Thursday, November 07, 2013

Just Cut it However You Like

The last time I needed a hair cut, I did it myself.  Not a good idea.  So, I made an appointment and went to the beauty shop yesterday.  I have been going to the same hair dresser for 30+ years, and every single time I go in there, I have to remind him how I want my hair cut.  And, then he cuts it any damn way he pleases.  So, I always decide  to change hair dressers, and the next time I need a cut, I go right back to him.  Why, you ask?  Because I'd rather go back to him and then complain that he doesn't cut it the way I tell him to, than to go to a strange shop with strange hair dressers and try to train them to do what I want, only to have them do whatever they want.  Is that so wrong?

Anyway, I was a little early for my hair cut, so I sat down in the waiting room and heard the customer just ahead of me telling our hair dresser all about being saved and re-saved. I only heard about half the story, but it was enough.

Apparently, she left the church of her childhood some time ago, joined a non-denominational church and a few years later, she was saved.  Her original church didn't let go easily, though. They embarked on a system of harassment and bullying to get her to come back which lasted several years.  They never gave up, not even after she told them that she had been saved in her new church.  They finally convinced her that she hadn't been "legitimately" saved, and told her she would have to come back to her original church if she expected to be properly saved, otherwise she'd be on a fast track to Hell. 

They finally wore her down, and she went back to her original church and was greeted warmly and with great rejoicing.  They didn't wast any time re-saving her and setting her on the long and winding road that leads to Heaven (sorry Beatles), and she was relieved and felt much better.  It was a long story and she left with a new hairdo and a feeling of  moral superiority.

Her hair looked good, too.  Apparently our hairdresser followed her instructions.

Stay tuned. 


L.J. Diva said...

Churches are probably the biggest bullies of all, being hypocritical, two faced lying bastards.

Did you get your hair cut or walk out after that story?

Arkansas Patti said...

That is a scary story. One reason I refuse organized religion.
I always cut my hair till it reaches a point of pure chaos before finding someone to level the playing field. Fortunately a perm hides a multitude of oops.

kenju said...

I used to trim my hair now and then, but I learned my lesson.

Any church that declares you are not truly saved by any other church group is not a real religion, in my book.

Olga said...

A hallelujah moment at the hair dresser's. Special. I would prefer just the good haircut, thanks.

chlost said...

Well, I suppose that there is an argument to be made that the hairdresser had divine inspiration, as I am sure the Lord had nothing better to do that day than monitor her haircut. Hope your stylin'.

Sister--Three said...

Harrison, next time tell her she is crucifying Christ over when she is re-saved. If we believe Christ died for our sins, and we except the gift, then later go back and take the gift again...Christ died twice for that person. I would say she is still lost as she does not understand the re birth process! Except a man be born again, he can not enter the kingdom of heaven. Does not say except a man be born again and again and again....Just my 2 cents.

Sister--Three said...

My hair cutting story. I am a sweet beautician name Val. She wanted me to come once a month for a trim. I am lazy and cheap and would stretch it to 2 months if I could. Usually, I could do a little touch up after a month or beg my talented daughter to do it. Once, I decided to out and out lie and tell Val..."oh, no, I did not take the scissors to my hair". She pulled some of the uneven stands up and said..."teacher, I did go to school". It was all in fun and I loved her is why I could lie to her.

Sister--Three said...

I had
I am
I can type fast Harrison, but my fingers are not directly connected to my brain!

patsy said...

ok I am sister one and I take the scissor and pull my hair into a pony tail and whack! now I don't have to lie to a hair dresser cause I never had one,as for being saved and saved again I will leave that lady to the Lord.

Anonymous said...

I am always amazed at how some Americans discuss their religious beliefs in public. I believe that here in the UK most Brits keep their beliefs to themselves.
I remember attending a business meeting in London during a violent storm. As the lightening flashed and the thunder crashed an American gentleman sitting next to me loudly declaimed that .. "We should all wonder at the terrible power of the Almighty and pray together !" No one took him up on the offer.