Thursday, October 26, 2017

There They Go Again

They're after poor Hillary again, trying to convince us that she and the DNC are to blame for the infamous dossier that came to light after the election. But, their hopes have been dashed, whether they realize it or not.

It seems some as yet unnamed Republican hired a company named Fusion GPS to do opposition research on Donald Trump. This unnamed Republican was a foe of Donald Trump, and then, when the campaign was over, the unnamed foe gave up, leaving Fusion GPS with a juicy dossier put together by a former MI6 operative named Christopher Steele.

Then, the DNC hired Fusion and Steele to continue their research, which resulted in the dossier being made public.

Clinton at first denied any knowledge of the dossier, but finally acknowledged that the DNC did pay for the Steele research.  I don't know what happened after Trump finally won, but the dossier stayed in the news and now Mueller and the various investigative committees are trying to find out who hired Fusion to begin with.  Fusiion seems to be resisting.

Meanwhile, there are parts of the dossier that have been proven true and other, salacious parts, that no one seems to be able to confirm.

Here's the thing. Opposition research is common and candidates don't have to admit doing it if they don't want to.  Smart candidates do opposition research on themselves just to see what kind of dirt, other candidates are finding out about them. It's all part of the game, and there's no scandal in it, except the information, if any, gleaned from said research.

So, the Republicans can sit down and shut up and worry about their own reputations.  They're not looking very good right now, and it's going to get worse.

Stay tuned.


savannah said...

Sweet Mary Sunshine, I just want the Marmalade Mugabe to be gone and gone SOON! All of these red herrings from the Republicans and their boy-in-chief are beyond tiresome. I keep telling myself that the sane and rational people here in the US of A far outnumber the halfwits, but WTF is Mueller going to rid us of this tiresome pig? (By the by, I think your analysis was correct about the Republicans and their "make us rich and f*ck everyone else" scheme!) xoxo

Olga Hebert said...

Any diversion is a good diversion when you have something to hide.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

He still has some rabid supporters. Simpletons who believe whatever he says .... even after all these months if complete insanity!