Sunday, October 21, 2007

Stolen Meme

I took this little meme from Redneck Diva and Hillbilly Mom. Hope they don't mind, but I'm out of ideas right now, and I haven't done a meme in a long time. I won't tag anyone, but if you want to "lift" it, feel free.

Four Jobs I have Held.

1. Assistant at an Animal Husbandry lab.
2. Legal Secretary
3. Typist at an Abstract Company.
4. Executive Secretary.

Four Films I Could Watch Over and Over.

1. Jaws
2. Jurassic park
3. The Godfather - all of them.
4. Amazon Queen

Four TV Shows I Watch

1. Keeping Up Appearances
2. Monk
3. Shark
4. NCIS ( Love that Mark Harmon)

Four Places I've Lived.

1. Little Rock, AR
2. Fayetteville, AR
3. Yellville, AR
4. Harrison, AR

Four Favorite Foods.

1. Prime Rib
2. Mashed Potatoes
3. Artichokes
4. Skittles (That's a food, isn't it?)

Four Websites I Visit Daily

1. Cynical Bastard
2. 'Tis Herself
3. Driving Chairman Bao
4. Little Rock Daily Photo and many more.

Four Favorite Colors

1. Red
2. Yellow
3. Green
4. Blue (How many are there?)

Four Places I Would Love To Be Right Now.

1. The Cotswolds
2. Las Vegas
3. Omaha, NE
4. Almost anyplace but here.

Four Names I Like But Wouldn't Name My Children.

1. Leslie (for a girl)
2. Leigh Ann (girl)
3. Eric (boy)
4. Bart (boy)

And I added this one:

Four Favorite Books

1. Gone With The Wind
2. The Winds of War/War And Rememberance
3. The Grapes of Wrath
4. The James Heriot books.


Kell said...

Leigh is pretty, but I'm sticking with Kelley. It's pretty good name, after all. And I think I'm finally growing into it.

But I'd pay money to have someone call Jay, "Bart." hehe

her indoors said...

great meme, but am affraid I would have to fight you for Mark Harmon, so hands off he is mine, MINE I TELL YOU lol

Betty said...

kell: What, you don't think he looks like a Bart?

her indoors: You are mistaken, madam, he's mine! lol

qofd said...

OMG, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the James Herriot books too! I mean seriously, could you not read them over and over again? And the Grapes of Wrath is a favorite for hometown reasons I suppose.

gawilli said...

My mom graduated with Mark Harmon's daddy. He was a real looker, too. One of these days I should post his picture from her high school yearbook.

Sister--Three said...

It is nice to learn more about you!

Betty said...

qofd: I've read the James Heriot books more than once, and I loved the PBS series, too.

gawilli: Oooooo I'd like to see his daddy. lol

sister-three: Why don't you do the meme and let us in on more about you, too.

Betty said...
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Nancy said...


I loved the Herriot books. He had the most unusual animal stories. I loved the cat who went to all the village meetings and affairs. He would be the first one at the Ladie's Altar Society meeting and never missed choir practice or the Men's golf outings. He knew exactly when and where every event would take place and never missed attending.

I loved to read about Siegfried being so bombastic and Tristan smoking his Woodbine cigarettes.

What great stories they were.

Somehow I never caught on to Harry Potter, did you?

Tink said...

You've only ever lived in AR?! I think it's time for a move! You know, Florida is lovely this time of year. ;)

Betty said...

nancy: I loved the story of the farmer who loved his pig, and murmured in its ear. Also, the cat that went to all the meetings. Oh, I have to read those books again.

tink: I've spent a lot of time in Florida, first, visiting my grandparents in Pompano Beach, then vacationing several times in Fort Walton, and visiting Kell and Al in Pensacola. LOVED Pensacola! Actually, I liked Florida a lot, but don't think I'd like Pompano Beach so much any more. Too crowded.

Nancy said...


How about Mr Biggins who would call James out in the middle of the night because his cow had "Stiff Tongue"? He wanted the cow cured so he wouldn't have to pay the knackerman to take his body away if he died.

James would spend all night and all of his energy saving the cow then Mr Biggins wouldn't want to pay him because there was nothing wrong with the cow now.

I don't remember the man who loved his pig, but you can be sure I will look that one up soon. Sounds like my kind of story....

wordgirl said...

My husband picked his college (also where I graduated) on the notion that he wanted to be a vet and, in Texas, A&M has the best vet school...and it's one of the best in the country. The inspiration for becoming a vet (he became an archeologist instead) came from the book, "All Creatures Great & Small".

Joan said...

I just loved reading the Herriot books way back when...I'd recommend them all the time to students coming into the library looking for something to read for school.

Oh...and "Keeping Up Appearances" is one of the few TV shows I try and watch on a regular basis. It's hilarious.

Betty said...

nancy: I don't remember Mr. Bigging, but I'll watch for him when I read the books again.

wordgirl: I imagine a lot of people wanted to be vets after they read these books.

Annie said...

Hi Betty,

I've been a secretary (in a doctor's office), shivered more than once over the movie Jaws,have lived in L.R. and Fayetteville, visit the LRdailyphoto daily (hah), rejoice to the color red-orange, want to go to the Cotswalds (shall we travel together?), and seriously considered naming my daughter Leigh. With these similarities between us, I bet she could start a conversation and go on and on and on.

By the way, thank you for visiting my blog often.