Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Live Free Or Die

So, how about it? Did a bunch of women change their minds and vote for Hillary out of sympathy? It hasn't been my experience that women are particularly sympathetic toward other women.

I think we can call the New Hampshire primary a tie, actually. Someone said that all those students that Obama expected to flock to the polls were still on break, and hadn't come back to school, yet.

Edwards didn't get as many votes this time as he did last time in New Hampshire. I don't know how much longer he'll hang on, but anything could happen at this point.

I don't want to see Richardson get out of the race just yet. They should all stay in until after Super Tuesday, at least. Getting out after only a couple or three primaries is premature, it seems to me.

On the other hand, after Super Tuesday, there could still be a six or eight way tie among Republicans. For once, they are going to be kind of fun to watch. Of course, if Bloomberg jumps into the fray as an Independent, the Republicans will probably implode. Won't that be fun?

Oh, I just love politics!


Alan G said...

Isn't it just the greatest fun ever to watch the media scramble to cover their 'ass' on this one. Got to love it!

DirkStar said...

I don't think Hillary won as much as Obama lost.

I posted why I think he lost...

It is a mistake we've seen a number of times lately.

Doc said...

My point is that I think Hillary gained not that Obama lost support. If you go back and look at the polling from the weekend that showed Obama far ahead and compare with his 36% the numbers are within the margin of error. His support stayed the same as the polls indicated. Hillary's went up (and out of the margin of poll error) So she wasn't taking Obama's support away. It was coming from Edwards and undecideds.

Obama still has more delegates and I don't see his momentum slowed in the least.

Jay said...

The media is still stuck in the "the Democrats are crazy and anything can happen" mindset that has been the case for the last 40 years. But, this year the Repubs are in chaos! It's a 5-way steel cage match and it's gonna be bloody!

I can't wait to see it play out.

Kell said...

I read an article that said it wasn't so much that other women were sympathetic but just pissed off that it was obvious people would NOT vote for a woman. It's too early to tell anything, I guess.

Betty said...

alan g: It's more fun than watching a disaster movie, and I love a good disaster movie.

dirk star: I'll comment when I read your blog this afternoon.

doc: I agree that Hillary got the votes that Edwards might have had.

jay and kell: Pop the popcorn. It's getting interesting!

Nancy said...


I was sorry to see Governor Richardson bow out this morning. Like you,I was hoping he would stay in and make things more interesting.

Do you think he knew his chances of being the nominee were very slim, so he is positioning himself as the Vice Presidential choice of either Hillary or Obama?

Betty said...

nancy: He may be thinking of the vice-presidency. This evening, on Countdown with Keith Olberman, he wouldn't endorse anyone. That may or may not be a sign. I was sorry that he got out, but he said he just didn't have the resources and didn't want to go into debt.

Saffa Chick said...

American politics... and I thought they were bad over here!

Hi! I've just found out that it is delurking week in America... I'm in Australia but most of the blogs I read are in the USA, so in that spirit here's my de-lurk!

I read you most days ;-).

I'm Saffa Chick (South African) living in Sydney, coming to terms with a new country and new(ish) man.

Hope to see you over on my blog.

Annie said...

It's SOOOO interesting, I agree. But it was hard to listen to the Republican debate in S. Carolina last night. Only one on that team makes any real sense at all. It's much easier to listen to the Democrats - they all make sense.

I do miss Biden and Dodd and Richardson, hate to see them go so soon.

Betty said...

saffa chick: Welcome. I'm glad you de-lurked! See you in the comments on your blog.

annie: I've always felt much more comfortable around Democrats. I don't like to see anyone have to get out of the race until after Super Tuesday.

Peggy said...

I think that Sentator Clinton is a wonderful candidate. If she gets the nomination, not only will I vote for her, I'll help on the campaign too!

p.s. Why is it that other candidates get to be called Senator (if they are one) and the woman candidate is referred to by her first name?

Nancy said...


This is fun. Go to www.slate and you will see a slide show of every candidate holding the same baby.

I thought of you because Gov. Richardson is included and he looks like he's enjoying it.