Saturday, October 13, 2007

Can I Cal You Al?

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I'm just so proud that Al Gore received the Nobel Peace Prize, you'd think I was his mama! Speaking of Al's mama, I'll bet she's prouder of him than Dubya's mama is of her son.


Did you see what Condi Rice had to say about Putin? She thinks there is "too much concentration of power in the Kremlin." She says "There are questions about the independence of their judiciary. And, there are questions about the independence of the electronic media."

HUH?!? Can you say IRONY, boys and girls?


That skank, Ann Coulter, got loose again the other day. She made the comment that "We Christians just want Jews to be perfected." Seems if she isn't the center of attention, she makes up something outrageous to say, and everybody in the media cooperates with her by airing her ignorant comments. Then, they turn around, self-righteously, and tsk, tsk, tsk, "Did you hear what Ann Coulter said about Jews?" If they don't want to encourage her, they shouldn't pay any attention to her.


I've been seeing a lot of ads for health/prescription coverage by companies I've never heard of before. Have you? Most of them give us a lot of double talk, in the middle of which, they appear to be telling us that if we take their insurance, it won't cost us a red cent.

We do know that nothing in this life is free, don't we? So I can only conclude that this is the kind of scam that comes of the government allowing private insurance companies to cash in on Medicare Part D (Hence, the "donut hole."). It was predictable, so why didn't our elected officials, who are supposed to have our best interests in mind, see what would happen?

Maybe it's because all they can see is $$$$$$.


News Flash! Scientists in California have discovered that some fish suffer from insomnia. Seems that many Zebra fish have a hard time getting to sleep.

Maybe it's because fish don't have eyelids.


Kell said...

I agree--let's just ignore Ann Coulter. What a waste of media space she is.

Al Gore has definitely had the last laugh, hasn't he? I remember way back when I was in a group and it became known that I didn't support Bush (first election) and one woman said, "You didn't vote for Gore did you?1?" I just shrugged and said yeah, then walked away because they went off and made sounds about how wrong and stupid I was. I hate politics.

Betty said...

So, now you have the last laugh, too, don't you? I'd seek those people out and get right in their faces with it. But, that's just me. heheh.

Peggy said...

Good for Al Gore! It was a shame that the election that he won didn't allow him to take office.

Cazzie!!! said...

Oh noes,,,fish dont have eye lids..shivers, LOL

Sister--Three said...

Betty you are so smart...if we could get some of those little glasses from the eye dr. I bet the fish could sleep. or maybe just duck tape their eyes shut.

Nancy said...


I saw Ann Coulter on TV the other day in her little black dress.

It was strapless and really short. I actually think it was a belt!!!!

Do you notice that she is always interviewed in a high chair in her shortest dress and she crosses and uncrosses her legs a dozen times during the segment?

Is that her Sharon Stone impersonation? To paraphrase a famous line " Ann, you are no Sharon Stone."

You are so right. She says the most outrageous things and we are subjected to her drivel.

I would rather listen to Britney sing, and that says a lot about how I feel about Ann Poltergeist (As Keith Olberman calls her).

Newt said...

Yep, Al is chuckling every time he polishes that award :-) And Peggy is right, it's too bad he didn't get to go into the office he won.
Ah well, water under the bridge of stupidity and injustice.

The fish thing, too funny. Maybe we can start making little fish sleep masks. Though my sewing is horrible on large project, I can't imagine how hard it would be to sew tiny masks.

Alan G said...

Well that's is just great!

Everybody teeing off on Ann. Just what the hell am I suppose to do with this poster now?

.....I heard that! :)

wordgirl said...

Not only is Ann Coulter a waste of media space. She's a waste of oxygen. I'm just WAITING for the karma train to run her over like a dog in the the tracks.

Betty said...

peggy: I have heard it said that we get the leaders that we deserve. I don't think I deserve G.W. Bush.

cazzie: 'struth!

sister-three: Good idea, or we could let Newt sew those little fish sleep masks she mentioned in her comment.

nancy: Not only is she not Sharon Stone, she isn't even human.

alan: Tsk, tsk, tsk.

wordgirl: Maybe she could get run over by a taxi or a bus. How about a trolley?

gawilli said...

"That skank, Ann Coulter"... pretty much sums it up.

Scientists are wasting their time on the sleep patterns of Zebra fish? Is this a government financed study?