Saturday, July 15, 2006

Old Friends

I was supposed to go to Fayetteville next week to have a reunion with some friends I went to college with. (I know, I know, it should be "with whom I went to college", but, how stodgy does the language have to be, anyway." We had our first "reunion" about a year ago, and had so much fun drinking wine, giggling and sharing memories that we decided we'd do it again this year. But, our plans fell through when one of the parties had to cancel because she has discovered a heart condition and her doctor doesn't want her to drive long distances any more because she might have blackouts.

Why haven't we been having reunions every year or two all along, we all wondered. Too busy raising children and husbands, cooking, cleaning, working, etc., etc. Right now, that doesn't seem like a very good excuse.

It is the internet that brought us together, again. I got an email from the friend with a heart condition a couple of years ago. She was my roomate for awhile and we had the same major, so had a lot in common. We had been exchaning Christmas Cards every year, and now and then, an extra note if something momentous happened to us. But, email does wonders. You can write a few lines, hit "send" and no more searching for stamps.

I just wish it had happened years earlier. When we planned our first reunion, we joked that we'd better get with it, or pretty soon we'd be too old to drive ourselves, har-har-har, never even considering that health problems would derail us. We're not THAT old, after all. But, we will get together again one day, as soon as she gets the condition under control.

Im looking forward to it.


Kell said...

Oh sure, blame the children! Just kidding ;p

I hope you guys can get together soon. Maybe you all could meet her part way somewhere, or somewhere she can easily been driven to. There's still time.

saz said...

There's still time?????

Dogwalkmusings said...

I too have been wondering why I've let friendships slide. Now, as we no longer have futures where we see no end, is the time to enjoy the fruits of old and dear friends.

Youngsters should take heed. It's when a treasure resurfaces you realize what you've missed over the years. I take tender loving care of my true friends now. And wish I had been more diligent before.

Kell said...

I feel the need to email everyone in my address book.

F&W said...

Me too!

Betty -- sorry your visit got put off. Hope you friend is recovered very soon.

And may I point out the icons on this group of comments? Dog, dog, dog, dog, cat!

Kell said...

chelle p--Mom's allergic to cats and won't let me have one so she can still come visit!