Sunday, June 24, 2007

Might As Well (Meme)

Use ONE WORD for each answer.

Yourself: Sleepy

Your Partner: Imaginary

Your Hair: Gray

Your Mother: Dead

Your Father: Dead

Your Favorite Item: Computer

Your Dream Last Night: Weird

Your Favorite Drink: Manhattan

Your Dream Car: New

Your Dream Home: Condo

The Room You Are In: Bedroom

Your Fear: Nothing

Where You Want To Be In Ten Years: Alive

Who You Hung Out With Last Night: Jay

You’re Not: Complicated

One of Your Wish List Items: Car

The Last Thing You Did: TV

You Are Wearing: Jammies

Your Favorite Weather: Cool

Your Favorite Book: Many

Last Thing You Ate: Cheeeeeeeeeeseburrrrrrrrger

Your Life: Dull

Your Mood: Happy

Your Best Friend: Linda

What Are You Thinking About Right Now: Nuttin'

Your Car: Oldsmobile

What Are You Doing At The Moment: This

Relationship Status: None

What Is On Your TV: Law & Order SVU

What Is The Weather Like: Hot

When Is The Last Time You Laughed: Earlier


Arkansas Songbird said...

Good meme, Betty!! Simple and to the point!

Kell said...

We like the same weather! Not that that's surprising. I did the same meme. I hate to be left out!

her indoors said...

wow you fear nothing i am impressed, and hey you are not dull!

gawilli said...

I want to be the same place you do in 10 years! We don't ask for much, do we?

AZ said...

Good morning! Couldn't stop myself! I don't have a blog, hope you don't mind...

Yourself: Angry

Your Partner: Forgetful

Your Hair: Colored

Your Mother: Up

Your Father: Down

Your Favorite Item: Teapot

Your Dream Last Night: Forgot

Your Favorite Drink: Tea

Your Dream Car: Porsche

Your Dream Home: Smaller

The Room You Are In: Media

Your Fear: Aging

Where You Want To Be In Ten Years: Dead

Who You Hung Out With Last Night: Forgetful

You’re Not: Musical

One of Your Wish List Items: Health

The Last Thing You Did: Ate

You Are Wearing: PJ’s

Your Favorite Weather: Freezing

Your Favorite Book: Album

Last Thing You Ate: Beef

Your Life: Sucks

Your Mood: Moody

Your Best Friend: CJ

What Are You Thinking About Right Now: Lunch

Your Car: SUV

What Are You Doing At The Moment: Pause

Relationship Status: Standoff

What Is On Your TV: Dust

What Is The Weather Like: Hot

When Is The Last Time You Laughed: Saturday

Adios from Arizona

Sister--Three said...

You made me laugh, now...

Nancy said...

Here goes:

Yourself: Old lady

Your partner: Old man

Your hair: I always say that we are raising the only generation of children in the World who think that when a woman gets old her hair turns blonde!

Your Mother:Died in 1984

Your Father: Died in 1977

My favorite Item: Computer

Dream last night: I was all dressed up for some big affair.Abraham Lincoln was there and a groundhog and a deepsea diver was washing dishes.

Favorite drink: Seagram's and water. As Dean Martin used to say "I feel sorry for someone who doesn't drink. When they get up in the morning that's as good as they're gonna feel all day."

Dream car: Mercedes Convertible

Dream home: On a lake with a big deck.

Room you're in now: Bedroom

Your fear: Living too long.

Where you want to be in 10 years:
Living,if sane and healthy. Otherwise,dead.

Who did you hang out with last night: Jay.....LENO that is!!!

You are not: Gossipy

Wish list item: I wish I could play the piano.

Last Thing you did: Drank my nightly glass of red wine for Medicinal LOL purposes only!

Wearing?: Tee shirt and robe

Favorite weather: Springtime... 75 and Sunny

Favorite book: Always the one I just finished. "Summer Guest" by Justin Cronyn.

Last thing you ate: Chinese
His favorite..My least favorite

Your life: Happy

Your mood: Usually the same.

Your best friend: No best friends left. That's the worst part of growing old. I miss them so much!

Thinking about right now: Writing another story for Ronni Bennett's Elder Story telling place at her blog "Time Goes By". I wrote one called "Aunt Sue and The Electric Typewriter" that is on the site right now.I'd love you to read it and comment.

Your car: Mercury

Doing at The Moment: Typing this.

Relationship status: I have had 42 happy years with my husband and that's not bad out of 57!!!

What's the Weather like? Hot and humid. Thank God for A/C

When was the last time you laughed? When I told you my relationship status.

Betty said...

her indoors: Thank you, but I feel pretty dull some days.

gawilli: The older we get, the fewer our needs. That's why it's hard to think of Christmas presents for us. LOL

Hi, AZ: Thanks for commenting. Come back and see me sometime. Sounds like you're going through a "bat patch". Hope things improve for you soon.

nancy: I read your story and enjoyed it very much. We all need an "Aunt Sue" in our families.

Nancy said...


Thank you for reading my story. I appreciate it very much.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Now here's one meme I actually might not mind doing Betty. I think I'll make it a post. Thanks so much. BTW....liked your answers.

Betty said...

joy des jardins: Glad you liked it. Have fun with the meme.

Newt said...

Ummm, Law & Order SVU - that's 4 words :-)

ha ha ha

You always make me smile :-)


Betty said...

Newt: Well, YOU narrow it down to one word! LOL

Cazzie!!! said...

Well, that about covers everything in one word or less, it