Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I seem to be a little aggravated about a lot of things this week. I'm not normally a cranky person. Stop that laughing, Kell and Jay! But, it seems that every little newsy tidbit I've heard this week has aggravated me.

It was announced that the company I used to work for will be closing its last factory in Arkansas with the next few months. Everything's going to Mexico. Ole! Where's the surprise? Add another 150-200 lost jobs to the list I ranted about over the weekend.


We said good-bye to one Governor this week, and hello to another. Outgoing Gov. Huckabee (sometimes referred to as Huckabucks or the Huckster) was pictured on the front page of the state paper, standing in his office which he had emptied of all furniture. I suppose he rolled up the carpet and carried it out with him after the reporters left.

The Rev/Gov and his wife, the First Tomboy, have always had a strong sense of entitlement about everything that has been donated over the years - and isn't it too bad that all those $600 suits that were given to him by Jennings Osborne are way too big for him, now? But, their little grasping fingers didn't stop at items of clothing. They lived in a triple-wide in the back yard, while they had an addition built onto the Mansion, and assumed they would be able to take the triple-wide and all the new furniture, that was donated for the new addition, plus what was in the triple wide, home with them when they left office. No, Greedy-Gus, those donations were for the Governor's Mansion, not the multi-million dollar mansion your friends purchased for you in North Little Rock.


Our new Governor, Mike Beebe, will have to bring in a couple of sawhorses and an old door, to use as a desk, I guess. He can probably bring a chair or two up from the dining room, unless the Huckabees made off with them, too. He won't be able to afford new furniture for a long time, once the lege takes the tax off of groceries, as they have promised.

I don't know, yet what to make of the new Governor. But, I'll withhold judgement until he does something I don't like. Then you know I'll get back to you.


President Bush is going to pre-empt "Criminal Minds" tomorrow night, with a speech announcing his decision to "Plus-Up" the war in Iraq. PLUS-UP??? I guess they have run out of euphemisms for "escalate".


I read a rumor the other day that said Dick Cheney is going to resign as Vice-President because he can't stand up to the grilling he is going to get from Harry Reid's committee on the Iraq war. The word is that Condi will be moved up to V.P. I don't know who would take her place at State - may I suggest Pewee Herman?


On a lighter note, I watched the People's Choice Awards tonight (Yawwwwwwwwwwwwn, oh, excuse me). If you've never seen it, it's an annual tribute to the appalling taste of the American viewing public. It is superior to the Emmys and the Oscars only in that it starts and ends on time. Seems to me that there is something very wrong when all the nominees for "Best R&B Performer" are white.

I think that's enought complaining for one night. I'll try to think of something more interesting next time.


Alan G said...

Never been a big "Huckster" fan. He lost me when he started pardoning all the criminals that had ever killed or raped anyone. Oops...sorry, that was a bit sarcastic I fear.

Anyway....in line with your comments, I noticed on the local news last night that they were also taking the glass insert out of the door to his office at the Capitol and giving it to him. Supposedly a tradition? Nevertheless, at a bit of a loss over that one.

Jay said...

You mean Cameron Diaz isn't REALLY America's greatest leady lady? I really thought she was on the same level with Kathrine Hepburn and Meryl Streep. Silly me. ;-)

Annie said...

Oh Betty, you outdid yourself on this post. I laughed and smirked and snarled and nodded right along as I read.

I was in sleeping this morning but my husband told me that he watched Huckabee on Don Imus and that Imus went from sneering to cheering about his possibly Presidential run. I guess I'd have had to see it to really believe it.

Dogwalkmusings said...

Tough for you to be more intresting! This probes deeply into your inner mind - and I love it. Wahhhhahahahaha!

dot said...

I watched the awards also and I kept thinking how silly most of those folks acted.

Ch3ll3 said...

I think PeeWee Herman is a fine suggestion, indeed!

Newt said...

I've chosen a far more pathetic approach to the news. I don't listen to it. I think my blood pressure has gone way down since I chose to bury my head. Blissfully ignant' is where I like to be right now.

Kell said...

They took everything out of the Governor's mansion? Holy cow! And the people of the state think that's ok? *shaking head*

And I hadn't heard the term "plus-up." How do you not smirk when you hear that? And the news today is showing Bush saying "The blame falls with me" or whatever it is he said. Does he really think that will work? Him acting so morally superior and "taking blame"? Please. We've been saying for over a year that it is all his fault.