Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Bed of Pain

Sorry I haven't posted this week, but I had to concentrate on my pain. I have found that to get the maximum sympathy, I have to moan more loudly and pitifully than I used to. It's a slippery slope, though, and if I'm not careful, I could overdo it and end up in Shady Pines Rest Home.

I slept wrong the other night, and my shoulder and arm have given me fits ever since. I know you young folks won't really relate to this, being supple and agile and all, but seniors will understand how long it takes to recover. As you will have deduced by now, I'm better, although still twingeing, and whingeing.

To make matters worse, it was my right arm.

End of whine.


Yesterday's primaries ended as predicted with Hillary winning in Kentucky and Obama winning in Oregon, effectively cancelling each other out, I guess. Ho-Hum.

Only three more, and, of course, there's May 31, the day the Democratic National Committee meets to decide what to do with Michigan and Florida. There are reports that they will give each delegate 1/2 vote and let them go to the convention. This puts Obama back in the race in those two states, I guess.

The Democrats are going to have to get it together and make some simple rules for primaries, and then stick to them. All this "moving the finish line" that Hillary is trying to do is getting tiresome. The irony of the situation is that the rules were made to ensure that black voters were represented fairly. And, who was the head of the DNC when these complicated, convoluted rules were made? Bill Clinton, of course.

Talk about something coming back and biting you on the ass!


I'm just devastated. Ted Kennedy has been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. He will start treatment soon, and I hope it helps. Many years ago, the biggest mistake in his life taught him a valuable lesson, and he learned it well. He has turned into one of the most effective and hard-working senators. With the traumatic deaths of his brothers, he stepped up and became a surrogate father to all of their children.

And, I wish the newspeople would stop speaking of him in the past tense. He's still here, and I, for one, hope he will be for a long time to come.


Dogwalkmusings said...

1. Hope you feel better as you read this. I empathize!
2. Hillary is diminishing herself I think.
3. I too wish the news would quite reporting on Kennedy as an obituary.

Jay said...

They are now saying that since Obama wasn't on the ballot in Michigan (since he was following the rules, a crazy thing to do when you up against a Clinton) there will be a separate compromises for Michigan and Florida. An since Obama will get Edwards' Florida delegates Hillary won't get much out of this at all. Other than being allowed to claim that SHE made sure people's voices were heard. *rolls eyes*

I have a feeling Teddy isn't going out quietly. He's gonna be fighting to the end, I'm sure.

Grannymar said...

Betty I feel your pain.

About three years ago I fell in the garden and broke my right wrist, or should that be the wrong one! Living alone with my 'major' arm in plaster was fun. I taught myself to put on a bra one handed, left-handed mouse skills and a multitude of other skills.

I think you have given me inspiration for a post of my own!

Karen said...

I hope you feel better! I am young(ish) and I have "sleeping injuries" all the time - though they only last a few hours.

Sen. Kennedy lived a long, hard life. It is a shame that he is suffering with such a difficult type of cancer now. I will certianly keep him in my prayers.

Peggy said...

Dear Betty,

I sure hope the pain goes away soon! Is it far gone for theraputic massage?

Hang in there. The pain and the election will a distant memory soon.

kenju said...

I'm sorry about your pain. When taht happens to me, I try to spend some time soaking in hot ater. It really helps.

Dianne said...

I love your reference to Shady Pines. You ARE a Golden Girl! Feel better.

I just saw some coverage of Teddy coming home and about his plans to race his sail boat. I wish him well. He did learn a valuable lesson, what a wonderful way to put it Betty.

I can't talk about the Clintons right now without my head exploding. I'm still trying to get past the coverage of the obscene remarks made by W.Va. voters - clearly this country has far to go.

Doc said...

The thing that is really starting to get on my nerves about Hil and her Hillions is the fact that they are now hollering sexism to anyone who will listen... Listen Hillary the press isn't sexist against you and if anyone other than you had lost 16 straight primary contests before Ohio they would have been laughed out of the race.

AND quit trying to change the rules for the third time in the last six months

Bear Naked said...

Sorry about your pain and I can so relate to it. A few months ago I fell, dislocated my shoulder, broke the humerus and now have been diagnosed with a complete rotator cuff tear.
Yeah aging is a pain. A real pain.

Nancy said...


I am sorry to hear about your arm. I do hope it feels better soon.

I think it will be interesting to see exactly what type of treatment Ted Kennedy opts for. He will have the best doctors and medical advice money and position can provide.

It will be an important lesson for us to learn,too. What would we do in his position? Would we go for the radiation and chemo or would we do nothing and let nature take it's course? I have heard both sides of that argument.

I feel sorry for him because he has been so good for the country as a U.S.Senator and equally good in his love and attention to the wives and children his brothers so sadly left behind.

I sincerely wish him well....

Betty said...

dogwalk musings: Her whining is beginning to get on my nerves, too.

jay: Teddy is one tough cookie.

grannymar and kenju: It's true. Getting old ain't for sissies!

peggy: This election is beginning to be a pain somewhere south of the shoulder.

dianne: "clearly this country has far to go." This is what worries me about Obama being the candidate. I think there's a lot more racism than the primaries have shown.

doc: The press has been sexist, BUT, you're right about the rest of it.

bear naked: You've made me ashamed of my whining all week. Sort of.

nancy: He'll fight it all the way.

Leon said...

Betty - you can change the name of the blog but. . .

As a fellow "mature dog," I hope you won't mind that I just tagged you with the Six Unremarkable Quirks meme. If you choose not to participate, I understand and will continue to stop by to ready your pearls.

Betty said...

Gee, thanks, Leon. I'll try to think of something - six somethings. I'm pretty quirky - at least my children seem to think so.

savannah said...

i know the feeling, sugar! i ended up having to have a cortisone shot in my shoulder once it was so bad. hope the pain goes away SOON!

re senator clinton (if i use her title, i can remain calm) needs to just stop and bow out gracefully. i think the damage she's done to her own credibility is irreversible. the one good thing is that perhaps the party will now look at how the primaries are structured and take appropriate action!

re ted (can you tell i like him?) i wish him well.


Raven said...

hi betty - so sorry you have been in pain. I totally relate. My body gets so cranky some days... I can't say enough good things about a healer (long distance and free) named Dennis Puffet. He is GOOD.
You can also check out my healing hands page at

I agree with you about Ted Kennedy. I lost one sibling to murder and it pretty much did me in. Losing two in such grand public drama ... I don't know how he survived it. And I think he has been a truly great Senator as you said.

I miss you at Wordzzles. You are brilliant at them.

Feel better.

tt said...

Yep...I feel the pain every morning. Why is that?? As if we need reminders of our betraying bodies! lol
I too wish people would stop referring to Ted in the past ...he's a fighter and hopefully he'll be with us for a while. Afterall, he's got more boat races to compete in. :)
You're such a hoot!