Leon. I'm not tagging anyone, but if anyone wants to do this meme, feel free to do it and blame me.


Bear Naked said...

Since I had my accident I have had to learn to sleep flat on my back.
It has taken a looong time but now I can sleep for almost 5 hours straight through.

And ditto about Deep Throat. I'm too embarrassed to tell you who I thought it was.

Leon said...

Betty, thanks for being a good sport and responding so quickly. Other than that, "Verrrrrrrry interesting!" :~D

kenju said...

I was going to say....Verrrrrrry Interesting, too!

I can't go to sleep unless I'm on my left side, but I often wake up on my back.

I have never had a psychic dream or premonition, but I know people who have. Sometimes it's a gift and sometimes a curse.

the teach said...

You're a very interesting woman, Betty! Thanks for all the info... I love finding out about my blogger friends...Oh I know I haven't been around in a while but I will be from now on...

patsy said...

i too believe dallas texas had more than one gun man that day in nov. i thought deep throat was Al Haag.

Kell said...

You did very well in the Tube! We were quite impressed, actually. I was all prepared to call paramedics if needed. Or at least be standing by with a Manhattan and a Cadbury bar :)

Feel free to let me know of any dreams you have about me. Fore warned and all that.

Betty said...

bear naked: I was all prepared to hear that Deep Throat was someone everyone knew. sigh

leon: Thanks for coming by. I read your blog, too, althought I rarely comment. I don't know why that is. I'll try to do better.

kenju: I think I learned how to turn them off. How? I don't know.

teach: I'm reading your blogs, too. I like them. How in the world do you handle more than one?

patsy: You and I are always on the same wavelink, I think. But, are we both sane, or both crazy?

kell: Manhattan and Cadbury? That would have cured me for sure!

Omyword! said...

OK, first off, thanks for coming by and laughing at the arabian knights post. :-)

Second...I fall asleep on my left side and stay just like that. And I agree with your conspiracy theories...and I have alllll the same phobias (and would be delighted to have the manhattan and cadburt bar cure)...I don't LOOK shy (as I yammer loudly) but I FEEL shy...I'm an Aries with Cancer moon - so I am torn between running off to Zimbabwe or Istanbul or staying home in my PJs and baking cookies. Sometimes, both things win at the same time...I had one psychic dream the night before that plane crashed at the San Diego airport may many years ago - I dreamt the whole great aunt was a psychic and handwriting analyst for the canadian mounted police.


susan said...

Maybe it's a good thing that I seldom remember my dreams!

We (mom, gma and I) tell fortunes using playing cards. I haven't done it in forever, but it's always been spot on.

Betty said...

omyword: Thanks for commenting. I enjoy both of your blogs.

susan: I haven't heard of using playing cards - just Tarot cards. Interesting.

Dianne said...

I love your quirks - they seem pretty normal to me ;)

hope you're feeling better

I miss your Wordzzles.

savannah said...

i had one experience that to this DAY scares me, sugar! my husband was in a far off land and i was home with the kids. i woke up at 3inthedamndarkmorning totally petrified that he was in serious danger and i could hear him saying, "i love you, good bye." i couldn't get back to sleep. in fact, i was a wreck until i heard from him! when he finally came home, he recounted the incident that had happened to him. when i asked him when and what time it had happened, same time, same day and he said all he could think of at that moment was, "i love you, good bye" true story, but, it's never happened again. thankfully! xox

Kay Dennison said...

No! No! No! You can't be quirkier than me!!!! LOL I am psychic, too. I don't work at it but it's taught me listen to my gut no matter how crazy ir sounds.

Betty said...

dianne: I'll try to do a wordzzle this week. The well has gone dry, at the moment.

savannah: Scary, wasn't it?

kay: I just try to block them, but sometimes, a dream will break through. I don't know if they happen more often, and I don't remember, or what.

Tink said...

Do you ever dream of numbers?

Maybe six of them?

No reason. *cough*LOTTO*cough*