Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Thinking Out Loud

The Obamacare website has some glitches and should be abandoned, because, as we know, every other website on the internet works perfectly all the time.


Shame on the USA for having the temerity to spy on other countries, because no other countries have ever spied on us.


What we need is more hearings to watch all blooming day, because our representatives need an outlet for all the bloviating and hot air they spout.


What this country needs is more old white men in office, because pre-senility is funny, and we can all use the laughs.


Factoid of the day:  Only female mosquitoes bite. Only the males buzz. 

Stay tuned.


Tincanman said...

Amen! Laughed out loud at these, Betty.

Betty said...

Tincanman: Thanks. I was having one of those silly days.

knancy said...

Loved this post. I would like to share the photo, also.

Word Tosser said...

All true... especially the second one is one I have been quoting for about 3 months.. SURPRISE.. we are looking at everyone.. SURPRISE...everyone has been looking into us... that is why we have "spies" for years... and double spies... for what 200 years? give me a break..

Sister--Helen said...

so glad you're back

Betty said...

Knancy: Go ahead and use it. I stole it from someone else. lol

Word Tosser: The nerve of those other countries, trying to take the high road!

The 4th Sister: Thanks. I don't know how long it will last, but I'll try to limp along with it.