Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lock And Load

This may make someone mad, but I don't care, frankly. It's just the last straw. Another school shooting, this time in Cleveland, by a student who should never had access to a gun. At least the little prick did us all a favor and shot himself, but he managed to injure several others, one of whom died at the hospital.

OK, it's time to go get the handguns, folks. I'm not talking about interfering with you hunters, especially the oh so careful ones like Dick Cheney. I wouldn't dream of depriving anyone of the fun of getting likkered up and picking up a rifle and blasting away at something that looks like a deer.

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But, all those laws that allow people to carry concealed handguns are just crazy! And, then, when some hormonal teenager (or lovesick adult, for that matter) is able to get hold of a gun and go to school and mow down his classmates and teachers, it's time to do something. The first thing that comes to mind in the case of the school kid is to hold the parents responsible.

One of the women in my office (when I worked) told me she carried a gun in her purse. I aked, "Why?" And she said, indignantly, "For protection." I asked, "Protection from whom?" She said, "Robbers, rapists." I said, "Here in the office?" She said, "No, out there." I asked, "Out where? Harrison?" At this point, she just rolled her eyes and walked away. Gosh, I didn't realize what a jungle it was down on the square.

At what point in time did we decided to mangle the meaning of the Second Amendment in order to satisfy our blood lust, and allow us to sneak guns into public places, like churches, schools, hospitals, theaters, restaurants, etc., etc., etc. ?

Why did we allow the NRA to become so all-powerful, politically, that they could mu$cle laws through the Congress and Senate allowing everyone to be armed to the teeth? Are our elected representatives so damned greedy that they turned off their common sense and voted for some of these dangerous laws? Are they really that corrupt? Yes, I guess they are.

Rant over.


Jay said...

Well, if a kid is using his parents or other family member's gun I certainly support holding that adult responsible in some way. Especially if the guns are not secured and just sitting around easily accessible.

Peggy said...

One of the things that I LOVE about living in the UK is that there are no guns. A friend of mine who used to drive a cab in NYC talked to me of his relief when, riding on the underground in London, some young pup got on with his boom box blaring. Some other rider told him to turn the damned thing off and he didn't get shot. The kid turned the personal oversized stereo off. My friend said that nobody would have done that in New York for fear of being shot. I'm not a fan of handguns and don't miss them one little tiny bit.

her indoors said...

i agree with Jay that the parents should be held responsible.
as for the use of guns, they are starting to make an appearance in england and it is frightening, there have been a few shootings in sheffield. i hate guns with a passion as do most people i think.
my heart goes out to all those who have lost someone

Grannymar said...

Yes, I agree with Jay that the parents should be held responsible.

Children are not for Christmas or for five minutes pleasure. They are FOR LIFE. We as parents need to switch off the button, be it TV, DVD or whatever mindlessly spews out the violence and killing as a way of life.

We need to teach our children, RESPECT for people and for property. Until we do, there can be no hope of change!

Sister--Three said...

I am not good with a gun and I am sort afraid of all of them, but my husband likes his hunting guns. He does not belong to NRA though.

I recall reading of the 80 year old man that the robber had beat with a pop bottle...knocked his glasses off and he would not see well, but he crawled to his bedroom and got a handgun and was waiting when the young male entered after him. Shot him dead on. I bet he was glad he had a hand gun...I would be afraid Siggie might get it.

squire said...

The statement did not make me mad, but all the hand guns do.

kenju said...


Chancy said...

It is my understanding that the NRA has one of the most powerful and well financed lobbying groups in the country. I guess that is one reason not many sensible gun laws get passed in the US.

Nancy said...


In my very small town here in PA, they had to lock down the high school where all of my children went years ago. This was only a few days ago. Perhaps you saw the account on CNN.

It seems a boy was planning a "Columbine" type attack and tried to enlist the help of another boy. Thank God the other kid told his parents and they went to the police.

The police got a search warrant and when they went into the kid's bedroom it looked like an arsenal. There were weapons of every kind, including a 9mm. assault gun, which the MOTHER had bought for him.

Now here is where our authorities agreed with Jay and acted on it.
They immediately arrested the mother and the son and both will stand trail for having these weapons. She for buying them and the boy for threatening to use them at school.

They should outlaw all weapons that can be concealed. Let the hunters keep their rifles and shoot each other in the face ala Cheney if they want to, but keep the hand guns away from our children.

John said...

Here in the UK we have had our share of mass killings (Dunblane, Hungerford etc.) over the years, which has resulted in very strict gun laws (No one is allowed to own a hand gun) and yet gun crime is on the increase and our 'armed response' police are attending record numbers of incidents. I'm afraid that gun laws solve nothing.

Lena said...

Although banned in the UK, there are rising death tolls through shootings. There is still no arrest over a boy of 11 getting shot and killed in the grounds of a pub a few months ago.

I know it's for protection in some countries but I just couldn't justify my need for one. It's a scary choice however you look at it.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the statistics it's not the law abiding people with concealed weapon permits that are the problem. And if you "banned" guns you would not eliminate them from the terrorists as they are not obtaining their guns legally anyway. I do however, agree that the source of the problem regarding the younger generation of home grown terrorists can be directly linked to the breakdown of the family and the overall lack of parenting.


Claude said...

"No guns" sounds good to me. The idea of having a gun at home or in my hand bag is just plain scary!

susan said...

It's not just the use of guns that scares me...they've always been around. It's the thinking behind it. Why on earth would someone, especially a child, think that problems can be solved bey blasting them away? By maiming and killing others? It's a sickness of our society.

Your rant doesn't make me angry, the whole need for the rant makes me angry...

Tink said...

Omg, the response from your coworker made me cringe. Doesn't she realize she could be ARMING any person that would like to do harm to her? Stupid. I really dislike a lot of qualities about this country. The availability of guns being one of them.