Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Debates, Books, Movies

First, I'd like to thank Tink, at Pickled Beef, for the Golden Spork Award for the second year. She has described my little blog as "Wit and sarcasm at its finest".

I'll steal one of her ideas, here, and let you in on one of my conversations with Jay.

Me: "Delightfully snarky?" "Wit and sarcasm"? We're pleased, right? I mean, YOU rated "Funniest", Kell got "Crafty/Creative", Newt's is "Savory". And, I get "Delightfully Snarky?" Is "Snarky" a good thing?

Jay: Well, you're a bit hard to pigeonhole. (Bobbing and weaving)

Me: OK

So, anyway, THANK YOU, Tink. I'm always excited to get an award, no matter what it calls me. lol


How about that Democratic Debate Tuesday night? ( Snorrrrrzzzzzzzzzz) What a lovefest. But, I guess it's what they needed to do to keep Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton from going ballistic, not to mention "NOW". I don't believe either Hillary or Barack mean for this to turn into a debate about race or gender.

That said, I think Hillary edged out Obama and Edwards, by attacking Dubya. I still don't know who to vote for, but it sure is nice to have three people running who would probably be acceptable to some degree or another, instead of having to hold my nose and vote.


I watched Jack Black, in "School of Rock" this afternoon and SURPRISE! I loved it. Maybe I just love Rock and Roll. But, I was pleasantly surprised by Jack Black's performance. I've seen him in movie previews that made me decide not to watch the movies. This one was really entertaining. But, then I like this kind of film. I wouldn't miss Richard Dreyfuss in "Mr. Holland's Opus" or Whoopi Goldberg in "Sister Act" I and II. I also liked "Fame" and "Saturday Night Fever", etc., etc., etc.

This may be something you would just as soon no know about me.


OK, well, I also read a very enjoyable book this week. It is called "Grayson", by Lynne Cox. It was a true story from when Ms. Cox was seventeen and training for a long-distance swim meet.
She was in the Pacific, swimming along, when she suddenly realized that things had gotten awfully quiet. When she looked underwater, she didn't see any of the fish that had been there in abundance just minutes before.

She sensed a large presence under her. Finally, she saw it. A baby Gray whale who had gotten separated from his mother, somehow. She was very reluctant to leave the whale by himself, so decided to try to help him find his mother. She reasoned that, unless mama whale was dead, she was undoubtedly searching for her baby, so swimmer and baby (she named him Grayson) swam around for about four hours until the mother whale tracked back to where she thought she had missed him.

This book was probably written for teenagers or young adults, but anyone who likes stories about marine life would probably like it a lot.

Or, maybe I have unknowingly slipped into my second childhood. Whatever. The book was good.


It's been a busy week, so far. I'll have to make time for a nap tomorrow. I'm losing sleep, what with all this activity.


Karen said...

I was named Delightfully Snarky also. I reason that even if the Snarky part hasa negative connotation, the Delightfully party compensates. :)

DirkStar said...

Mr. Holland's Opus is a fine movie...


Maybe that's where the Snarky thing comes in?

Betty said...

karen: I think you're right. I'm a happy camper.

dirkstar: et tu, Dirk? I also liked "Dirty Dancing". So, there.

Sister--Three said...

You deserve lots of awards! This one fits you to a tee!

susan said...

I lurve your snarky ways! Of course it's a good thing. :)

I'll have to find a copy of Grayson, it sounds like a good read.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award. At least you don't have to polish it. :-)

John ...

Kell said...

I love snarky! What a great word, and it fits you. That's a positive comment, btw.

The idea of being alone in the water and finding a whale scares the bajeezus out of me. You have such a diverse reading list.

Tink said...

Of course it's a good thing! I love snarky people. :)

DirkStar said...

I love dirty dancing!

And I just found out the other day there's a movie by the same title...

Who knew?

Betty said...

sister three: Thank you, I think.

susan: Happy reading.

john: Thanks. It'll just shine forever, won't it?

kell: Well, you know my first love is Mysteries, but I do branch out occasionally.

tink: I like snarky people, too.

dirkstar: Dirk, Dirk, Dirk.

patsy said...

it ok to be snarky. what would be a good word for lawyer husband?
talking about the democrate canidates, i am pushing hillary but i will be happy if we can get a democrate in the white house no matter who.
black , brown or green is ok with me!

Peggy said...

Congratulations on your award Betty!

Betty said...

patsy: I can't think of a good one, can you?

peggy: Thank you. I'll gratefully accept any awards I receive.

Newt said...

Yep, Snarky was perfect for you. And it's a HUGELY good thing! And I liked that movie as well. We watched it and were pleasantly surprised at how much fun Jack Black and crew were.

Anonymous said...

I love movies with music, too. Dirty Dancing is one of my favorites. Have you seen High Fidelity? Jack Black is in that one also. I like that one, along with The Commitments.

I'm a little bummed about the political happenings. I will vote Democratic, but am becoming less and less enamored with both Clinton and Obama. Too much politics as usual - and so much tv distortion. You have to dig and dig to find out the real story. It's a lot of work to be informed, and then what you're left with is something less than substantial.