Saturday, January 12, 2008

Why Am I Here?

I don't really have anything to say, but thought if I sat down at my computer, some random thoughts might waft through my rapidly shrinking brain.

This has been a sleepy day. Do you ever have those? I went to the grocery store early, came back, read the paper, worked a couple of crossword puzzles and couldn't keep my eyes open for another minute. So, I assumed the position. You know the one, surely. Reading glasses and paperback on my chest, reared back in the recliner, and out like Lottie's eye, as the saying goes.

My upstairs neighbors brought company home with them at about midnight last night. The guy might have been just a wee bit tipsy. I deduced that from his shrill, loud voice, and his stumbling gait, thumping across the floor above my head. This doesn't happen very often, thank goodness. But, it went on until after two O'clock, a.m., and could very well have contributed to my sleepiness today. Ya think?


This writers' strike is going on longer than I thought it would. It might have been settled earlier, but my theory about that is that network television shows have become so boring that people really don't care whether they start back up again. I'm sure there will be some complaining if the Academy Awards, Emmys, Grammies and Tonys don't air. But, The Critic's Choice and The People's Choice award shows are usually pretty dull, anyway, so no one really missed them. I like the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys and Tonys because I like to see "who" all the stars are wearing, as they say on the red carpet. And, I like to hear the acceptance speeches, in case they say something outrageous. It's fairly entertaining.

On the other hand, I support the writers in their efforts to be paid fairly for their work. I would support them more enthusiastically, though, if they would write something other than drivel.


I'm sorry to see any of the candidates dropping out of the race for the Presidency so early in the game. I think they should all commit to staying in the fray until after Super Tuesday, so we can have plenty of choices.

I don't like the caucus system because it doesn't seem to attract enough people, although it looks like a lot of fun.


I sure hope the Democratic race doesn't deteriorate into a "white woman vs black man" shootout. So, the Democrats had better head Rev. Al Sharpton off at the pass, before he starts making it all about race, like he does everything else.

Let's face it, if either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama wins, it will be history in the making. We should be very proud that the Democrats have progressed to this point. And, proud to see either one of them win the presidency.


Enough rambling. I'll probably have something to say after the next debate and/or primary/caucus. I usually do.


kenju said...

I love what you said about heading off Al Sharpton and I would remind you that Jesse Jackson ought to be included in the heading off!

I had a sleepy day, too, in cohorts with my two cats, who loved being able to sleep on me as I reclined in my chair.

kenju said...

I meant to say "in cahoots" LOL

Peggy said...

Would you ever consider slipping a note under the door of "guy upstairs" to let him know that noise was so disturbing?

Cazzie!!! said...

Although I am not entirely happy about the results of our not so long ago election here Down Under, I am oh-so-happy the campaign and the ads are OVER..that is all :)

katy said...

been having an awful lot of the sleepy days lately, trouble is now i am on the mend i stll want the sleepy days!

DirkStar said...

Sorry, my comment writers are on strike and I can't cross their picket lines.


I had really cool stuff to say too.

Karen said...

I really want the writer's strike to end also, but it can go on for long time. The writers deserve compensation, but the networks make a nice portion off their income from reality show and game shows. Such a confusing situation. I like the idea of the power actors mediating though. That might work. said...

Out like Lottie's eye? LOL, never heard that, I'll have to Google it.
(here via Incurable Insomniac)

Betty said...

kenju: I managed to stay awake until almost 4 p.m. today. lol

peggy: If it gets too bad, I can always call the manager, but I hate to do that when it only happens now and then.

cazzie: I'll be happy when the campaign here is over, too, as long as my candidate wins. lol

katy: Naps get to be a habit, don't they?

dirk star: Maybe you can remember the cool stuff until the strike is over.

karen: The problem is that when the strike is over, TV will not be any better.

going like sixty: Welcome. Apparently nobody really knows where the saying came from. But, I've heard it all my life - used as going into a deep sleep. If you find out what it really means, let me know, huh?

Joy Des Jardins said...

I love award shows too Betty...most of them. I just got through watching the Golden Globes. What a hoot! No audience or stars....just Billy Bush and Nancy reading off the weird it was. But then it was weird to watch the People's Choice Awards the other night with Quenn Latifah doing pretty much the same thing. They had little bits with stars by satellite, but that was pretty weird too.

Now if it comes down to the Oscars, Emmy's, etc....I won't be a happy camper if those shows turn out like these others. Hope the strike gets settled soon.

Betty said...

joy des jardins: First, they have to start talking to each other again. They haven't seemed very interested in resolving anything up to now.

katy said...

morning Betty, call over to mine have tagged you, no problem if you do not want to play

Betty said...

hello katy: OK, I'll be over in a little while.

Doc said...

I sure hope the Democratic race doesn't turn into that as well. However I read today that the race card is being played in South Carolina. Sad. LET PEOPLE VOTE ON THE ISSUES NOT THIS B.S. !!!!

Newt said...

We were just talking this morning that we knew we would have one or the other in a race someday soon. But who the hell would have guessed that we would have gotten both in one election year.

You're right, either one winning is a move forward.

Beverly said...

You hit the nail on the head. To not have anything to say, you said alot. I feel the same as you. Now if Britney could get some mental help, we'd have it all