Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Gone, All Gone


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Joey Bishop, the remaining member of the Rat Pack, died yesterday. Do you remember the others? They were Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammie Davis, Jr., and Peter Lawford.

Boy, did they have fun!


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Deborah Kerr. Remember her in "From Here To Eternity" and "The King and I"?

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Teresa Brewer. She was a singer in the 1950s. One of her hits was "Till I Waltz Again With You."

I remember them all.


Newt said...

I'm a little young for them but since TCM is on almost all the time here I'm getting my fill of all the wonderful classics.

Sister--Three said...

I only remember some of them...can't remember the singer.

Alan G said...

Indeed....that was a bit of a shock to get all that news in one dose yesterday.

Remember Joey well. Maybe the guys are all back together now that they are all gone. I always relate
to those guys in the original "Ocean's Eleven" movie.

ANd even though it is a "chic flick", my most favorite movie of Deborah's remains "An Affair To Remember". Perhaps the younger folks can relate to her via the movie "Sleepless In Seattle" since the Deborah Kerr/Cary Grant movie was basically a secondary theme within that current day very popular movie.

And I still have an album of Teresa's greatest hits. She was also one of my mom's favorites along with Kay Starr.

Nice memorial post...

Annie said...

It was, as Alan said, rather a shocking day to hear one after the other of them in the news. I too remember each one.

Nancy said...


Yes, I remember them all. They were great entertainers. Will you ever forget the waltz Deborah Kerr did with Yul Brynner? A classic!

Teresa Brewer had a voice not easily forgotten.

Joey Bishop told the story of driving to Las vegas with Sammy Davis. Sam was at the wheel and he got pulled over for speeding. The officer asked Sam "Do you know how fast you were going?"

Joey Bishop leaned over toward the officer and said " Sir, this man only has one eye. Do you want him to watch the speedometer or the road?"

They didn't get a ticket. The cop was laughing too hard to write it.

John said...

Sinatra, Martin, Davis, Jr. and Lawford were all famous and popular here in the UK. It's sad that Joey Bishop has now gone, but I don't think that on this side of the Atlantic anyone realy knew who he was.

her indoors said...

used to have a crush on Dean Martin! loved seeing him in films.
not too sure i knew Joey Bishop. but still its the end of an era

Cazzie!!! said...

I know them all for sure! And I cried when I heard Deborah Kerr died, she was just soooo lovely in one of my fav flics, The King and I. RIP

Cazzie!!! said...

Reading up there, Nancy just made me laugh with her story in her comment, haha, that was just marvellous!!

Betty said...

Newt: The Rat Pack made the original "Ocean's Eleven" Even with George Clooney, the remake can't hold a candle to the original. Try it. You'll like it.

sister-three: Teresa Brewer was a big star mainly in the 50's. Even I can barely remember her. Heheh. But, I do remember a little number called "Music, Music, Music" that I THINK was hers. "Put another nickel in, in the Nickelodeon. All I want is lovin' you and music, music music." Am I right, Alan?

nancy: I hadn't heard that story. Funny.

Betty said...

John: Joey was kind of overshadowed by the other four. They had powerful personalities.

her indoors: Sinatra was my favorite. To tell the truth, I didn't begin to notice or appreciate any of them until I was much older.

cazzie: I loved "The King and I."

kenju said...

I remember them all too, Betty. May they R.I.P.

Peggy said...

An Affair to Remember is one of my all time favourite movies! I adored Deborah Kerr. She was from Helensburgh you know (Scotland).

Joey Bishop too! Crikey! I loved the fun and the attidude of the Rat Pack. They just looked like they'd be so fun to hang out with.

Alan G said...

Music, Music, Music....

Yes indeedy Betty. It was a biggie! According to my information it was the Number One song of the nation in February of 1950. Stayed in the Top Forty for 17 weeks.

Patsy said...

I remember them all! I didn't hear that Teresa Brewer had passed until just now. The older singers were the best!

Arkansas Songbird said...

How sad that the Rat Pack is all gone. I used to love watching the Dean Martin show. I remember him walking out for his monologue with a drink and a cigarette. How did we all survive such a terrible influence?!! I also remember Deborah Kerr, but I don't recall Teresa Brewer. Maybe if I heard her sing I would remember her.

I have to say 'amen' and 'amen' to your rant on guns and the NRA. I've never understood why people need to buy automatic weapons either. Granted, I don't know that much about guns, but I don't believe game is shot with Uzi's and the like. And I had no idea Harrison was such a dangerous town....I've been there many times and managed not to be raped or robbed. Guess I was just darn lucky!

patsy said...

i remember all. do you really think the rat pack had fun or just drunking partys?

Joy Des Jardins said...

I remember them all too Betty. Another example of how death comes in 'threes.'