Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Last Witness


"Last Witness" by Jilliane Hoffman, is either a sequel to her first book, "Retribution", or the second in a series. I say this because the way the book ends, there seems to be room left for a threequel, at least. Hoffman is master of the courtroom drama, with plots that twist and turn until you think you're going to need Dramamine before you can finish reading it. Her books are pretty violent, too. In other words, my cup of tea.

In "Last Witness", cops are being killed at the rate of one per day. It is widely believed that they are being killed by drug dealers, because they cut out their victims' tongues, which is called a "Colombian Necktie." Our heroine, C.J. Townsend suspects that it has nothing to do with drugs.

It seems that, a few years ago, in another life as Chloe Johanna Larson, C.J. was raped and left for dead by a serial rapist who was never caught She moved to Miami, Florida, as C.J. Townsend, took the Florida bar exam, and became a State Attorney, where she was assigned to handle the trial of an accused serial killer called "Cupid". During the course of the trial, the defendant protested, claiming that he was not guilty, and C.J. (Chloe) recognized his voice as that of the man who had raped and almost killed her just a few years earlier in New York.

Then, she found out that he was arrested on the basis of an illegal search, but she was so obsessed with wanting to convict him, she helped the bungling police officer hide the exculpatory evidence. The guy was duly convicted and sent to death row.

Now, cops arre being killed, and, concidentally, they are the same ones who had worked on the "Cupid" case. C.J. realizes that everyone having any knowledge of the trial cover-up is being killed and she is probably next. But, she can't go to the police without 'fessing up about the previous trial's cover-up and her part in it. She is up Sh*t Creek, as we say in the south.

Things get murkier and murkier and C.J. has to stay one step ahead of everyone, so they won't find out what she has done. She especially doesn't want her boyfriend, who is a no-nonsense, by-the-book cop, to find out because she knows he'll have to turn her in.

This was a difficult book review, because to explain this one, I had to ruin the first one for you, so if you haven't read the first one, I'm sorry. I can tell you that both books will definitely keep your attention. And, if her third one turns out to be a threequel, I won't review it at all.


lucylocket said...

I enjoyed both books. The ending of the first one was a surprise for me. Usually the heroine does conforms to the law, not her own moral code or maybe it was her quest for revenge.

I have been waiting for the third book in the series for a long time. I wish the author wrote a little faster.

Betty said...

lucylocket: Her plots are pretty intricate. Maybe she just can't write them any faster. I do enjoy them, though.

Cazzie!!! said...

I so love book reviews, it reminds me to get to the library and borrow some books for this coming cold weather..autumn approaches Winter here now Down Under.

Bear Naked said...

I've read both books, in fact I have them here somewhere.
Your book review has inticed me to go look for them and reread them again.

Doc said...

I need to check out Last Witness... thank you Betty!

savannah said...

thanks for the tip, sugar1 i'll have to pick them both up. no worries about the spoiler, i won't remember anyway! ;-) xox

Velvet Sacks said...

I really enjoy your book reviews. I hope you don't mind, but I added a link to your "book review" label on my own book review site (Velvet's Bookstacks). So now I need to ask you a favor. Sometime, when you have time on your hands, would you mind going back through your book review posts and add that label to all of them? Right now clicking on that label only pulls up two posts, and I know you've done a lot more book reviews than that. Pretty please?