Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thaw Her Out, Wake Her Up

Jay's mention of the Klan's presence in our county reminded me of several other times that our area has gained national prominence. It's never a good thing, either.

This area has always been a favorite place for outlaws and other nefarious characters to hide out, like Belle Starr and the James Gang. The Klan is actually more benign than most, at least nowadays. They even adopted a highway north of town a few years ago and they keep it looking pretty good, too. Strangely enough, no one ever believes me when I tell them about it. They always have to see the highway sign for themselves. Would I lie about a thing like that? I ask you.

In the eighties, there were Daddy Foo, Mrs. Foo, and their shootout on a bridge just south of town. I don't recall how they got themselves in that situation, but I do know it was their intention to commit suicide by police bullet. When, the police only shot them in the leg, Daddy Foo calmly shot Mama Foo and then turned his gun on himself. One of them lived, lingering in ICU for a long, long time. I also don't know which lunatic fringe group they represented, but I believe it was some self-styled religious sect. We've had some of those groups through the years.

Speaking of Survivalist Groups, the Covenant, Sword and Arm of the Lord (CSA) which was founded in San Antonio, Texas in 1971 was another wacko group that had a compound on the Arkansas-Missouri border. They called themselves "Christian Survivalists" and trained their members in urban warfare, riflery, pistolcraft, military tactics and Christian martial arts.

In 1985, the FBI raided the compound and seized weapons, bombs, an anti-tank rocket, and a large amount of cyanide, purportedly intended to poison the water supply of an unnamed city.

Our very own Asa! Hutchinson was a U.S. Attorney at that time, and he had the privilege of prosecuting some of them.

Our county can also boast of another wack-er-eccentric who was not dangerous. Just a little bent. I don't remember his name, but I do vividly remember what he did with his mom when she died. He put her in a freezer on the carport and defied anybody to take her out of it. His intention was to thaw her out and raise her from her icy sleep someday, when medical science was more advanced.

Of course, his stubborn refusal to bury her finally made its way to the national news, and he appeared on the Tom Snyder show. Tom was all ready to ridicule him and show him to be crazy, but as the interview wore on, it was obvious that Tom was beginning to wonder if the guy might be right. He stopped chuckling and started asking serious questions. I swear, the guy almost made a believer out of Tom because, doggone it, the guy did sound reasonable. With all the talk of cryogenics these days, I wonder if the he was just ahead of his time.


Annie said...

Yes indeedy, there are some colorful characters up there in the hills.

Newt said...

I got stuck on "Christian Martial Arts" what is that?

Quite interesting stories

Maya's Granny said...

This is totally off topic. I have a note to myself to send you the name of a book and I don't seem to have your e-mail address, so here it is.

"British English A to Zed" by Norman W. Schur. I think you were talking about not always recognizing British expressions in mysteries, and since that's what I got the book to help me with I thought you might like to know about it.

QofD said...

How come everybody who uses the word "survivalist" to describe themselves is a certified nutjob? I mean, I would think that someone who might lead an expedition to the top of Everest might be called a "survivalist" but they don't. Just freaky cult members who paint their faces and bristle with guns.

dot said...

Betty, as always, I love your humor!

Tink said...

I've actually seen the "Adopted by the KKK" signs on highways. I thought it was a joke at first!

Even if cryogenics will be a possibility someday... Would an average freezer suffice? I mean, wouldn't she just get freezer burn?

Lena said...

OOOOH! It gives ya the shivers just thinking of it!

Maybe one day cryogenics will be used. Just as long as they freeze enough Ben and Jerry's with me!

Interesting blog, Betty.

Betty said...

Newt: Ya got me.
Maya's Granny: Thanks for the book title. I'll look for it.
QofD: Actually, I could probably describe myself as a "survivalist", having survived a bout with cancer, and living through child-rearing. But, it has just gotten to be a "dirty word", I guess.
Thanks, Dot. Come back and see me, sometime! (as we say in the south)
Tink: Freezer burn, very good!
Lena: Thanks for commenting.

mjd said...

The Klan has some history in Indiana too. In the 1920's, the Klan had some influence in our state. From time to time, the Klan marches in towns and cities throughout the state. Usually, there is a peaceful counter-protest to the Klan march.

Christian Martial Arts seems like an oxymoron.

susan said...

You sure do live in a colorful area! I love the way you tell us about it.

Annie said...

Betty, have you ever read any of Kerry Greenwood's Phryne Fisher mysteries? I just finished Urn Burial - it was a really good read.

SongBird said...

I remember hearing something about the guy with his mom in the freezer. The Klan tried to hold a march over here in Western Arkansas several years ago. They were, believe it or not, asked to leave town.

patsy said...

i remember the guy with his mother in the freezer. a funeral home in reed springs mo. buried her for free. i think he was beating the cost of a funeral. remember how they found out about him , he had the freezer in the back of a station wagon and was hauling her back and forth to the churce and praying for her and some poor cop pulled him over in harrison and ask what do you have in the freezer? he said mom. the cop liked to have freaked out as for the kkk cleaning the high way, you get a sign saying this organation or who every cleans this strip of road. it was state project and i think it still is any way the kkk ask for a strip of the highway and they didn't want to let them but found out they had too allow them the same as remeber the people who went on the bridge and killed them selves at jasper ar. said they were going to be raised from the dead in 3 days? i was working at tyson foods at that time with one of that group, we stayed a long way done the line from him. crazy fellow!

patsy said...

that sorwd and the arm of the lord had a splinter group up by us in ridgedale mo. we had a lot of cop around our home at that time, remember the tate boy who shot the cop on 86 and they found out he had nitro g. . in the van, that was right at our door step and i thought he was part of that group even tho they had already got them. i think that kid meant to blow up table rock dam and the cop stoped him for a traffic voliation and tate shot the cop and ran off into the woods. i figure that save table rock from being blown up.

Joy Des Jardins said...

What a hoot! Lot of strange characters out there...loved your post.

her indoors said...

i just hope he didn't have any food stuff in the freezer! hey you want a leg or a breast for tea lol

Betty said...

Annie: I'm going to look for those mysteries. Thanks for the suggestion.
Patsy: You have a better memory for details than I have. Thanks for reminding me.
Her Indoors: Eeeeeeuuuuuuwww!