Thursday, July 13, 2006

Men Write Books, Too

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One day, Kell and I were talking books, and she asked, "Mom, don't you ever read books by men?" Of course, I do, and I can prove it.

I discovered author Tim Myers a few years ago, when his first book "Innkeeping With Murder" came out. He lives near the Blue Ridge Mountains and has been a stay-at-home dad for many years and turning out mysteries.

The Lighthouse Inn Mysteries was his first series, about an innkeeper who has a real lighthouse on his land, far inland, but it is a real tourist draw. Of course, the inn is a perfect place for murder, and the lighthouse, a perfect place for mayhem. Imagine the "SPLAT" when the victim falls.

His second series is described as "Candlemaking Mysteries". I just finished reading "Death Waxed Over". The main character is a young man who has inherited a complex of shops, including his Aunt Belle's candle shop, with the stipulation that he can't sell the property until he had run the candle shop for five years. He had to learn candlemaking from scratch, and same to love it, and the people who rent shops from him.

Now, he has a third series, referred to as "Soap Making Mysteries". OOPS! One too many! The soap maker, in my view, is much too much like the candle maker. One wonders if he is going to add a butcher and baker.

All his books are entertaining enough, and his characters likeable, but I get confused about which of the last two series I'm reading, because it seems to me that candle making and soap making are a lot alike. Deja Vu all over again. Even though the materials used are quite different, the processes seem similar.

Maybe I'm too picky. So, don't be turned off by what I say. After all, if you have an interest in making candles or those fragrant little guest soaps, etc.., he includes some tips that you might be able to use.

By all means, read and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I have to make a confession...I rarely pay attention to who writes the book. It's the cover art that sucks me in...I'll read pretty much anything as long as it's pretty! (although my husband swears that books with red and black covers are my favorite!)

I'll make and effort to read some Tim Myers though.

saz said...

Did I miss the post that explained the family connection on my favorite blogs? Didn't realize you were J & K's mom!

I'm not into candle or soap making but I might try one of his books just cuz Kell's question made me think I'm currently reading all female authors. Added to THE LIST.

Here's a question for you ever think about writing a mystery?

Kell said...

Susan--you crack me up! Something has to grab our attention, right?

These hobby/mystery books are so popular. I've read someone who has a series with a tea shop owner and one with an herbalist. How do they keep it all straight?

Betty said...

Saz: I think about it, but I don't have the self-discipline.

J&K convinced me to start a blog. Convinced me isn't quite right - they didn't talk me into it. I just thought I was missing something, since they both had one.

F&W said...

I thought having my own blog would be a little weird but look at what great people I've "met"!

I looooove me a good mystery though I do tend to read the more violent stuff such as John Sandford (whom you mentioned a while back). However, this Myers character sounds interesting... will give it a go! :o)

saz said...

Betty - I think you have it in you to write one - and I say that cuz I enjoy your book reviews so much. I know a review is not a book but something tells me you have a good mystery plot you've already thought about.

AND I agree with Chelle P's comment on all the great people I've met even tho I don't (yet) have a blog.

Betty said...

Actually, Saz, I do have a plot in mind, but I'd have to move away from here if I wrote it.

saz said...

I knew it!!!! I was thinking more of "Granny And The Moving Grave" - surely that couldn't get you into any local trouble.