Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday News Wrapup

The humidity pods have arrived in Arkansas. We get slimed every time we go outside.


The Springfield, MO, Humane Society has been having one heckuva kitty problem. First they had to euthanize fifty of them because they discovered that a very deadly and contagious disease was working its way through their cat population. So, bye-bye kitties. Then, they had to clean, scour and sanitize all the kitty condos, so future felines wouldn't catch the disease. What a cat-astrophe! (sorry, I couldn't resist at least one pun.)

Two days after they re-opened the cat houses for business, they announced that they were overrun by cats and wouldn't be taking any more. In about a two-day period, they took in over 100 cats.

It seems obvious to me that the cat population in Springfield is out of control. So, my only suggestion would be that they fire up the old Hitler 2000 and start gassing them, again. They may have to run that sucker 24 hours a day for a while, until they get things straightened out.


So, now Dick Cheney has decreed that the Office of Vice President isn't actually a part of the Executive Branch, so he doesn't have to turn over any e-mails. So, which is it, Dick - you don't mind if I call you "Dick", do you? You are part of the Executive Branch when you want to claim executive privilege, but you're not when it comes to your e-mail?

Somehow, I don't think that old dog'll hunt, Dick.


Oh, how I'd love to have been in England yesterday morning, and joined the crowds watching the Druids as they boogied around Stonhenge! What's it all about, Alfie?


I watched a smattering of Matt Lauer's interview with Princes William and Harry the other night. I couldn't watch the whole thing because I just couldn't stand any more "you knows". Every other word the two of them uttered was "you know". I'm afraid they didn't cover themselves with glory.

But, they're still young. And, I trust that after Her Majesty gets through with them - at least with Wills - they will have learned to speak the Queen's English.


Fourteen more American soldiers killed in Iraq in the last couple of days. The surge sure is working. Our losses seem to have "surged" a lot lately.


Michael Bloomberg has left the Republican Party and has come down squarely in the middle of the road. I do like a man who can admit his mistakes and take steps to correct them.


One of the benefits of starting the campaign season and having the primaries so much earlier is that it gives us more time to uncover the shady dealings of the people running the campaigns for the candidates.

1. Jay Garrity, Director of Operations on Mitt Romney's presidential campaign is being investigated for impersonating a state trooper. And, not for the first time. Three years ago, while he was working for Romney in the State House, he was cited for having flashing lights and other police equipment in his car without proper permits.

The question is, why didn't Romney sever his relationship with this guy a long time ago? He had to know about the first time.

2. Mitt Romney has collected hundreds of thousands of dollars through the efforts Robert Lichfield, co-chairman of Romney's Utah Finance Committee. Lichfield has been target by several lawsuits, with a total of 133 plaintiffs, alleging child abuse.


1. And, then, there's good old Rudy Giuliani, America's Mayor. He agreed to be on the panel studying the Iraq war, and then refused to show up for any of the meetings. He said they conflicted with previous time commitments. They interfered with his speaking tour, which brought him $11.4 Million in 14 months. The Republican in charge of the panel finally told Guiliani to either show up or quit. Rudy quit. There goes his chance to learn something - anything - about foreign policy.

2. South Carolina Treasurer, Thomas Ravenel was charged with distributing cocaine in 2005. The investigation is ongoing. He served as Giuliani's South Carolina Campaign Chairman. How does this square with Guiliani's credentials as a hot-shot Prosecutor?

Stay tuned.


Dogwalkmusings said...

What a great wrap for a less than stellar week!

susan said...

I do love your wrap-ups and the way you just tell it like it *really* is.

Nancy said...

"You don't mind if I call you Dick, do you?"

Did you leave out an A between you and Dick in the above?

patsy said...

i read that about dickie, he thinks he is above all laws.i sure will be glad when we are "RID" of him, more so than georgie.

Kell said...

Why read the paper when I can just tune in here?

I saw the interview with the princes. I watched it all but I was bored.

her indoors said...

hey lets do it next year come over and we will go stonehenge and watch the pillocks, sorry the druids!

Peggy said...

It is so scary how the current administration keeps changing the way the country is run to suit them. Never mind about that pesky constitution. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't they swear to uphold and defend the constitution when they were sworn in?

Sorry Dick, you're the Vice President, that is just about as Executive Branch as you can get.

John said...

I would love to send Willy and the 'ginger spare' to America for good. Perhaps they could replace "you know" with "like", and whilst on the subject, how about if we send you 'er Maj' and the rest of the bloody Saxe-Coberg-Gotha clan plus a few Druids for luck ? :-)

Palm Springs Savant said...

Well said!
btw at the oppostie extreme of the humidity index, yesterday our humidity in Palm Springs was 5%. I practically dehydrated into a pile of dust when I walked outside!

Betty said...

dogwalkmusings and susan: Thanks for the comments. I enjoy doing the wrapups.

nancy: Well, I swan! I surely did leave out an "a". Thanks for noticing.

patsy: I think he's backed himself into a corner now.

Betty said...

Hey, kell: Did you see John's comment? Could you put Her Maj up at your house? I don't think I have room here.

her indoors: Jay wants to go, too. He'll bring his tie-dyes and let his hair grow so he can have a pony tail.

peggy: I think they put the Constitution in moth balls for the duration of their terms.

Betty said...

Oh, John: I don't think my standard of living would meet their expectations. But, I'll take the Druids.

palm springs savant: Welcome to my blog. I'll check yours out, too.

With your 5% humidity, and since you're now a pile of dust, I home no one comes by and sweeps you under the rug. Drink lots of water! :-)

gawilli said...

I think we should send Dick to Iraq. For good.

Sister--Three said...

What branch is Dick on...I wish he would get on a high branch and saw it off near the trunk of the tree...have a big fall.
sis 3

Tink said...

I'm going to stop reading and watching the news and just come here for my updates. I love your perspective so much better. So... What's going on today in the world?

No pressure. ;)