Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Yes, I Will Vote, Thank You!

Of all the outright lies and misdirection coming from the Republicans in the last few years, the thing I find the most outrageous, not to mention downright disgusting, is their efforts to suppress the votes of minorities, women, students and the elderly.

It is bad enough that the Republican governors of thirty - THIRTY! - states have refused to implement the exchanges mandated by the healthcare act.  But, they and their Tea Party legislatures have passed draconian voter ID laws, which disenfranchise mostly people who tend to vote Democratic in their states.  They are real proud of themselves, by the way.  They brag about it.  And, so far, they are getting away with it.  But, I'm confident that, eventually, they will fail because, although it may take a while, there are many lawsuits being filed which will end up before the U.S Supereme Court, and will undoubtedly be struck down, even by the existing right-leaning court.

Before they get their comeuppance, we may have to endure a few elections in which immeasurable harm will be done to the country, but what do they care?  And, what do their idiot constituents care, as long as they get their way.  Then, we will have to start putting the country back together again, unless we do something about the situation right now.  Here's my suggestion:

The Democrats in those states will have to get off their duffs and obtain the names of the people who have been kicked off the voter rolls.  Most of the states think they can refuse to release those names, so maybe they can be forced to legally -- through the Freedom of Information Act, perhaps.  Then, the Democrats will have to organize and go door to door, offering to help people obtain proper identification.

Then, maybe, just maybe we can have free and open elections again.

Stay tuned.

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Arkansas Patti said...

I have the time to go door to door. Hope I get the chance.